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EARasers Musician's Hi-Fi Earplugs

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I have these, they work fantastically. Best sound quality of any ear plug I have tried. They are easy to put in and fit extremely well. Be sure to get the correct size because if they aren't the fit is horrible.
Massdrop advertise these every couple of weeks, but won't ship them outside the US, both of which are very annoying! Can anyone recommend something which is actually obtainable, and gives decent sound quality?

@ Massdrop: Maybe don't bother telling people about products you won't send to us. :-(
I ordered them at earasers.store and got them into uk (in two days, without shipping costs.. seams that the USA finally opened up in Europe..
I think for those of us in the US it is better to buy at Amazon (with the customer service and return policy) than here if items are identical
These have been pretty great for me so far. Only tested at a few shows yet but they work well for me. A bit tricky to get them situated just right at first, but very much worth a few moments of fidgeting. I very much prefer these to the 2- or 3-flange types.
Other than some minor difference in price (I see a medium-size version at Amazon for $33.99 with the S&S option (https://www.amazon.com/Earasers-HEM001-Musicians-Plugs-Medium/dp/B00E2D9HAA), is there any difference between MD's version and other stores?
I ordered them at earasers.store and got them into uk (in two days, without shipping costs.. seams that the USA finally opened up in Europe..
"This drop is limited to members in the US" :(
Though now that I go on their website, they're only $18 more over there and after DHL takes their insane brokerage fee, I wouldn't save much going Massdrop anyway.
I ordered them at earasers.store and got them into uk (in two days, without shipping costs.. seams that the USA finally opened up in Europe..
How are they in metal concerts?
not enough noise reduction. these are only the 19db model when you would want the 26db reduction for metal concerts.
I'm new to this and was wondering if i could get some insight on the matter. I ride a motorcycle, and use a helmet comm pack to listen to music while riding. I'm already partially deaf (thanks to genetics and stupidity) so im trying to take care of my hearing now. I've reverted to IEM's (jaybird x3) while on the bike so try and dampen the outside noise, but its really annoying when i get a call while on the road, not to mention the comfort is minimal. Would these EARasers be suitable to use in this situation to go back to listening to music via helmet comms?
This may be a totally ignorant question, but I am curious. I am 66. Years of factory work during college, added to shooting without protection, and years as a DJ with headphones cranked up left me deaf from 1500-5000 cycles.
Do these in any way amplify the sound? And for those who choose not to protect your hearing. You will end up like me. And please believe me, you won't like being deaf in certain ranges. Protect your ears! You can't get another pair.
Thank you for the answer.
Y u no ship to Canada
How do these compare to the Rooth and the Vibes earplugs? I go to a lot of heavy metal concerts and I always try to go close to the stage and I headbang a lot as well.

I still want to be able to enjoy the best possible sound of course but comfort and how well they stay in my ears is what's most important to me.
I'll roll the dice and go with some Mediums. I'm 5'11 and usually choose the larger earplug options on IEMs for a greater seal and isolation of sound when listening to music.

If you check their official website they offer exchanges, but you'll have to pay for the shipping (unless ordered directly through their website)
I got these in the previous drop. The sound quality was nice but they just do not stay in my ears when moving around. Since my use case is for concerts, raves, festivals, and such: I really need earplugs that will stay in while dancing.

it’s possible that the small’s would’ve worked but I’m not going to purchase this drop to find out. I’m a man and purchased the mediums
Should give you two pairs IMO
That sizing information makes no sense.

So if 75% of people wear small or medium, and 2% of people need x-small or large, that means 23% of people need x-large?!
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That's not what they said at all. They said 75% of men wear medium and 75% of women and adolescents wear small.
That would mean about 23% of men wear small and 23% of women and adolescents wear medium.

That leaves 2% to wear X-Small or Large.

Edit: Woops didn't see the other reply
A 1 in 4 chance you'll pick the wrong size.