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Ergotech Freedom Lift Sit/Stand Mount

Ergotech Freedom Lift Sit/Stand Mount

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Scam? Still not received my order. As per UPS - 'The sender requested that we hold this package to return it'
Quality construction, easy to put together and works great!.
Is there any way of getting this shipped to Australia?
Will this support a Samsung CF791-8 34" Curved monitor? Would love to get one of these. The monitor does have VESA capability
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About 4/5 weeks
It would only support it on a single monitor stand, there isn't room on a two monitor stand.
Will this support 2 27" monitors?
Great Question!!! yes- From our website Tech Specs (I will ask for this to be added to the product description page):

Freedom Lift™ - Dual

Part Number: FDM-LIFT-2 Tech Specs: Keyboard Height Adjustment Range: 19.4" Weight Capacity: Supports 28.6 lbs max Monitor Size: Up to 27" Monitor Weight: 2.2 to 13.2 lbs each VESA Compatibility: 75mm & 100mm Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 26.2" wide x 10.2" deep Warranty: 5 years
BEWARE: I joined this drop last time it was made available just weeks ago. However, I received the wrong model (not the one I ordered) and have no way to use the model I received. Due to it being a drop shipment the only recourse available was for me to return it to Massdrop.
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I just sent all of the details to the email address you provided. Thank you. I look forward to working it out.
Thank you for sending your email to our Support Team(rec'd) and including your correspondence with Massdrop. This will allow us to rectify the situation expeditiously on your behalf.
Why is the most important information not listed? How much adjust-ability is offered for the keyboard and monitor respectively in inches? Looking at the pictures, I strongly suspect that it does not offer enough height to be both comfortable and ergonomic for anyone 5' 10" or taller.
The min height needs to bring the top of the monitor up to eye level while keeping the keyboard at just above waist height, we have to have numbers/measurements to determine if this works properly. --(edit) It looks like most of this information is linked in the previous discussions with a nice image/spec sheet. It would be nice if this was linked on the main page as well. Unfortunately it looks like the system is neither large enough nor adjustable enough to work comfortably at 5' 11"....
(Edit 2) Thanks to those who replied, it looks like the dimensions are adequate for my needs and probably just about everyone else as well. I will probably order one and update later with my thoughts.
( Edit 3) I recently received the shipment and am using it, feel free to read my review on the product page for the two monitor stand. Keep in mind that I am pretty demanding when it comes to getting the basics done right so I slammed it pretty hard for that. Overall the system is okay but comes with several pretty big issues, how much those issues will bother you will vary depending on the user.
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Bear with me as I try to explain this without a picture...
That distance can be adjusted along a vertical rail that's ~20in tall. Realistically, you would not move the monitor connection point all the way down because the bottom edge of the monitors would rub against the tray and prevent you from going all the way down. How low depends on your monitor size though. At max monitor height, the center of your monitors would be roughly 20 inches above your keyboard. Remember though... that's the CENTER of your monitors, so it's up to you to know the dimensions of your monitor as the bottom edge will be lower and the top edge will be taller. My monitors are set around 12 inches (on center) above my keyboard. They are 21.5 inch size (typical diagonal measurement) It's really close to the height the monitors originally sat on my desk on their factory-installed stands.
Hope that helps. I needed all this info the last time this drop came around so I know how you feel.
Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to know. It sounds like the design is good enough to give me flexibility and still adjust to the height I need it to, going to check on return options and will probably give one a go.
Would this work for a laptop based setup? That is, suppose I have Laptop+2*Monitor < 14.5kg would the arm be stable or would the laptop make the weight too heavy at the front?
The keyboard tray is indeed designed for just that and we would not recommend placing a laptop on the tray.
Any plans for a EU version?
I'd like something like this that's just for the keyboard and mouse or just the keyboard.
Love the idea, unfortunately it's always hard to find a full movement mount like this that holds up to 30 lb :(
I have this at my office, I love it! Much more flexible than the standard sit to stand solutions.
How much can you rotate the platform on the arm?
If I were to use this, I would have to mount it on one of the short ends of the table, and turn the platform 90 degrees in order to stand in front of one of the the long sides of the table.
That’s because we have our table with one of the short ends to the wall. We use both of the long sides, sitting across from each other. So I wouldn’t be able to mount it to the table edge directly across from me.
Does the platform swivel enough that I could use it perpendicular to where the arm is mounted?
Please see link for product brochure-
Apologies for not responding to your inquiry before the drop ended! This should drop again in approximately 5 weeks.
Does anyone know if the dual monitor version can be setup in a stacked monitor configuration instead of the shown side by side orientation?
Side by side only.
For the clamp version, can it be clamped to a standard desk to make it into a standing desk?
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that was what I thought, but I just didn't see anything about it inn the description. Thabjs for the picture.
I own one of their Freedom monitor arms and it's terrific. Can't speak for this model but I don't see a gas spring support not bobbing and moving while trying to type on the keyboard. You could call them Ergotech Group, LLC. 100 Kuebler Road Easton, PA 18040 877-523-2767
Would love to see some video of this in action...

I wonder how stable the keyboard platform on this is.
It would be useless to me if the platform didn't feel solid enough to really type on with confidence.
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Thanks for these comments. After a few weeks, do you have more observations to share?
Back after 2 months of use. I've found that the arm supports my 2 monitors, mouse, mechanical keyboard (specified since they tend to be heavier), 16oz coffee thermos, bowl of oatmeal, various notepads/pens, and my arms while typing. I won't downplay the fact that there is a bit of wobble but I will honestly say it doesn't affect me. Probably 1 inch in either direction but no up/down wobble. The arm spring can be adjusted to hold more weight but don't expect it to do much more than advertised. I could probably add a few more pounds of junk with some adjustment.
Setup was more involved than the standard ergotech monitor arms. The major pain for me was initial mounting to the desk. My cubical has very little space between the back edge of the desk and the cube wall. I was able to get it done with only 1.5 inches of gap to work with but it was a PAIN. Anyone with at least 3 inches of space to work with can do the initial mounting pretty easily. Anyone with just a normal table (no back wall) could probably have it mounted in like 30 seconds.
For reference, my monitors are 2 x Samsung S22E200.
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