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Handheld Scientific BT-500 Bluetooth Adapter

Handheld Scientific BT-500 Bluetooth Adapter

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I'm thinking of redirecting the 5V+ and GND of the USB to a charger circuit (like Powerboost 1000) and a pack of LiPo batteries and build it into my keyboard (Kinesis Advantage, with lot's of free space inside). I also need to extend the push button and led(s) to somewhere on the back of the keyboard case.
Anyone tried this with any Ergodox?
handheldsci -- I totally missed this drop and would like to get one of these. Do you sell these via any other retailers or via your website? Thanks!
Vaguely remember it being on here, and wasn't interested at the time. Guess you did the same thing I did after seeing a certain post on Reddit?
If you missed the drop, get it here: http://handheldsci.com/kb

Not sure what you meant by "seeing a certain post on Reddit". We were the first one coming out with such a product about 5 years ago (search "Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter" for our first video in Youtube). There were copycats along the way but all seem to have gone out of business. We are the only one still going strong.
Will this work with my Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Stealth Keyboard? Is there any input lag that would be noticeable when gaming on a PC?
We test the adapter with Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 and it works. So it is very likely the Tournament Edition will also works (we can't say for sure unless the exact same model is tested). There is no noticeable lag when using the USB interface with normal typing. However, none of us are gamers so we can't be sure the effect on gaming. With less than 30 dollar price and 100% money back guarantee, it is worth a try. Or perhaps we can loan you a unit and you report back how well it works? Contact support at handheldsci.com.

How much power does this consume? hours per mA?
The adapter consumes about 50mA of current when Bluetooth is enabled. The total power consumption will be that plus whatever is needed to power the attached keyboard. Again, the adapter does not have a built-in battery so battery life is not applicable.
Thank you
Or you could, you know, just plug your keyboard into your phone. It may not work in all cases, but many android phones are capable of handling keyboard inputs from the charging port.
Can this pair with hosts and provide a way to switch between them easily?
Not at this moment. You should pair only one host with the adapter. If you pair more than one and they are available when the adapter powers up, it will connect to a host randomly (whichever it finds first).

Compatibility is the key. We have around 100 keyboards (some from Massdrop) and more than 100 mice (not all in the picture) in our lab to test this product! It works with an Arcade Tankstick game controller as well (which is really not a USB game device but a keyboard/trackball on two USB ports).

Isn‚Äôt there a Keyboardio Model1 lying around in a box ??? ūüėć
Yes! The ones in the box (not on the shelves) are "bad apples" that are still not working. Sadly keyboard.io is one of them. We did list those on the compatibility page. Another one that isn't working is the Wooting. Those two are our top priority to make those work.
Seems hackable.
Very much :-). The circuit board measures only 2.0x6.6cm with both USB connectors, or 2.0x4.9cm with the connectors removed. It consumes ~50mA of current when BT is enabled (not counting the consumption of attached keyboard or mouse).
is it possible to add my own pin pairing code?
The adapter uses no pincode pairing by default. It is possible to use the more secure pincode pairing where the host generates a random number and the user types that in on the keyboard for the pairing to succeed. We will make sure this option is available as a configurable setting when this drop ships. We will need to investigate how one can use his own pincode though (and for what benefit). By the way this is all Bluetooth standard stuff not specific to our product.