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Haiku Kurouchi Tosa Knives

Haiku Kurouchi Tosa Knives

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Traditionally Forged Japanese Blades in 9 Styles

The Japanese may very well be the premiere makers of kitchen knives across the world. These Haiku Kurouchi Tosa knives are crafted in the Tosa region of Southern Japan, known for its long tradition of knife forging and wild, unfurrowed landscape. They feature a sandwich blade construction with multiple layers of metal. At the core is an extremely hard (HRC 61) blue Aoko steel, which is surrounded by softer layers of iron to ensure flexibility and stability. After forging, the blade is left unfinished and raw. That’s where the knife gets its name, “Kurouchi,” meaning black forged in Japanese. To pair with the gorgeous two-toned blade, there’s a varnished magnolia handle. Round in shape, it fills the hand for a secure grip in steamy kitchens. The base is the 6.75-inch Yasai-Giri, but you can downgrade or upgrade to a wide range of other models at checkout.

Note: The base price is for the B01 6.75-Inch Yasai-Giri. At checkout, you’ll have your choice from nine different models. Pricing will vary depending on your selection. Due to the sensitive nature of shipping knives internationally, we are able to ship only some of the knives on Massdrop to select countries. Click here for additional information.

Haiku Kurouchi Tosa Knives
Haiku Kurouchi Tosa Knives
Haiku Kurouchi Tosa Knives


  • Blade: Sandwiched blue Aoko steel with iron
  • HRC: 61
  • Handle: Varnished magnolia wood
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in Japan


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