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Gustard H20 Balanced Headphone Amp

Gustard H20 Balanced Headphone Amp

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How does it compare with Aune S7?
Yeah, so, the output impedance is definitely not 200 Ohms LOL
Will the H20A ever be a drop?
The matching DAC-X22 has dropped:
FREE volt ?
I don't know what this means but it has a voltage selection switch on the back for 115/230V
Massdrop, please contact Gustard to sort out the error in your specs regarding the output impedance. 200 ohms is for the rear XLR line-outs, not the headphone outputs.
No USB input?
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Guessing you missed the Sennheiser amp I referenced? I get the 0s an 1s bit, but I still see a USB port on that AMP, with no mention of a DAC (if you need me to explain what a DAC is, call me at 1-800 -you’re a dick ;- )
Digital amps do exist, but this is, despite the name, not one of them. Source here:
EDIT: "Digital amp" is not to be confused with Class D amps, which are digital in a way, but still involve a low-level analogue signal being amplified. There are amps, such as NAD's DirectDigital line, which are basically DACs that can output watts of power without having a low-level analogue signal involved.
I got mine, but it seems to be behaving strangely... maybe I'm doing something wrong?

In summary, the amp is only producing sound from one channel at a time. The particulars are as follows ...

1) From both 1/4" inputs:
a) part way in => sound comes only from left side
b) fully in => sound comes only from right side

I tried 3 different headphones with the same results, so it's not the headphones, cable, or plug.

2) From the balanced headphone out, sound comes only from the right side
(Yes, I confirmed that the headphone is plugged into the Bal output, and not the Lch or Rch jack.)

It's not a channel balance issue - it's producing either normal sound levels, or zero. In all cases the sound is consistent - it's not intermittent with manipulating either the input or the output plugs. I'm using the RCA inputs, in case that matters (my longer balanced cables haven't arrived yet).

Any suggestions for what might be wrong before I contact customer support?
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Sorry for the delay, had been preoccupied elsewhere...

Yes I did. It turned out to be a cable connection issue at the source, and NOT the amp. The amp is working, and sounds great.

(Which is a good thing, as MD's proposed remedy if it _had_ been the amp involved a refund and waiting for the next drop for a replacement - everyone please be aware that if you _do_ get a bad unit, this seems to be MD's policy).
Oh, awesome! That's two good pieces of news in one!
I received this amp yesterday it makes enjoyable clicking noises when turned on and when you rotate the volume knob. Will they eventually go away? I hope not.
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Just counted, and it has 64 steps, like the Schiit Ragnarok.
I'm pleased to learn that enjoyable clicking=quality.
I got a delivery notification today!
I has a tracking number!
Some details about the amp from the Gustard representative:
The output impedance of the main amplifier circuit is less than 0.05 ohms. The common headphone impedance is much larger than this value
The "L" output port is used to drive some special low load , To avoid the amplifier circuit working under overload conditions for a long time. “
In sum, this amp should be able for low impedance headphone (may be Ath-W5000 or Final Sonorous VI).
Waiting for next drop. Want to pair it with some low impedance headphones.