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Hapstone V7 Knife-Sharpening Bundle

Hapstone V7 Knife-Sharpening Bundle

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how much was it on massdrop? (dollars)
Is this a good buy? I know its hard to find it under 239, but I wonder if this system is actually worth buying, then buying good stones... i read their stones are crap, and I have a ruixin apex copy with suction base.. cost me 28 dollars, whats the gain in using this system over some knockoff?
I do not know what you are looking for, for it to be considered a good buy. What I can do is tell you why I felt it was a good buy. There are several reasons why I felt this was a good buy for me here are the following:

1. Compared to the Edge Pro and all the copies the construction of the Hapstone is fare superior, it being full metal construction.
2. It has several features which the Edge Pro is missing as well as the copies. For example the angle guide platform, the stone thickness compensation, the pull and push stoppers as well as the magnetic base. I'm sure I missed some others.
3. The versatility of the stone holder. By this I mean that you are not stuck with only using the Hapstone stones you can use stones from KME, Edge Pro and any aftermarket stones made for any of them.

These are the main reasons why I felt it was worth it especially the last one. Also food for thought buying good stones to free hand will be close to that cost and then there is a learning period where you need to get good enough to get a great edge.
For goodness sakes you guy's
I have three custom knives and a host of other EDC's (Kizers, ZT's, WE's and the like) that I 'm having to have professionally sharpened...
My wife will kill me if I buy this set-up. Please explain to others why this is so necessary!!!

And why those $1,400 shoes look just like the $600.00 one's you bought last month!

I hate my life...
But I love my knives!!!
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Thanks for that, AA. I’m actually only using the Nagura stone on the Venev hones to help them maintain their flatness and keep them from loading up.

If I want a finish more refined that the 2000 grit Venev hone can provide, I’ve been transitioning over to my Edge Pro glass blanks with the 3000 and 6000 self adhesive polishing tapes applied.
That would do it for sure. I've gotta get me some of those PSA tapes
AGH!!! Girlfriend just bought me one for xmas! She lemme open it early and its absolutely fantastic. I went with the diamond stones. the 2000 grit isn't a perfect mirror polish, but its certainly getting pretty close, perhaps going over it with some lapping films to get that mirror polish might be the way to go.
Stropping with the Green Strop compound will give a great mirror finish after that 2000. maybe even going with a white compound first and then a Green.
If you are looking at a guided sharpening system this is the version to get with the best price to performance ratio. 10 times better than kme or edge pro, far less expensive than the wicked edge with more add on options available.

Highly recommended
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Ooh thats the first i've seen this, nice that they'll have a full range!
I have a huge Ontario SP-51 Gen II, it's nearing 1/4" thick at the spine, will this contraption have sufficient mandibles to secure this beast of a knife?
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with a blade that gigantic, you should be able to see the angles pretty easily too.
How exactly does is measure the correct angle? Do you have to eye it like the cheapo models you can get from wish.com?
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Angle cube makes it simple, measurements are kinda wonky, in that you've gotta read them from the bottom instead of from above.
Too many variables to consider for the markings to be remotely accurate, IMO an angle cube is a must have and perfect when you are changing between stones of different thicknesses.
Wish there was an option to upgrade the stones during the drop.
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Gottcha and thanks I appreciate the reply/info. Nitrogenous version that tempers harder off the line instead of work hardening like H1 etc. interesting. Hopefully Spyderco will make a Mule out of it so we can gather a bunch of data in the field from a bunch of users.
Figured I'd share this because you guys are steel geeks like myself. Check out this guy's channel cause it's so worth it. He's using Venev bonded diamond stones to sharpen an m4 pm2. Quite epic. Also if you haven't already checked out LC200N it's high in nitrogen so it's like 99% rust free and toughness is very high. Spyderco may still have some mules left and they also have a bunch of knives with it in there 2018 catalog.

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