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Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Focal Elex & More

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Focal Elex & More

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Do they make an option for the HD 700 at all? I keep seeing them for other headphones.
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How is it possible to get a "-1" votes?
do you also plan on making it for the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home? The ear pads that come with them are too thin for my liking causing my ears to touch the inside of the cups.
hi, is it compatible with sony z7?
don't think so.... Focal has 5 studs, think it's proprietary
elite hybrids vs fenestrated sheepskin? Getting confused with the description here where it says "Top of the line" for the hybrids and then "more neutral sound" out of the fenestrated sheepskins.
Can someone summarize what exactly the tradeoff is here? Is one objectively better than the other?
The one difference I see from these and the same pads on Amazon is that in the photos, the MD FS pads look like the foam inside is black (you can see it through the holes) whereas the Amazon pair look like yellow foam. Can someone confirm that the foam in the FS is black? That might be enough to join this drop since the yellow dots looks tacky.

It's just the shading in the image. All the foam is yellow but you can't really see the yellow through the pad unless held at the "right" angle.
The fenestrated sheepskin pads sell for $10 more on Amazon with prime shipping and returns. Not sure why anyone would buy them here... 1 month wait and no options to return them if you don't like them -- seems like a bad deal for $10 in savings. Gotta sweeten the deal a little, MD if you want to sell these.
Fenestrated Sheepskin in the way to go with the Elear pad swaps. Mids are a bit more up front and and treble not as peaky. Also, the sheepskin is kinda swank. Feels pretty comfortable.
Recieved my Elite fenestrated sheepskin pads today and installed. I noticed one of the earpads was not the same thickness all the way around. I’ve emailed Dekoni to ask about. Another quality control issue that I’ve experienced with their pads, the other was with the same style for my Sennheiser HD 800s. Those earpads won‘t come off. I’ve included a pic of the Focal pad. Not sure if I will purchase again. Cheers.

UPDATE: 6.19.18
I emailed Dekoni and they are sending me a replacement set at no additional cost, I believe. Still waiting for confirmation and their arrival (the replacements).
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I got some of my Dekoni stuff with the same issues. I do think Dekoni should improve their quality control if they want to become the "Comply for big cans". Please improve QC!!!! Sending replacements easily to complainers is not the way to go.
Yeah, mine also look pretty amateurishly made. For the cost one would hope for better.
I would like Dekoni ear pads designed so that the outer & inner seams did not make contact with your head... it would be more of a "pillow-top" design with no visible seams. When headphones press against your head, the ear pad collapses and presses the uncomfortable seam against your skin and is always the first thing I notice after wearing them for even a short session.
Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the hybrid pads with the fenestrated sheepskin ones? I'm trying to decide on one or the other. I'd like to improve clarity/transparency and make the Elears sound more neutral.
Well, I ordered a pair of fenestrated sheepskin pads. They seem to raise the mids more than the other options, which I think will help with balance and clarity.
Do the pads fit to the Focal Spirit Series phones, specially the "Spirit One S" which is a tiny bit larger than the others?
No, these pads won't fit the Spirit One S.
From the description: "compatible with the Elear, Clear, Clear Pro, and Utopia headphones, along with the Massdrop x Focal Elex" and I'm nearly certain that the Spirit One S uses a different style of pad.
I just received the pads, but it did not include the pad removal tool, anyone else have that issue?
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Yes, same issue.
I didn't get one, either.
Now that the Elex has started shipping, can we get another drop?
After paying $600 or $700 for the cans you still need to upgrade the pads? Tragic!
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Well, I can understand upgrading your ears—that’s different.
Yeah, when you spend more, it sounds better.
Which is closest to the factory Utopia pad, sonically? And the Elex?
Utopia would be Fenestrated Sheepskin. Elex- not so sure as that one has microfiber I think, which is not one of the materials offered currently.
Anybody else get charged double? I joined the drop, for a single pair, but instead of $39.99 I was charged $79.99. WTF? I'm attempting to contact customer support.
Have you ever had a chance to check the style option? If you selected the “Fenestrated Sheepskin” or “Hybrid Velour,” additional $40 would have been added to your account.
Would like to see measurements on Clears (or at least compared to Clear pads). I don't have an Elear, and didn't care for it the times I auditioned it, so it's kind of hard to figure out whether it's something I'd want based on the current measurements.
@dekoni I know is expensive to get Utopia or Clear for measurements but are you guys able to do measurements of the different focal pads vs dekoni's with the Elear so that we can see how you pads vary to Focal's?
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Yes but that's only for the elear with its standard pads. I'm talking about utopia pads and clear pads on the elear comparing them to dekoni's
Ah, yes, we are working on getting an eval par of Clear and/or Utopia for measurements. As soon as we get them we will post right away.
would these fit the hd6xx?
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we?, you have invisible friends now? you psycho.
Just me--and the voices in your head, sunshine ;- )
@dekoni Will there be a Clear/Elex type earpad in the future?
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I think the question is if there's a velour/microsuede type with fenestration type.
Not at this time
Decided to gamble on these, ordered the elite velour and fenestrated sheepskin. From reading Headfi and SBAF, the Elear/Elex seems to respond quite nicely/interestingly to pad rolling. Not too expensive considering how much focal sell their pads for..
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@IAmTheDoctor oh hey. I haven't used them a whole lot at this point to be honest, been busy. Good chance to take them out again and share my impression.
I was quite surprised when I received them as they are a tad thinner (around 2mm) than OEM pads, since most of Dekoni other offerings are bigger and thicker than OEMs (e.g HD6XX and HD800). Dekoni pads are more firm, whereas Elex pads are soft and supple (I can wear them for long hours with minimal wearing fatigue). But in saying that all the pads are very comfortable, I just prefer the Elex ones more. If i have to rank them: 1) Elex pads 2) fenestrated sheepskin 3)Elite Velour (note: I also find the dekoni pads easier to remove, less force required than the Elex pads)
Bare in mind that I purchased these way before receiving my Elex and I thought having the Velour pads can make things more fun especially at the bass region. Indeed I have a lot of fun listening to 'Why so serious?' from The Dark Knight with the velour pads. However, they are quite genre specific, I don't like them with acoustic or vocal tracks as the bass bleeds pretty heavily into the mids and kinda ruin that experience for me.
The fenestrated sheepskin reduce the bass from the Elex and brings out more treble energy though not sibilant (something I anticipated). I enjoy these with classical and orchestral music. However, I am rather treble sensitive and I get listening fatigue from using them so they don't come out of the rotation much.
Overall, I like the tonality (most balanced for a wider variety of music) and comfort of the Elex the most, velour can make things fun but only for specific genres. Fenestrated sheepskin are comfortable but the treble energy is a too much for me to enjoy with a wider variety. Do I recommend them? Yeah they bring a lot of variety for not a lot more, considering Utopia pads are crazy expensive at $250 and $150 for the Elear pads.
Do these pads come with the mounting ring or do we have to reuse the one from the stock pads?
as the picture appear its coming with mounting ring
i have good experiance with dekoni as i buy the pad for k7xx its also coming with mounting ring
Been waiting for this since I got the fen. sheep model for the 6XX. Joined.
Will these earpads fit the Elears? It appear that the Elex have similar form factor as the Elear's....
Elear, Elex, Clear and Utopia pads are all interchangeable.
This is intriguing but I don't like to pad roll until I have spent significant time with new cans... Guess I'll see what happens once the Elex arrive. The elite hybrid appear to be the most interesting to me at this time. They were also my favorite on the TH-X00.
Thank you Dekoni for making this. As much as I respect Focal for their transducers and speakers, if you're going to price earpads into the stratosphere, you're basically inviting someone else to call bullshit and become your competitor.
Here are FR graphs:
Dekoni *must* do this for all their pads - I did not like the fenestrated or sheepskin pads on my TH-X00, but love the fenestrated pads on my HD600 (but not HD650!). I'm also trying to track down a sensibly priced HD800 to do some pad rolling.
I was hoping these pads would warm up my Clear a little, but I see a fairly big boost at 8kHz across the board.
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Yes! they are working on fixing.
There's a reason why Tyll measures with the headphones at multiple positions on his dummy head and averages the results
I was looking forward to this drop, but I see two problems here: 1) the pad descriptions are sooo cheesy and of very little help (FR graphs, please!), and 2) $80 for replacement pads??? I know the Focal ones are $150-$250 (a price everyone thinks is ridiculous) but seriously... Dekoni could encourage pad swapping with more reasonable pricing, especially since the original pads are so comfy, well made, and durable (which will affect demand for this product). Here's a reasonable idea: a $119 kit (Massdrop-only pricing) with all 4 types of pads for experimentation.
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Thank you! This really helps.
Pretty much. If they were even $10-$15 cheaper I would probably buy all rather than just one.
fenestrated and elite sheepskin picture is swapped
Our mistake! Thanks for letting us know. We've corrected the images.