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What do you guys think of gateron brown over Cherry MX brown I've never tried the gateron version
I'm thinking that in college my future roommate would prefer I get browns or one of the linear switches. Is it really a big deal if i got greens or blues?
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Blues and Greens are loud as hell. I like my Cherry Blues a lot and love typing on them, however, my 3 room mates have all stated that they always know when I am on my computer since they are so loud. Our rooms are pretty far apart but even through my closed doors and their closed doors, they can hear me. So not everyone will like it. 2 of my room mates don't like them and the other one doesn't mind too much.
At least mechanical keyboards are not as loud as type writers.
drop halo pls
So, SwitchTop and Flashquark have them for $30, and you can have it in days, not 2 months.

KBDFans has them for $24, and even shipping from China, averages under a month.

Still not sure how this 'discount' is worth it.
Actually, if you pay for Fedex shipping with KBDFans it shows up in a couple days, at least to Canada and it's about the same or less money for shipping than most drops here.
do these switches have the bump next to where the spring goes on the bottom part of the housing?
if they do, cherry silent stems won't work with it.
Yeah, anything ordered within the last 6-8 months will have that.
Depends on if the seller has old stock. which mass drop sometimes sells
Do these switches work with surface mounted LEDs? Like do they work on the Glorious GMMK TKL?
probably not, there is a special version of gateron switches that support the smd leds. they have a special cutout on the housing that the normal gaterons don't have
No, like Windspeed said, the SMD version has a square cutout instead of little holes for the through-hole leads. Assuming they're clear/cloudy white tops, you could possibly get away with drilling them, if you're into that kind of thing.
I'm planning on doing that myself since I'm doing a board with some surface mount RGBWs
I love gaterons as much as the next person, but could massdrop consider their way into dropping cherry switches next time? Especially PCB mounted clears and the RGB and silent variants. You guys have enough purchasing power, distribution and reach you could make it really interesting.
FYI, Since my last post, this has become the best deal for Gateron switches shipping from the US (that I could find), if you dont mind waiting. Second best would be directly from Glorious PC Gaming Race with their 15% off coupon (about $29 bucks plus shipping). Those guys ship super fast, usually getting your stuff out the same day and shipped in the US with USPS Priority. Great if youre in a rush to get your switch on!
Is it strange that I only want to replace one switch?
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HMU on Geekhack or Deskthority - same username
Just take a spring out of a mechanical pencil and put it in the switch
136 browns from kbdfans cost roughly the same as 120 at MD and ship now and not next year. (shipping to Germany)
cant decide if its better to get these from ebay for $36 and wait for direct shipping from china, or from here for a few bucks less and wait for 3 months....
Get them from MecKeyAlpha. 120 is around $27 even with shipping, and my last ones from them arrived in under 2 weeks.