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will this fit my keyboard?

its the following

please and thanks
Yes, it'll go on the switch just fine (Razer uses Cherry mx clones), but you might run into some issues with spacing between it and the rest of the keys. With just one, though, it should be fine.
In the event shipping dates slip and anyone changes their mind, let me know, would love to pick one up.
Where is Big Kid Design based?
Im afraid that the quality will suffer hop they can get it right
That’s a lot of orders... I’m potentially stressed for Big Kid Design, idk their processes. I’ll just put on my patience cap ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Shoot came here to join the drop I just missed it
So is all the orders will be shipped around June 25th or some orders will be shipped earlier?
Anyone else concerned this drop is going to miss the shipping date by a large margin? Making 700+ handmade keycaps in 90 days seems like quite the feat to me without a workshop full of people. My other concern is quality falling in order to make the shipping date.

Does anyone know anything about Big Kid Design? Is it one person? A bunch of people? I couldn't find anything on geekhack.
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Just come here and change your mail address or so I guess (you're not the first nor the last one in that case IMO). I doubt they won't give us an ETA soon.
Put a reminder in your phone's calendar app (or Google Calendar) to change your contact info at the end of the Summer. Worst case, you get a reminder you don't need.
Drevo Calibur 71 keyboard, which would guys recommend, SA or OEM
Imagine if these were shine through and you could make it look like it was erupting with rgbs.
That would be dank
XMIT keyboard, which would guys recommend, SA or OEM ?
OEM if you're using stock caps
Still no image of the OEM profile...?
Yeah, didn't join because of that.
If I get the inkwash PBT keycap (OEM) set, should I get this SA or OEM profile?
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True. I guess I should have said “symmetrical“.
I’m sure it will be fine. Was just sharing another perspective.