Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Focal Elex & Moresearch

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Focal Elex & More

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Focal Elex & More

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Premium Pads for Focal Headphones

These are Dekoni Audio’s much-anticipated ear pads for Focal, compatible with the Elear, Clear, Clear Pro, and Utopia headphones, along with the Massdrop x Focal Elex. Designed to take your listening experience up a notch, the pads feature slow-rebound, high-density memory foam wrapped in your choice of velour, sheepskin, or a combination of the two. They provide a breathable, cushioned, enveloped feel for hours of fatigue-free listening—all while leaving you with enough isolation to enjoy your favorite records. Plus, everyone at Dekoni wears glasses, so this was taken into account when designing the pads.

Note: This drop is for one pair of ear pads. At checkout, choose Elite Velour (base price), Elite Sheepskin (+ $30), Elite Hybrid (+ $40), or Fenestrated Sheepskin (+ $40). When installing your new pads, use the included removal tool to pop off the stock pads.

Elite Velour

Seriously comfortable, these ear pads offer everything you want in a set of velour cushions. They're breathable and soft, without the isolation and frequency loss attributed to most velour pads.

Elite Sheepskin

Dekoni Audio is known around the world for its Elite Sheepskin ear pads. They’re made of the softest lambskin leather the company could find, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable ear pad anywhere else. More breathable than their protein leather counterparts, the sheepskin pads create a better seal for improved sound isolation and a more pure listening experience.

Elite Hybrid

Dekoni Audio created this Frankenstein from the best of all its pads and it represents the pinnacle of the brand. The sheepskin outer ring gives you all the isolation you need, while the Elite Velour face has a soft, luxurious feel. Finally, the fenestrated sheepskin on the inside of the pad ensures you get the best sound possible without losing any of the headphones’ warmth.

Fenestrated Sheepskin

Dekoni Audio took its Elite Sheepskin line and found a way to make it even better. With precisely measured and cut holes, these fenestrated sheepskin pads were designed to deliver a truer tone. They provide a neutral sound absorption characteristic on the inside of the pad, so just the good stuff makes it to your ears and you hear a more natural sound out of your headphones.


  • Ear pad removal tool
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