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Some details about the amp from the Gustard representative:
The output impedance of the main amplifier circuit is less than 0.05 ohms. The common headphone impedance is much larger than this value
The "L" output port is used to drive some special low load , To avoid the amplifier circuit working under overload conditions for a long time. “
In sum, this amp should be able for low impedance headphone (may be Ath-W5000 or Final Sonorous VI).
Waiting for next drop. Want to pair it with some low impedance headphones.
I have a question: if there are high and low gain outputs why is there also a gain switch? What does a gain switch do anyway?
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It's dropped twice since march, so I would not be surprised. If you are willing to pay a bit more I believe its on Shenzenaudio.
I am not that engaged to have H20. I have one for high impedance headphone whci should be fine with Elex. I use it for K701 which is 62 ohm impedance.
Jump in..., further secure this deal
So I'm thinking about pouncing on this -- currently my main amp is a Darkvoice SE336, which I love. Also tried a CTH which I liked but did not love. Will be driving HD800 and Beyer T1.2. Any advice?
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Go for it dude, HD800 will love what's coming out of H20, I am mightily impressed myself. Also keep in mind that you can swap opams to fine-tune the sound to your liking, similar to tube rolling.
done and done. Very excited!!!
Have been interested in this amp. Decided to seal the deal.... That makes 3.
Yaaaay, thank you! It took me a long time to decide in favor of this amp, but now I'm stoked and want to see it happen. Welcome on board!
Figured it would make someone happy. Looks like great value and I like having socketed op amps. Plus the designer listened (supposedly) to the Cavalli Liquid amps. So interested to see if the amp is cut of the same cloth. If it is, will be heck of a value.
In the next drop, sure!!!!
I wonder the difference in front of an Audio GD like Master 9!
Next one seals the deal! Do it! :)
A Gustard rep posted the corrected specs on head-fi.

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I'm guessing they took the single-ended output and put a few resistors in it - essentially a built in "impedance adapter".
Yeah, just relaying the confusion :-D
I received the amp last week, and will have it running for another ten days or so before I start evaluating the value proposition here. With that said, right out of the box this thing is really, really good - stands its ground to my heavily modified Yulong Sabre A28 which is awesome. As far as power goes, the main question posted here by many - it drives two planars at once without any effort whatsoever, the volume at about half-way for very loud listen. The cans are MrSpeakers Ether and Alpha Prime, and the later is very much a power hog.

I'll post some impressions in about a couple of weeks, but so far I think it is worth every penny, and then some considering one can swap the OEM opams with discrete ones.


Two weeks later now...

I'm still trying to find time to do side by side comparison with my Yulong A28. Been listening to H20 exclusively for few days now, after having it burn about 300 hrs, and it sounds simply awesome. Awesome! The fullness of the sound is the first thing that jumps out to me, my Ether C which is not exactly a bassy set of cans, produce unbelievably potent lows to the point of rumbling. Soundstage, detail, everything really, rivals the best I've heard. But I realize that even though this amp will make most headphones shine, I'd recommend against spending this kind of money unless one owns truly high resolving headphones - I'm talking HD800 and above. Lesser quality headphones will simply not benefit to the fullest from the amp's ability.

Will post more as I get around to run some tests...
I don't understand why anyone is interested by this Amp !
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The spec just says "Output Impedance: 200 ohms", which would be terrible if it were the front output experience. That's why a lot of people stayed away. Neither Massdrop nor the manufacturer are apparently paying attention to our concerns here or on Head-Fi, otherwise they would have clarified this by now.
The 200 ohm is actually the output impedance of the xlr preamp output.

It’s the poor translation from the manufacturer that caused this confusion.

This amp is quite popular in China, by looking at the inside of this amp you can tell the build quality of this amp is pretty good.

It is considered one of the best amps you can choose at this price range. I'm guessing the only guy that have joined the drop is a Chinese. This drop apparently has failed, hope next time it will be better after reviews come out.