Fallkniven DC4 Diamond Ceramic Whetstonesearch

Fallkniven DC4 Diamond Ceramic Whetstone

Fallkniven DC4 Diamond Ceramic Whetstone

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Wow, I just got an update that my DC4 shipped... Almost a month early.
Bah. I've gone back and forth with myself every time this drop has popped up but I finally gave in tonight. I don't mind the wait and it's the same price (after shipping) as the Dianova DC4 on Amazon, so I may as well go with the brand I know.

I plan on pairing it with my Spyderco Double Stuff and tossing it in my camping bag. :)
Hello guys, I've Ka-Bar BK2, so do you think this is good for BK2? I'm rookie.
I clicked into this thinking it was big enough for Chef knives. Can anyone recommend a good whetstone for Chef knives?
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Check out a tri stone sharpening system. Im a chef and have been using a tri stone system for almost 20 years. Check out the smiths tri hone for a beginner setup or a norton for a more advanced.
Thanks. Good idea on the Smith Tri hone for beginners. I am still learning but after I get better I might go up to Naniwa / Chosera whetstones. Good thing I also have an older knife that I don't use anymore to practice on before touching up my good ones lol
Still charging $13 for shipping? Is it an attempt to discourage EU buyers to get it on a discount?
I think thats a yes Aberg... i just treat it like my morning joke...and move on.
Can buy for cheaper from Amazon. 19.39 from "Poorfish Outdoors", free shipping. Not prime, but probably still faster than massdrop. Beats massdrop after you add shipping to the US.
Manufacturer is Dianova on Amazon, not Fallkniven. Not sure if there’s a difference, just an FYI.
The best on the fly sharpening stone I've used and I have 2 now. Well worth the money which really isn't much.
i was sent a CC4 instead of a DC4.. anyone else have this problem?
Want to trade? I’m looking for a CC4!
This is what I carry in my wallet or in my back pack:
DMT D3EFC 3-inch Dia-Sharp Sharpener, Credit Card Sized- Extra-Fine, Fine and Coarse Diamond -Set of 3

Or this folding DMT:
DMT FWFC Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine / Coarse

$13 shipping? Come on.....
I was just about to buy this on Amazon the other day, so glad I didn't. This is a much better deal.
Yeah? Which planet? ;-)
for me it works nice but it's about 3" to small very hard to hold onto.
Ordered 2 DC4 in 01/2018 drop for $33.98+ship. Received 1 DC4 and 1 CC4, didnt realize until son had used one and mentioned it looked different than what I was using. Looks like the CC4 that wasn't ordered is cheaper than the DC4 (Fallkniven and Amazon), will update when know more.
Very ordinary shipping rate for international customers, would’ve got this otherwise
Assume you are Australian. I agree completely. $13 USD shipping on a $17 USD item??
I had one of these and lost it. I'd recommend it as a product, but with this must shipping and handling it isn't a deal.