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Don't Mourn, Organize! Bridle Belt

Don't Mourn, Organize! Bridle Belt

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Two months for the drop to ship? Really must’ve missed the fine print somewhere...
Are both the buckles pictured available? (the "other" being the one on the tan belt)
I would recommend sizing up one. I am usually a 32 (29 waist), however the last hole fits and the second to last hole is tight. If anyone has a 34 let me know.
Looks like they've properly edged these belts (for a change). However, before I'd spend $60 on one, I'd have to examine the back of the belt. The outside of a belt always looks good, but it's the backside that tell the tale. Buy they way, anyone who doesn't yet know how to measure a belt yet, should not be spending $60 on a belt.
I've received mine, and I'm very, very happy about the quality and workmanship.

This is a beautiful belt, made of thick leather and quality hardware. It’s a bit thicker than I expected compared to ‘fashion’ belts, but not so much that I can’t use it with dress pants. I usually wear pants size 34 or 36 (depending on companies – you know that sizes are not standard and vary widely, right) and usually buy belts size 40. On a whim, based on the comments here, I bought size 42 for this one, and it fits exactly i.e. the belt’s hook goes in the last hole (if the pants – and its waist – is made of a thin material), or the one before it (if the waist is a bit thicker). Of course, I could go to a shoemaker and ask them to make a supplementary hole, but I would ask they be able to make a teardrop shaped hole and not make a basic, round one (look at the pictures to see what I mean).

So I would say that when choosing, beware, it’s on the short side of the belt spectrum and you should probably buy one size – or even two! - up compared to the belt size you usually buy.

Would definitively buy another one!
Really looking forward to this one going active again. I've dropped a few pounds and need to replace my beloved black DMO with one a couple of notches smaller...
Hi, I saw in one of the last drops that the London Tan was more of a mustard color and wanted to make sure this was not the case with this drop. Thanks!
blouie Hi, do you know if this new drop will be sent by Asendia or DHL?
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Hey Bobraz - let me see what I can find out.
Hey Bobraz - so a bit of a weird answer. If you order 1, it'll ship via Asendia. If you order 2, it will ship via DHL. My suggestion is to order each one in separate transactions. Hope that helps!
I am not sure which size to order; I usually wear size 34 or 36 pants (depending on the cut and brand), and I have measured the distance from the center hole to the end of the buckle and it's 39.5" or 100 cm. Does it mean I should order a 42 or 44? My other belts are usually 40. 🤔
I have a sz36 black 1 1/4" w stainless buckle if anyone is interested - don't know why I ordered a dress belt width for my jeans. I already have 3 nice belts for that purpose. Doh. Also turns out a 38 is the right size for me.

Looks like nice leather, I do wish they used fittings to allow buckle swaps though.
Got a size 32 London Tan. Anyone looking to trade an Aussie Nut or Havana in the same size?
Just got mine in the mail! It's pretty stiff, but far higher quality leather than the Slidebelt drop I also joined. Hopefully it becomes a little more supple, but overall, well pleased! It looks great!
So did it get more supple?
I'm not PraxisCat, but will answer. Yes, these belts get more supple with wear. They're made of thick, sturdy leather, but do soften over time, and take on a bit of your shape. I'm happy for the sturdiness, as it looks great and I know it will last. This is an everyday belt for me, and I find it very comfortable.
Any updates on this?  Today was the expected ship date and I have not heard anything
I just got notice of shipment :)
ordered the belt two weeks ago and have haven't heard a peep about the shipment. almost always get an email in a few days, not sure what's up. anybody else in the same boat?
Bought one of these the last drop, it's okay for the price. Nothing special though, and possibly a bit overly stiff (which hasn't appreciably suppled up since last year or whenever the last drop ran)- I guess my existing belts were pretty high quality (and in a similar MSRP price range) to start with.