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Can the cork be washed?
I am still waiting for the answer. SandyLucas please.
Hi Jeanine,
It can be spot cleaned but it's not supposed to be put in a washing machine.
SandyLucas --- Can you add more cork with gold accents, please?
I've reached out to the vendor to see if we can get more and still meet the ship window that is stated on the drop page. Will let you know what I hear back.
Great news! Limit has been removed for the gold.
Is this produced in Portugal?
This particular brand is produced in Italy.
Highly Disappointed, Just received, The Cork was squished into a box to short for the item. As a result there are creases in it. Massdrop, use the correct sized box or don't sell.
I just joined the drop for $20.99, and my sub total was $26.99? with the shipping and handling it totaled to $29.74! WHAT is going on?
Did you get the cork with the gold accents? I think that is $6 more.
The gold is supposed to be $4 more and it says free shipping to the US. I don't know where kmsew lives.
How can I find out cost of shipping to Australia please?
Shipping to NZ says $6.17 US, so around that?
Cost of shipping to Canada? This is a good deal, even with the exchange on the Canadian dollar.
The Canadian shipping was $7.25 for me to Ontario
Interested in shipping price to western Canada also.
Hi All,

Here's what I heard back from the vendor regarding the Cork.

The production consists by adhering thin slices of natural cork onto a PU fabric. The product is very flexible, soft and resistant. The cork fabric can be used for he same applications of leather or textiles. The Majority of the raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of our cork fabrics is of natural origin. Additionally, synthetic materials are used to achieve certain product characteristics, such as the gold accents. For the production of the cork fabric no heavy metals or their compounds, organic solvents, mineral fibers or formaldehyde are used.
Is this cork treated with ScotchGuard, and pre-treated against abrasion and UV damage? Other suppliers' cork is this way. Due to how "inexpensive" this seems, I doubt it?!!??!?!
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Thank you for your input. I appreciate your knowledge.
As a bag maker and purchaser of cork fabric, that is what it is called. Don't change the description.