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I made the mistake of buying a crap-watch from Helgray. The minute-hand fell off without any bumps or tare at all and the customer support is non-existing. Stay away from this company, they are scammers!
I'd second everyone here about Helgray's customer service. I had a Hornet for about a year, and loved it (still have it even, still love it). That was pretty much the first watch I'd bought in about 10 years. I saw they had the Le Mans in production in kickstarter, and once it was released decided I wouldn't mind a second watch. They had a 'buy one get 50% offa 2nd' ticker on their website, so buying the Le Mans turned into buying Le Mans + Silverstone. Unlike others here I've never actually had any problems with any of these watches, they've all been great and I actually really like them.

BUT.... while buying the Le Mans and Silverstone, there was a 50% discount applied to the Silverstone. Somewhere along the checkout process that 50% disappeared, and I ended up being charged full price for the Silverstone. Emailed them, got an email reply with a ticket number. Heard nothing. Emailed again. Nothing. PMed them on facebook... nothing. That was months ago.

It's a pity because I love their watches, and frankly I like their designs and styles far more than many other watches out there - I know there's lots of brands and whole world of watches to choose from, but many just don't take my fancy. I also like supporting smaller businesses rather than big brands and I wish this guy all the best, but the experience just left a sour taste in my mouth. Only now after googling 'Helgray customer service' have I seen threads like this and realized their service has been a problem all along. It is almost a scam having no ability to contact them whatsoever. They've got the Bomber on kickstarter now and have got over a quarter of a million in pre-orders. They're obviously good at marketing and sales, but I seriously cannot comprehend their complete failure to even reply to emails. What are they thinking?! Maybe they're hoping to get enough new customers to keep going despite non-existent customer service, but it's a strange way to build a business... maybe they're just in it for a short time and then will give up and run. It's strange because I wish I could say better things about them, and I want to be able to recommend their watches to my friends because the one's I've got are great. But there's no way I could ever do that now.

Anyway.. back to the TCD-01, while looking around at other dive watches I found this brand Hamtun in the UK, seems like a good titanium dive watch as an alternative: https://hamtun.co/collections/dive-watches
I bought helgray 'le mans' chronograph few months ago, and i feel cheated. the lume was so weak. it was hard to see if there was.
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No lume shot of lumed watch = dating site profile without pics. + Agree 100% with akadra above.
I wish you all the best of luck with Helgray's incredibly bad customer service. It's an absolute nightmare. You may send a thousand emails, and they will never reply!
I just bought a Helgray from their website. It's a very nice watch. Maybe their customer service/QC issues have been solved.
They haven't been resolved. It's been a problem ever since they've started and is sti going on now. I bought a watch from them in December, and had issues right off the bat. Taking your money isn't the issue, they'll gladly accept orders. They won't stand behind their warranty though and will stay silent until you do a charge back.
Could anyone point me in the direction of a watch with similar specs and styling from a more reputable manufacturer?
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Well the key point w/ this watch is the titanium construction.
Like Ellis, I'd also suggest the Seiko SKX series.
If the titanium case is a sticking point, consider the Invicta 0420: solid NH35 movement and can be modded fairly easily if you're looking for a custom watch.
I considered joining this drop and really appreciate the input from the community. It does raise a question of why Massdrop would risk its good name by continuing to deal with this vender.
Reposting my reply to pjacks10 on January 18, 2018:
I can vouch for this 150%. Had the same issue with the hand out of alignment. Emailed, messaged on Facebook and Instagram, and no reply. Pretended to be a prospective customer asking about a watch and got a reply within a day. You can find complaints of the customer service of this "company" all over the internet. Watchuseek, reddit, and his Kickstarter campaigns just go to comments. It's not a isolated incident, he ignores ALL quality control emails. It's that bad. BUYER BEWARE. If I see another Kickstarter campaign of his, I'm warning everybody as well. If you're thinking of backing any of his future kickstarters, do yourself a favor and save your money. The watch will actually be CHEAPER in a few months after his campaign ends. This guy also runs makara and rosling and co. So avoid those as well.
I agree, Helgray's customer service is absolutely appalling! I have sent many emails, but never ever got a response. I even started to believe that this Helgray company is actually a scam. My advice! Do not buy from them!
I cant believe this guy. And the fact he is still peddling his crap watches and people are still stupid enough to buy them. I bought a Silverstone a few months back and it came through with the seconds hand out of alignment (quite badly). Others have had far worse QC issues. You just try to get any kind of customer service from this "company" (guy in his garage), he NEVER (I repeat NEVER) answers support tickets - if your watch is OK on receipt then fine, if you have any sort of issue, they do not accept returns without an approved return number. And you wont get one because they dont respond to ANY support tickets. You have then basically wasted your money. A few customers say the hands were not even mounted on receipt and were loose in the case....You have been warned - I strongly suggest you spend you hard earned money elsewhere. If you have any doubt about my motivations for posting this try these two things: 1) Send an email to Support@helgray.com and see if you get any response. 2) Second check the trustpilot reviews and google "Helgray issues" and you will see for yourself. I wish I had before buying. Please do yourselves a favour and cancel your orders. I also complained on his Instagram page and he deleted my comment and blocked me..!
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I track all new drops on here and paste the same warning.
Theres like 20 new reviews posted in the last 48 hours - all positive - I smell a rat :)
Sounds like a great feature set (Titanium, sapphire crystal, super luminova) for a reasonable price. Never heard of the company before. Interesting big date implementation...

EDIT: looks like you get what you pay for considering the other comments below.
I was going to join this drop, but it looks likes this company has a lot more to learn. A company that produces a quality work & craftsmanship also produces great customer service; opposite is also true. Will see where they're in a few years.
good thing i read through this i was about to buy this watch.
Is it worse than the spinnakers? bought two dumas autos and one already fell apart internally.
Hi, but to be fair in my experience spinnaker is responsive to quality control issues. When I had a problem they were communicative and ended up giving me a full refund.