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BKD Mt. Fuji Wood & Resin Artisan Keycap

BKD Mt. Fuji Wood & Resin Artisan Keycap

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Has anyone in Canada recieved theirs yet?
I just received mine and I'm really, really disappointed...
I was hoping mine would look somewhat close to what SirMyztiq received (see pictures below).

The mountain is close to the left side, not centered at all and the mountain top looks really cut off, much more than on the product pictures for some reason, even though I bought the SA version.
In addition to that, the fog on mine is pretty much non-existent, at least under normal lighting conditions when not shining a spotlight directly onto it. I guess my mountain is enjoying a clear day without fog...
The edges all seem to have different amounts of "roundedness" to it. Looks rushed to me.

Trying to recover from the first shock, but I'll probably contact Massdrop support to see what can be done about this...
I couldn't agree more. I didn't expect the picture, but I did hope for something more like Fuji. Very little snow and the fog... Well, it would have been better without it.

I've ordered terrain resin caps before, so I'm not ignorant about build variation, but this isn't going on my keyboard.
I really do not know what you were all expecting. It's made of resin AKA every one will be different.
I am pretty shocked to see some of these comments. I think those of you that are dissapointed need to re-examine your expectations for something like this.

The process they used to make these makes it impossible for them all to "look like the picture". If you aren't into unique pieces like this, I would recommend not purchasing any artisans that use resin. We were also made very aware the wood would be darkly stained, and staining is not always precise either.

It was clear throughout the whole drop, that this was not a large operation. It was also clear that BKD was going to use resin and that not each cap would be "identical". BKD made this clear to those of us who stayed up to date here.

I will gladly back another BKD product. Can't wait for the next one and LOVE my fuji !

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<3 you misspelled "difference".
this is what I got! im pretty satisfied

Looks great!
I really wish I didn’t miss. This one ;/
On a side note, my cat seems to show an unusual amount of interest in this keycap, something I can say I've never seen my cat do before.
the tracking haven't been update for 5 days. still waiting
Last few weeks, none of my Massdrop tracking numbers show ANYTHING until it gets to my local post office. It's like they just magically get dropped off on their doorstep by storks or something.
I see, they are working on wormholes for delivery. Establish a wormhole might take some time. This is the worst puchasing experience I've every have, a shippment delayed for weeks without any announcement, and using a carrier which I've never hear about.
The SA ones look way better then the OEM ones like what I got. The clouds look more like a defect and I think there is even a little nick on the top right edge.

is it just me or you put in your keycap the wrong way?
As it seems to be the case with many others in the drop, my keycap was also not up to my expectations in any way. There is no fog effect and the mountain top looks as if it has been completely cut off so it is entirely flat with no texture. The snow design present in the picture is completely non-existent with mine only having 3 blobs of white color on the mountain top and two corners of the cap, not the scattered and broken up snow fall look seen in the product photos. I hope that something will be done about to remedy the QA issues otherwise I will be inquiring for a refund.
I'm very disappointed as well. No wood effect (totally black) and Mt is not centred. Looking down at the keycap now and Mt Fuji is cut in half, visual effect from keycap edge. Only angel that looks good is from back.

I got mine. Pretty disappointed. The mountain looks strange and there’s an air bubble in it. I’ll write a more in depth review later with pictures.
Mine came in. Looks pretty good.

yours look nice. while the other guy's one seem to be less "foggy"