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HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor

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I see this drop is open again.

My advice is - don't get it if you want to hear mid-bass - at all.

I'm literally not hearing a big portion of the music because this IEM could not reproduce mid-bass.

Also, I dropped these on wooden floor from table height and both ears went out - my fault, but if all BA IEMs are this filmsy then I would stick with dynamics because these are for portable use and they WILL be dropped, it's not a question of if, but when.
Hey everyone, Happy to report that all the orders from the drop have been shipped out 4 days ahead of schedule! Thanks again for the support guys, and please feel free to share your experience of the HiSound Audio BA100 In Ear Monitor with the rest of the group afterwards. If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at support@massdrop.com.
After listening to these for more than a month, I can definitely say these are more analytical then your typical dynamic driven IEMs. Sub-Bass is great but mid-bass is a bit lacking.
These are well worth the price range in opinion, assuming you are comparing to IEMs of similar price range.
Only gripe i have with mine is that the plug is faulty since I have to tweak and position it at a certain degree of rotation, or sound only comes out from one side, does anyone have this problem also? Im thinking i received a pair with a faulty jack
I have problems with the jack too but only on my HP laptop. It works fine on every other device I have. See my post on page one.
Ok, I want to add a footnote here, after using it with both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and finding the sound pretty thin and lifeless yesterday I plugged it into my MacBook Pro's headphone out to listen to some Youtube videos.

I have never done that before because that port has always been a bit noisy, but suddenly the BA100 sounds like it woke up from the dead! Mid bass is all there! everything sounds full bodied and well rounded, sound stage and instrument separation still sucked (well, it's still only the MBP's headphone out), but this is 10x better!

So I guess this thing want more juice than the iDevice provides? Or just that it likes my MacBook Pro better? Either way, if this thing requires an amp to sound good then the one button remote has to be a bad joke of a feature as it sounded like crap out of my phone, and sounding good straight out of my phone was what I was mainly getting it for.

Maybe some Android devices will fare better, just be warned that if you don't feed this thing right (despite what the remote suggests) it will sound BAD.
Ok, It's been more than a week.

First of all, it did improve somewhat, sound stage opened up, highs are more extended, there's a bit more instrument separation; however there is still a VERY noticeable lack of mid-bass. There's some punch in the deep end, but nothing spectacular.

The lack of mid-bass means there is a lack of body to instruments and a lack of emotion in vocals.

Was it because it wasn't amped properly? However with the iDevice controls, you'd think it should synergize well with my iPad and iPhone.

Overall I am pretty disappointed, it in no way lived up to the hype, and many reviews even listed the bass as a "pro", which I think is ridiculous in light of what I'm hearing.

It's not a total loss because it IS very comfortable and is still OK for exercise, but very underwhelming otherwise.

I would go for a pair of headphones that's much more battle-tested next time to avoid disappointment like this.
I'm beginning to think maybe this is a mistake.

Right now the BA100 have no instrument separation, no soundstage, recessed vocals, weak bass (non-existent mid-bass), crap clarity, and sounds worse than my Samsung earbuds/IEMs that came with a friend's Galaxy phone.

Unless it needs 200 hours to burn in and the sound signature does a Cinderella I'm really starting to doubt all those claims of quality.

Oh well, here's hoping that burn-in is real.
Just got mine, came on my birthday no less ^_^.

I too can confirm the sinking feeling of "where the heck's the bass" and after 15min of disappointment remembered someone suggested to push the tip down on head-fi.

Immediate relief when I found out that yes, there is bass. Not a huge amount - not expecting that anyways from BA, but now definitely there.

Now just hoping it'll get even better after burn-in.
If you are finding that your ba-100's are sounding unpleasant, tinny, or something is wrong but you cant put a finger on it, try pushing the ear tips all the way down the stem (the tip), has helped sound signature and bass response greatly
The bass better get about 100% better after burn-in or these things were a waste of money. Seriously, they sound like some tin cans with zero bass. Messing with the EQ to try and bump up the bass just distorts the sound. I put my Audio Technica ATH-M50s back on and am back in bass paradise...
Has anyone verified the microphone working with an iPhone5S? It does not seem to work for me. Apple OEM mic on the earbuds does work, of course.
Just got mine! Except, the bass really isn't what I was expecting… :( . And no, I don't own beats, lol -- but I do have some Bose over the ears (at $100) that sound very good, and my Dad has some Bose MIE2's, which also sound noticeably better to me. Even the Apple EarPods have me wondering whether these are only better because of the isolation… though I'm fairly certain the definition is better, at least… but the lows are about as hard to hear. Does anyone else notice this? Did I just get a bad pair, or was I expecting too much? I suspect the latter.
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When I first put these in I thought the same thing about the bass. I love my Grado SR-80i, and the BA100 seemed to have a little less impact than those, which is surprising for IEMs with good isolation. I tried the foam tips but for me the silicone ones sounded clearer with a bit more punch.

I noticed a huge improvement (in bass and overall) by pushing them further into my ear canal than I'm accustomed to, and wearing them with the wires going up over-ear.

Still, I'm hoping a little burn-in brings out some more punch, and overall clarity. Either that or the sound signature just grows on me ;)
I agree with the lack of bass. Listening to some Default and the lack of bass is apparent. I'll let them burn-in overnight and post tomorrow. Besides that, I think they sound pretty good so far. I'm really enjoying this album again or maybe it's because I haven't listened to it in a while.

EDIT: After playing music through them for 8+ hours, the bass sounds a little bit better. I think I'm just getting used to the sound signature of these too. What's more disconcerting is that they don't seem to work in the headphone port of my HP Probook 6570b unless I'm using an extender.

The vocals are muted unless I pull the plug out of the jack about 1/16 of an inch. I've tried the headphones on my old Dell laptop, my iPod, an iPod shuffle, and a Fiio E11 and the headphones work fine in all of those headphone ports except my work laptop. :P It's probably a funny jack on my laptop.
Any word on when these will ship out? They've been sitting at the Massdrop fulfillment center for 6 days now. :(
I just got an email saying it has been shipped!
When are they shipping?
"Estimated time until product ships: 14 business days after the drop end date."

Hopefully it's quicker than that, though.
"Status: Arrived at Massdrop fulfillment center"
How much was this at mass drop?
$54.99, and $4.07 if you wanted international shipping.

As posted before, you can get cheaper from the manufacturer if you write a review comparing them to other IEMs.