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What profile are these keycaps in?
They are DSA profile.
Please include Cyrillic set if the drop ever gets launched!
Dude Cyrillic was released on round 1. The last drop in MD is round 4 and then Granite restocked indefinitely on
What is the italic "A" in the bonus pack/os pack?
The italic As look like the sign from the old Amiga:

harivolker ahh, yes they do. Thanks!
Anyone know what kits will fill the MiniVan keyboard???
Any chance of this being dropped again?
I just realized the common set was supposed to come with dimpled f and j keys. Is there anyway to get replacements?
Anyone have some apple, ctrl, alt 1u key caps to sell?
This is my favorite keyset so far, really hope they re-drop this one soon :P
Looking for the Tolkien set if anyone is looking to sell theirs.
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Still have your set that you would like to sell? I am in the US.
Yeah I still have the Elven Tongue but right now it is reserved to someone until tomorrow. Will get back to you
Its unbelievable, after more than a year since buying i just have gotten my 3u spacebars.
Guess what, wrong color again, i give up :(
Looking for 1u icon modifiers (from the icon modifier pro set) of granite, if anyone has them for sale let me know.
bought the dsa granite text modifiers kit when it re-release on pimpmykeyboard. realized i don't need it anymore, if anyone needs it hit me up, selling for cost shipped.
Sorry, ended up returning it. Check to see if it shows up on their site.