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Glycine Double Twelve Automatic Watch

Glycine Double Twelve Automatic Watch

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40mm, 12mm thick is perfect size for me, but 50mm lug-to-lug?
Can someone recommend sub-500$ alternative with lug-to-lug ~46-48mm? Perhaps other Airman model?
The 39mm Airman 18 was ~47mm long, but there's been no word of it being resurrected. (Edit: but there it is!)

There were recent hints of a possible Airman No.1 revival. That was 36mm with ~46mm lugs.
It's a nice watch, but if they put 1-24 on the bezel and write 20ATM instead of DOUBLE TWELVE, I would buy without hesitation.

Tell Glycine to make my recommend changes, then it will sell like hotcakes.
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aliexpress! LOL You know I bet there probably IS a 12 hour watch without a GMT hand that nonetheless has a pointless 24 hour bezel on aliexpress!
Yes, you're right! That version has a GMT 24 hour hand which this watch does not, so a 24 hr bezel makes sense.
Really like the look and design of this Glycine, but that 50mm lug to lug is too big for my tiny wrist, lug is going to over hang.
Does anyone have a good photo of the red one? I seen multiple pictures online and they all look like different shades of red.
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Definitely a lighter shade of red there almost pink. I have smaller wrist than you at like 6.3~ how do you feel about the size and fit?
Width is perfect, no over hang length wise. The lugs taper down so the watch conforms to the wrist. Paired with the mesh this is actually one of my more comfortable pieces to wear.
With so many recent Glycine drops, hope the Airman 18 is next.
Emblazoning DOUBLE TWELVE on the dial is ludicrous, ruins the watch and makes it look like a $5 watch from Toys-R-Us
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I went for the black dial version which is more neutral and in keeping with pilot type watch
Yup, reminds me of those cheap watches you get after completing 5 years of service in a company.
I will go for the black dial. The blue graduated dial is nice but the red double twelve written on the front detracts from the blue gradated dial or the none gradated blue dial. This is just a personal preference probably because I like the more formal type watch.

I have Glycine Sub Combat and really happy with that watch
Does this model replace the World Traveler? Or is it an older model? is it really 40mm or 42mm case diameter of the WT?
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There are plenty on eBay.. I was ready to pull the trigger on one until I saw the notice for this drop. Would prefer the World Traveler as I don't like the red 12 12 on the dial. Also, I like the 42mm case better. It's not so significant not to take advantage of this offer.
World Timer. Sorry not World Travelor which is yet another model. Looks better than the 12 12 on the dial. IMO.
The serial numbers are still messed up when i try to Google the watches and frankly the pictures on the selection page do not correspond with those on the overview page. Wouldn't want to buy the wrong watch!
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GLO235 does have a dark stitching..
The images now reflect the correct models.