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Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp

Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp

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Plug & Play Portability

Ideal for use with high-end IEMs, the Cozoy REI is a battery-free DAC/amp that offers a bit rate up to 32bit/384kHz. Just plug it into your iPhone or Android device and you’re ready to roll. This portable device features an ultra-low-ripple power supply, DSD256 replay, and six arrays of discrete regulators—and it’s all housed in a lightweight CNC-machined chassis.

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Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp
Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp
Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp

Reviews From the Community

Here’s what ExpatinJapan of Head-Fi has to say: “The sound of the REI is linear, neutral, yet portrays the music so beautifully clear, concise, and realistic that it also deserves the oft-thrown about term ‘musical.’” To read more, check out his review here.

Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp
Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp
Cozoy REI Portable DAC/Amp


  • Input: MicroUSB
  • Output: 3.5 TRS
  • Output voltage: 1 Vrms at 32 ohm
  • THD: 0.0005%
  • S/N ratio: 118 dB
  • Bitrate supported: Up to 32bit/384kHz
  • Support systems: Mac OS (driver-less USB 2.0–3.0), iPhone 7, iPhone 6/6p, iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPad Pro, iPad Air2, iPad Air,  iPad mini series, iPad touch (models with lightning). For Android OTG support, please check with the manufacturer in the product manual.  
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.5 0.25 in
  • Weight: 0.72 oz (20.0 g) 


  • Lightning-to-micro USB cable
  • USB-to-microUSB cable
  • MicroUSB-to-microUSB cable


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Estimated ship date is Mar 9, 2017 PT.

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