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Braun BN0231 Quartz Watch

Braun BN0231 Quartz Watch

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I have the SS bracelet version and it didn't survive a hot shower. They don't claim to be waterproof, but just a heads up.
Hot showers are not recommended for all watches, also for diving ones. Because steam doesn't behave like regular water.
Yep good point, however I do feel it accurately reflects build quality of this watch as I shower with all my divers + Quartz watches and they have all held.
I’ve had this precise model for 3 years and really enjoy it. The back of the leather band is textured/perfora so it breathes very nicely.
Lug width is 22mm not 20mm
Six weeks from date of order to ship? Really?
Reminds me a lot of this beauty (:

I think the price tag says everything here.

This is not a Rollex Watch being sold for $25.00 on the back streets of Singapore (when I was a child) but this is a decent watch (not great, for the money spent).

Always understand that first, before thinking you are going to get a 100% made in Germany watch. Not going to happen, unless MassDrop could get the original and it will never be sold for this amount being asked.

Everything is now being Made in China mainly due to the so-called First World, giving up on that whole manufacturing process of just about anything these days. Blame the West not the Chinese, for delivering this new reality to everyone on this planet.
I currently have in my watch boneyard a black dial - black strap version of this watch. The current Braun watches are very much Chinese-made, and do not reflect the quality of the vintage German versions. The hidden lugs on the watch does not wear comfortably for me, the watch has a way of rotating to the back of my wrist. I think because the ends of the strap are so close to each other it wears more like a leather cuff than a watch. The movement is a bit better than the cheapest quartz, but it is not easy to change the battery. Even with the right tools. I thought I could tackle it, but I managed to break the gear-train in the movement doing it. The movement cannot be removed out the back, the crystal must be lifted out and crown-stem released to take out the top of the case. Case finish is not all that great either. You are getting a slightly over-priced quartz watch here. Mine is not worth trying to repair.
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The fabric has to be as thin as possible to fit.
Agree with BF_Hammer , I can't even fit a perlon strap on mine.
Why this model isn't presented on What are the differences from BN0021?
Why can't you send it to Italy?
How is this watch?

Great design, but how is the movement? Just a generic quartz movement. May keep time fine, but I don’t know how I feel about that.

Is this watch taken seriously by watch folks? The design is great, but does it have any legitimacy as a good, well built timepiece?

It has the feel of a watch that’s all design, and everything else just cheap, generic off the shelf commodity parts.

Anyone know about how seriously this watch is regarded in the watch world?
Vintage German-made Braun watches and clocks are well-regarded and desired. These current Chinese-made generation watches, not so much. It's a nice looking watch and I bought one years ago. But I won't do it again.
This will go great with my coffee maker.
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My wit isn't nearly that highbrau.
So it's Lowenbrau then?
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