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Heil PR20/22 UT

Heil PR20/22 UT

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Dynamic Mic With Range

Assembled and tested at the Heil Sound headquarters in Fairview Heights, Illinois, the PR20 cardioid dynamic microphone can easily handle the quietest singer, the loudest snare drum, and every guitar, cymbal, and piano in between. The special magnet structure and large aluminum low-mass diaphragm provide a wide frequency range with excellent upper mids and crisp articulation throughout. For even less handling noise, try the PR22. Along with a wonderfully smooth audio response, this mic boasts exceptional mids and highs—without sacrificing a bit of its frequency range.


This drop is for the PR20 in black. At checkout, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the Heil PR22 (+ $10), also in black.

Heil PR20/22 UT
Heil PR20/22 UT
Heil PR20/22 UT

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