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Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle Bundle

Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle Bundle

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Curious: the description says this drop is limited to 100 orders, but it also says that 280 have been sold. Which number is valid?
I bought these for my husband, who's a huge fan of FLW's work. I'm hoping he likes them. :-)

I also bought the ceramic gift box, but that arrived broken – from THREE different vendors, no less!!! Fortunately, I was able to take the intact lid from broken shipment #2 and combine it with the intact box from broken shipment #3 for one complete box, which he loves. :-)
Anyone had their products arrive yet?

Bought these as christmas presents. They didn't ship until 3 weeks ago. And the only info on their location I have is from Dec 6th saying they were in transit to my country (Australia) from America....
Not sure if they are the identical puzzles being offered here, but found these images elsewhere. I will assume they are the same until Massdrop can show otherwise (really MD, no photos?). Disappointing that the Falling Water puzzle doesn't show the falling water... was thinking of getting these for a retired architect in the family.

I'm intrigued... just not enough info and/or photos. ???
Photos of the other puzzles please Massdrop! :-)
Are there photos of the other two puzzles?
Yes this is quite puzzling...
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