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Glycine Double Twelve Automatic Watch

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Very nice watch, but at 40mm it's too small for me at 6'4" and 7.75" wrists. Not sure how I would handle the double twelve logo either, seems to cheapen it. I'll certainly keep my eye out for larger case size Glycine drops. Thanks for the drop though.
Do the white dial versions have the old style Glycine logo (outlined crown) as shown on the main page or the new style logo (solid winged crown) as shown in the photos in the selection box?
The Double Twelve and the fact that it's 40mm and not 42mm as I have large wrists. Have to pass.
Same here. The 'Double Twelve' inscription is putting me off and I also have larger wrists, and I am 6'5 ft.
My Combat Sub at 42 mil is the minimum size I can pull off without looking like I'm wearing a boy's watch... Too bad because I really liked the design, particularly the red one.
Agreed Woody why do companies do that Citizen also comes to mind. It just ruins the watch thats what the back is for.
I really don’t like the font that says “DOUBLE TWELVE.”

It really looks like it should say “7-ELEVEN.” Thats what the font reminds me of.

I’d prefer a less in your face, more subtle font right there.
Does the double twelve blue version has hand winding and hacking?
Looking at the logo at 12 o'clock these look like pre Invicta stock. Probably the last chance to get these but I already own the later double twelve so I'll give this one a miss.
No, they've just adopted the old logo for certain models.
I received my black dial version 4 days ( came early while on holiday)
I am happy with watch but two things have irritated me. The watch was advertised as a 25 jewel model which would be a ETA 2824 base movement. The watch I received is a 26 jewel movement which indicates a Sellita movement.
The movements are similar but I just think it is dishonest to advertise a 25 jewel movement and send a 26 jewel other brand movement.

The other irritation was when I opened the box the watch was not attached to the cushion but left to shake around in the box during shipping
40mm, 12mm thick is perfect size for me, but 50mm lug-to-lug?
Can someone recommend sub-500$ alternative with lug-to-lug ~46-48mm? Perhaps other Airman model?
The 39mm Airman 18 was ~47mm long, but there's been no word of it being resurrected. (Edit: but there it is!)

There were recent hints of a possible Airman No.1 revival. That was 36mm with ~46mm lugs.
It's a nice watch, but if they put 1-24 on the bezel and write 20ATM instead of DOUBLE TWELVE, I would buy without hesitation.

Tell Glycine to make my recommend changes, then it will sell like hotcakes.
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If I have to explain it, then you need to troll somewhere else
Ok, so I ask you what function would a 1-24 bezel on a 12 hour watch serve other than cosmetic because I really couldn't think of any and your answer is basically "I don't want to explain it" then you call me a troll. Looks like we're having a great discussion here.
Really like the look and design of this Glycine, but that 50mm lug to lug is too big for my tiny wrist, lug is going to over hang.
Does anyone have a good photo of the red one? I seen multiple pictures online and they all look like different shades of red.
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Definitely a lighter shade of red there almost pink. I have smaller wrist than you at like 6.3~ how do you feel about the size and fit?
Width is perfect, no over hang length wise. The lugs taper down so the watch conforms to the wrist. Paired with the mesh this is actually one of my more comfortable pieces to wear.