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Handheld Scientific BT-500 Bluetooth Adapter

Handheld Scientific BT-500 Bluetooth Adapter

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Connect Your Phone to Your Keyboard

Great for traveling, the Handheld Scientific BT-500 bluetooth adapter allows you to connect your USB-equipped keyboard to your mobile device. Simply connect your keyboard to the adapter, pair your mobile device, and start typing. The adapter comes with a handy indicator light to let you know when you’re connected, when the battery needs charging, and when the unit is on. It’s also compatible with all types of USB keyboards, including those with a built-in hub like the Happy Hacking, DAS, Apple, and more. It can even connect to keyboard-emulating devices like barcode scanners, RFID readers, magnetic strip readers, and foot pedals.


  • Based on Bluetooth 4.0
  • Works with all host types: Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows, etc.
  • Hosts must support Bluetooth 4.0
  • Hosts must support Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse
  • Compatible with all types of USB keyboards
  • For keyboards with a built-in hub, other devices connected to the hub will not work
  • Compatible with many keyboard-emulating USB devices
  • Supports USB mice
  • No pin-code pairing
  • Command line interface to customize many features
  • Wireless status LED (blue) and host port status LED (green)
  • Power is passed from USB device (male) port directly to USB host (female) port
  • FCC and CE certified


  • User manual
  • Battery not included


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