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Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Firestarter

Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Firestarter

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Wow quality materials and craftmanship! Its what I like about MD - buying really handy USA products at reasonable prices (well compared to some Aussie prices ...)

My Exotac Nanostriker XL worked first time easily and I was surprised at the amount of spark coming off it!

I even learned how to tie a snake knot as I wanted to use the cord tgat came with it so checked on YouTube for an instructional vid.

How much longer is the delay on this drop?
Do you have an ETA on this drop?
Drop delayed? I placed the order a month ago and I just get notified the drop is delayed? Massdrop is quickly losing its appeal with its absurdly high shipping costs and discounts that's aren't much better than amazon.
Where are these made?
Cheaper on eBay with FREE shipping and fast shipping. This is NOT a great drop if price point is important.
I recently purchased the upgraded version of this on kickstarter. It's called a "Bic lighter."
And if it gets wet, or you drop it in a creek in the pouring rain, then it's called "useless".  Been there with dry tinder and a soaked lighter.  No fire was made, and a miserable night was had by all.  I realize that there are amazing storm matches and advancements in lighter technology since then, but I now believe in backups for my backups.  This is one such backup.
I have this and I like it. It is even higher quality than I expected. I intend to use it as a redundancy fire starter in my kit. Actually it just lays on my table and I look at it now and then. I planned to carry it with my keys, but I don't really want to. The lovely orange coating would get scratched!

Should you buy it? If you just want a ferro rod, and are on a budget, don't. Get a Light My Fire Mora knife instead, very useful item. Or get the Light My Fire Army. ***BUT*** if you like the design and the price doesn't hurt you one bit, go for it. It's fun to own. I can't really explain why.
$3.74 and .4 cents back if you signed up for "eBay Bucks".
You can get two of these made by The Friendly Swede on Amazon for $15 with a paracord keychain. Nearly the exact same design and comes with a warranty.
Totally functional firestarter. I bought one of these about 9 months ago and it works great. Is it the best for it's price? No. The Light My Fire Army is cheaper and better, even the Exotac polystrikerXL is better for a cheaper price (https://www.bladehq.com/item--Exotac-polySTRIKER-XL-Ultra-Light--11929) Why get it? Because it's a fun and cool looking and made in the good 'ol USA and by buying one from Massdrop (a USA company) you are contributing to the be-American-buy-American. Why is that important? Because although you may find much cheaper clones made in china, what the hell would be the point? This isn't even a 'great' fire rod, it's just cool. You, the consumer, could easily buy a pack of 1/2" ferrocerium rods for a couple of bucks on amazon and they'll do the exact same job, maybe better. So why buy a clone? So you can fake being a cool guy with a ripoff brand? EXOTAC is a small company and they work hard to make this stuff. looking at you flyin2flyout
The supposedly green one - not just me right? That definitely looks almost nothing like green? I'd say gold, yellow at a push.
It's a metallic olive. Yeah it's a bit more yellow than a pure green, but I can see it as green.
I can see what they were going for, don't get me wrong, but that is about as piss poor an attempt at a metallic olive colour as you could probably achieve. I think their paint guy might be drinking on the job.
Could this be used to start a JetBoil stove when the built-in ignition fails AND you forgot to pack a BIC lighter AND your emergency waterproof matches are apparently too old and no longer work? Asking for a friend...
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Yes, it could light stoves like Jetboil and ignite alcohol stoves as well.
I bought this retail. It's very well built and pretty, but waaaaay too fidgety. I would die of hypothermia before using this little guy with frozen fingers. If you want to practice with lighting fires in "bushcraft play", this is a pretty doodad, if you want to light a fire after you fall out of your canoe in April, this is not a good choice.
I absolutely don't need this product as I have never had the need to strike a fire using a fire-starter *cough*cough* matches *cough*.

But it's such a beautiful product, and it seems so well executed, that I am tempted nonetheless!
unless you have wind proof matches. else regular matches rarely work outside in my experience.