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Dixit Bundle

Dixit Bundle

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Tell a Story

Winning the 2010 Spiel des Jahres award, Dixit is a card game based on imagery and storytelling. Players weave together short tales based on the art on their cards and try to tell the best story. The player who can represent their hand the best based on a single sentence will win. This drop includes two expansion sets, which include 84 additional cards.

Note: This drop includes the base game, plus Dixit: Daydreams and Dixit: Origins. There are 52 bundles available.

Dixit Bundle


Players take turns taking on the role of the storyteller. On their turn, they look at the images on the cards in their hand. They must make up a sentence based on one of the images, then play that card. Every other player also plays a card from their hand. Players then vote to try and guess which of the images played was the storyteller's based on its similarity to the sentence. The storyteller and every player who votes correctly gets 3 points, but if everyone ends up guessing correctly the storyteller gets 0 points and everyone else gets 2 points. Players get one point for every time their card is voted on. The player to reach 30 points first wins.

Dixit Bundle


  • Number of players: 3 - 6.
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Playing time: 30 minutes


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