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Grifos Galuchat Fountain Pen

Grifos Galuchat Fountain Pen

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Hi Maurizio,

I love the stingray leather design, and how you take time to respond to everyone's questions and comments.

Do you have a version of the blue color but with silver hardware? Like the black version?
Thank you. I feel that straight contact with customers could make the difference for a small company as our and big brands. I keep an open eye and answer while I make invoices or engrave a silver body. Today with tablet is so easy do that!
About your question... yes there is no problem to make a blue one with silver details... but the problem is how make it possible through Massdrop. This drop was made with these pen features and honestly I do not know any way to send a unique pen made with different fittings... we will produce these pens in mass and will ship to MD warehouse in bulk, then they will ship to each customer. No way to send a particular one to you I fear. .. a next drop could be made to fit your preference and I could discuss this with MD staff bun I can't Grant you... Best from Italy.
Massdrop, any chance again to buy just the rollerball pens?
Nice pen. I do have a problem with it though. The nib is damaged at the base where the ink cartridge is inserted rendering the pen unusable. I contacted the company but never received a reply back from them. Very disappointing as I like the pen as a writing instrument. Hopefully this comment will catch the eye of someone at Massdrop and I can get a reply so I can repair the damaged nib.

It is a pen that I enjoyed using.

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Hello, I made a search in our incoming email and I confirm we never received your email. May be it was missed. Never mind.
I have send you a short message. Please check for it. Thank you!
Regards from Italy.
Great customer service. Thank you Maurizo for your prompt reply and direct e-mail to me. I really appreciate the high level of service and professionalism that you and Grifos have displayed. I look forward to my next Grifos.
To Grifos, the pen is awesome! But, please ship it with higher-quality ink next time, or just don't include any ink at all.

The black ink cartridges you sent barely work at all, I needed to run water over the nib for several seconds multiple times a day before it could start writing. (Gold medium nib.)

To anyone else who received a pen from this drop, I recommend throwing away the free black ink cartridges it comes with, and using your own ink.
How is the stingray skin sourced? I'd like to understand more about the supply chain, and what sustainability practices are in place.
Hello, right question. First I would like you know that stingray skins do not belong to endangered species and are not included in the CITES list (you know that CITES are a list where are listed all the endagered species with trade are limited or not allowed at all). Then we purchase them here in Italy with all the legal documents and regular invoices, our source is a big wholesaler which supply many many fashion brands of Italy. By the way we in Italy must be certified by law when purchase such kind of materials and we have regular checks (there is a special brance of our police which makes controls in the fashion companies). Also we never use any skins from endagered species but only from breeded ones and that are breeded for food reasons and have as byproduct these stuff. I hope that you find this information helpful, however if you have any follow up questions or concers, please do not hesitate. Regards. Maurizio
Thank you for all the details, Maurizio. I appreciate your company's responsiveness and attention to these important concerns!
Maurizio -
I was reading through past posts and questions. I wanted to say thanks for explaining a little about the nib manufacturing process. It helps explain why there are so few nib companies with quality nibs.
It seems that fine and extra fine , flexible nibs are in high demand these days. Unfortunately, it seems the best option for finding such a nib is to get a vintage gold nib. Although there are some companies that do offer steel flex nibs that offer some flex to writing.
Glad to see the Griffons uses the Bock nibs, agreed they are top notch nib. Very smooth and offer some character to your handwriting. Good Luck with this drop Sir 😀
Thank you! Glad to share with you some details on our craftmen daily work. Regards from Aosta Valley, Italy
Thank those craftsmen for sharing their skills and thanks to Grifos for working with Mass Drop to offer your pens at reduced prices.
It allows some people the ability to own a beautiful product!
Happy New Year Massdrop
On the last drop i asked if it was possible to be able to purchase the rollerball pen separately. Maurizio said ok but Liz said not in that drop. I have waited until this drop and am asking again if that can be possible? Thank you.
Does anyone have any recommendations for what kind of ink should be used in this pen? I like fast-drying ink, but some nibs and feeds don't particularly care for it (I'm going for the white-gold calligraphic nib, if that makes a difference).
Hello, thank you for your interest on our handmade pen. All our pens are equipped with German company Bock nibs. As you may google used and these top quality nibs are mounted on many pen brands (Visconti, Montegrappa, Lamy and many other).
This is true for our solid gold nibs too (I mean they too are Bock nibs). So the same quality level inks will be fine for these nibs included your preferred fast-drying it they came from branded ink company. I remain at your disposal! Best from Italy. Maurizio
Beautiful pens:-)
Is it possible to buy the rollerball pens separately?
Thank you.
Hello, I confirm we (as pen company) could provvide the roller pens too, not a problem about. I think that you will be able to purchase them only... I'm not 100% sure of this so you may ask to MD staff but let say I'm sure at 80%... I mean I'm pretty sure you will not be forced to purchase them in bundle with fountain pen. You may try to order and then in the worst case cancel the order. regards from Italy. Maurizio
Hi all,

We've just heard from our vendor that all nib sizes are available in both White and Yellow gold right now. We have updated the options in checkout to reflect this, and if you need to you can change your nib selection by visiting the transaction page under your account.
Liz, will it become too complicated to have a rollerball only option in this drop?
Unfortunately, I won't be able to offer that for this drop with the way it is set up, but we can definitely do this in the future. Sorry about that!