Garmin Vivomove Classic Black w/ Leather Bandsearch

Garmin Vivomove Classic Black w/ Leather Band

Garmin Vivomove Classic Black w/ Leather Band

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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$49.99 on E Bay... free shipping
You mean this one?

It's refurbished set.
For now, I joined the drop. But if there is Vivomove HR option, I'd cancel this drop and join that one.
Same, I came to check if there was an HR option but no luck. Secondly, your username and pic makes me sad/angry at the same time.
I'm still sad about it :(
I'd be all over this for the stainless steel model.
The description says polymer or stainless---so which is it?
This model is polymer.
Does the watch allow you to receive notifications from your phone?
From what I heard it doesn't vibrate or have any indication.
its very basic. and ovepriced idk whats the dealio with this one
US Only :(
Hope gonna be worldwide some time soon.
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Shipping forwardeds for non EU countries in Europe tends to be expensive, which would basicly triple/quadruple (yes) the MD price...
not at all, been using shipito for many years and for small packages it's pretty cheap. Last time I was forwarding a computer mouse, which I believe would be about the same size/weight package and the shipping was 12 usd, of course that is untracked and uninsured, but the insurance is $3 more.

edit: just noticed the non-EU part, so maybe that's different, but definitely not by as much as you say
This product is the same price on Amazon currently...
Good catch. Made a call. Got a better cost. Lowered the price.
I was on the fence, saw this comment, joined the drop. Thank you.
Despite the complaints of the software on Amazon, this still looks pretty stylish.
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