Monoprice 10" X 6.25" Graphics Drawing Tabletsearch

Monoprice 10" X 6.25" Graphics Drawing Tablet

Monoprice 10" X 6.25" Graphics Drawing Tablet

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Warning to all Windows 10 users: It says it can be used with Windows XP or later, but the disc in the box DOES NOT have Windows 10 support. I have been able to find a few guides online to work around this, but none have worked since I got my tablet this afternoon. I will update if something works, but if they do this drop again, be aware that you WILL have to work around the driver issue.

Edit: After EXTENSIVE research online I finally got it to work. You may need to download an older version of the Huion 610 Pro (12.2.16 (2016.05.30) driver to work on Windows 10. I found an hold reddit post, and now it works great. I should not have had to work for the past 4 hours to make this work but it's working and that's what matters. Be warned there were many other "solutions" that seemed to work for some people and not work for me, so mileage may/will vary.
I have had all Wacom products for the past 15 years and I am so happy every time I see others getting into the space. $35 for a drawing tablet is an amazing price for an entry level product. Can’t wait to see some reviews! I would pick one up but no shipping to Canada :(
Do you believe we made a good choice for a drawing tablet? I'm unsure because just having one by May was a requirement for me. I was thinking of holding off and buying one with a display, but couldn't wait that long.
Looks a lot like the Huion H610
It is the Huion H610.
what software do you need for this?
Is shipping to the UK available on these, and if so what's the cost?
Why don't you simply click on "Join Drop" and see it for yourself?
"Directly out of the box, the Graphic Drawing Tablet is ready to operate in only a few steps. " Who writes these things?
Next time there's a drop there should at least be a Canadian shipping option...
Two years after, still no shipping to Canada
Time to open a A Canadian Assdrop reshipping company :p
Has there ever been an explanation on the price? This was $35 flat with free shipping from the manufacturer for several months around Christmas time. Hell it was that price for so long I thought that was just the standard price for it.
Even Amazon, who often sucks, sells it cheaper than you guys manage to.
I wanna buy it from somebody, and I'd rather that somebody be Massdrop or the manufacturer than Amazon,
but it's just too much.
Does this ship outside of US?
Was surprised to see it was arriving today.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

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I think Massdrop must do research of items prices before submit them here, this is not the first time I found cheaper items in amazon than here. This drop is a fail. go to
it's 55.55 on amazon...
I wrote this 3 weeks ago, at that momet it was cheaper than now. having said that, if you learn how to buy in amazon I guaranty you would ending finding it cheaper than here, as I wrote 3 weeks ago.