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Glycine Combat 6 Classic Moonphase Automatic Watch

Glycine Combat 6 Classic Moonphase Automatic Watch

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Salut tout le monde,  I've just received mine (GL0193 - blue dial + stainless stell bracelet). It is a gorgeous watch, however the blue is really darker than i thought (than the original picture anyway). It is almost black. I am pretty sure the caliber is a Sellita SW280 and not an ETA (which is not a problem at all !). I am wearing it since 5 days and it lost only 19s (+4s/day, excelent). FYI for France : fees was 97€ custom tax + UPS. Total price : 467€. A really good deal for a real moonPhase automatic "swiss made".

Just received my Moonphase. Very glad with the choice because pictures do not capture the creamy color of the dial. The strap is stiff but I am sure it will become more flexible with wear. Pleased with initial observations.

Looking good! That's really interesting that its more cream than silver....I would have guessed the latter. I ended up ordering the anthracite and love it so far. For the strap, I replaced it with a NATO for now, then I wrapped the two ends of the original tightly around a marker with a rubber band, hoping that it will loosen up over time.
I was going back and forth between the silver and anthracite. I was pleasantly surprised to see the slight cream and not the strong silver dial as advertised.
So if I wanted to get a NATO strap for its, I should get a 22mm strap?
That's correct. I would also recommend picking up a springbar tool and a few spare springbars while you are at it....they are cheap, and its good to have spares in case you bend one or it flies across the room while you're trying to remove it :)
Cheers man! Luckily, I have a watch repair kit that has a tool and a ton of extras!
Is the fact it's owned by Invicta now make it worth less as a collectible?
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Regardless of whether they’re owned by Invicta or not, watches at this tier and price level are never going to be considered “valuable collectibles.” Even something like a 3 or 4 thousand dollar Baume et Mercier is worth nothing in regards to being a valuable collective. There are very, very few watches you can buy that are considered “investments,” and a 350 dollar Glycine certainly ain’t one of them. Nevertheless, I still ordered one and I’m excited about it.
You are exactly right. I was particularly defending Glycine's reputation as a good watch company. I'm very new to watch collecting, but what I have seen thus far in the journey is that the value for watches like these flex. Also, when someone really wants a watch, specifically, on Ebay or a bidding site they will run past the watches value.
Ordered mine in blue!
I would say this is a great opportunity for all eta fans at a really good price
Why doesn't anyone mention the metal bands? It's that like a bad idea?
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Thanks,I appreciate the reply. I went ahead and ordered the blue face with bracelet.
I would defining advise against the blue dial as it hides the moon phase.. You'll have to change the strap to bring out the moon phase... Beautiful watch though. Well made. I picked it up from TOM last year for about 340 plus cash back which was a good deal.. Here Are some wrist shots


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one side of rotation adjusts the date other the moonphase 
I definitely fall into that camp. I love the aesthetics of the Christopher Ward C9 Moonphase in blue, but the 40mm case size is too big for me. That's why I went for the 36mm Glycine Combat 6 Classic Moonphase in blue.
I feel I would rather have had them leave off all the Arabic numerals.
Is there an option with the anthracite dial and black strap? (I know I can change out the strap, but I like the dressy black strap here.) I only see anthracite with the brown strap.
No - anthracite only comes on brown.
Man, if only they didn't have a date window...
Was checking the specs on google for the 36mm. Found Jomashop selling the 36mm black dial for 299 usd with manufacturers warranty. FYI.
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My bad. Didn't see that. At least we know how low this model can go.🖖🏽👍🏽
yea but that price could be very old. Jomashop has a habit of leaving old sale items listed and out of stock for awhile. I think a better idea for market price is using Ebay prices, since fluctuations in other markets can affect the US. Meaning if the price drops in Japan or Switzerland, people will buy there and sell to US. The Glycine moonphases are going for roughly $400-$450 over there the GL0193 is on ebay for like $600, but idk if its pre or post invicta movement
Hi, for the 36mm versions, what is the lug width?
This is a modified ETA 2824. Solid price. (nevermind purchased by invicta)
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Thanks. Yep I read that part about the components too but have yet to find a source that says this is the situation for this particular watch or any glycine for that matter. Care to share a link? I'm very interested.
(Edited) The current standard is now 60%, link above with more details.
when was the last drop, when can we expect to purchase this watch again?
Due to its large dial it would be far more balanced with a 39mm case and a 20mm strap.
My silver/brown strap model arrived this morning. It's a very attractive watch, with a slightly brushed metallic silver face (difficult to see in photos), which contrasts with the shiny hands (so the time is easy to read). The moon phase window is clear and easy to read too. Setting the time, date and moon phase is very easy with the different crown positions. The crown is quite stiff to manually wind. The strap looks nice, but as others have stated, is extremely stiff out of the box and will take a while to soften. Overall, I'm very happy with the watch so far - it's very elegant with classic styling.
Beautiful watch, superb feel when setting time and winding. I missed the blue face before but got it this time. Quality is the same as my older Glycine before the sale. Great getting this watch at this price,a true bargain. I now own 3 Glycine watches in my collection and they are all excellent. As long as Invicta pushes the marketing and Glycine keeps making great watches I will keep adding them. I still need a Combat model.
Shipped today. Two weeks early. That's a nice surprise!
Are these hand windable?
I believe so.
Massdrop must be a Glycine partner. Every week: GLYCINE
Does massdrop sell returned watches at all?
Not bad on surface, but big moon is better as CW.
The CW costs 5x more...
Yes, no pain no gain...
How fast does this watch ship? Can I get delivery before 7/25?
As per the specs: "Estimated ship date is Aug 13, 2018 PT."
Ok thanks. This isn't a "spec" but whatever.
Can you hand wind this watch or is it automatic only?
you can manually wind the watch via the crown
Glycine are doing great deals since the takeover by You-Know-Who and this adds to the list. A Swiss true moonphase automatic at this price is a steal. I own pre and post Glycines and so far the QC is steady, though some Airman models which previously had 200m water resistance have been reduced to 100m, no big deal. Glycines have always been obtainable with discounts but not like these. Can the discounts and the quality be maintained??
Let's us Invicta if they can maintain it. hehe
@glycine-usa have you got a date for the combat chrono ?
Aww, $20 increase
Is it really a moon phase or just a sun & moon complication?
True moonphase
I bought this watch in blue in the last drop and I'm extremely happy with it. I love the perfect size for a dress watch, the beautiful dial color and the moon phase feature. Perhaps more importantly, it keeps time better than most of the watches in my collection; an extraordinary +/- 1 sec/day. That is chronometer territory!
Mine runs the same... most accurate automatic I have
Cool! I was going to add a comment that maybe I was alone in this experience, but apparently not. And for this price for a true moon phase, all the more extraordinary.