Italix Churchman's Prescriptor Fountain Pensearch

Italix Churchman's Prescriptor Fountain Pen

Italix Churchman's Prescriptor Fountain Pen

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Anyone knows whether the nibs of Churchmans Prescriptor and Parsons Essential are compatible?
"The screw-on cap, which is fitted with a tapered pocket clip and an Italix-engraved band, isn’t meant to be posted" yet, we took a photo of it posted anyway.
Love them!
I own about 5 of these pens. I also collect other brands of fountain pens. Some are antique & some are new. They all are however, top quality, and that's why I buy Italix pens. Some people say these pens are heavy. Not me! I say they feel like quality instruments. They are also very well made. If you don't have an Italix Churchman's Prescriptor fountain pen you are really missing a great writing experience.
I own six Italix pens and love them all. I must tell you that this is a heavy pen, but like all its siblings, it’s a great writer. And the nibs are well made and quite expressive. In short, buy this pen!
Why doesn't the seller show us at least some examples that help the customes understand what are the differences between the nibs?
From the seller's website: Nib writing guidance Nib size guidance. The styles are representative and not actual writing samples.We are often asked for writing samples, sorry we do not provide them. Paper, writing pressure and personal writing styles will change the appearance of the way a nib writes. Manufacturers also vary in their interpretation of standard nib sizes. Our illustration using standard type styles is our view of how an 'Italix' brand pen writes. From the top we show: Fine Italic Medium Italic Broad Italic Standard Medium Cursive nibs reduce the thick and thin line definition.
I agree. While the "Nib writing guidance" is somewhat helpful (thanks kplus), they really should just have a writing sample of each nib. Picture being worth 1000 words and all...
Edit: found an image in the product photos for another Italix pen here on MD:
Just as a matter of curiosity, what's the size of the nib, 5 or 6?
JoWo #6
and the nib is amazingly well tuned I have the same nibs from Goulet and italix really does some great job with them.
Hi MD, are the pens in transit to you yet? We're about a week away from the ship date :)
I just joined the drop and bought the fine (standard) nib. I have the Parsons Essentia in a medium nib and it writes buttery smooth. I hope that the fine nib writes just as smoothly.
Hi, just joined the drop for this pen and have opted for fine nib. Will it be a good nib for day to day writing. I am a medical professional, and use fountain pen for writing prescriptions. Presently using Sheaffer Legacy Heritage.
Yes, fine nib are the most commonly used nib. Difference between fine and medium is minimal, you'll be more than fine with it in your daily work.
I like many things about this pen: it is solid and on a big side, lacquered finish is awesome, cap which can be posted securely, overall civilized quality of the body, plenty of places where you can engrave your initials etc. But there are few things that I don't like: 1. The clip. It moves side to side and doesn't hold on place securely. Looks like design issue. Clip mechanism didn't take into account that the body is rounded. 2. The short section. It is less convenient to hold it while filling the pen. 3. The golden ring. It is pretty sharp and really disturbs me during long writing sessions. 4. I also spend quite a time tuning my nib, I like nibs to be smooth even if they are italic.
Is Mr. Pen only location to buy additional nibs or is there a U.S. distributor? Love the pen but wish I had an option to use a different nib.
Yay! My Extra Broad Stub Churchman's Prescriptor came in the mail today. I'm so excited to start using it! Thanks Mr and Mrs Massdrop! You've made my New Year. One question though, where does the ink go?


P.S. FOR SALE- 1 x mechanical keyboard switch - color (onyx black/cherry brown)
Can someone please explain the difference between the:
- italic - itatic oblique - non-italic oblique - cursive stub
I am right handed :)
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It the cursive stub different than a standard 1.1 or 1.5 stub nib?
I'm not sure about that.
How many have to purchase to get the price down to $54.99?
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You didn’t read what I said. The pen is already down to its lowest price. Just click on “Join Drop.”
Thanks. I did read what you wrote. The main page is confusing. It looks like it's only the higher price is unlocked. Like I said, this is new to me. Thanks for your help.
Unclear if you commit at $54.99 does that mean if the number is not reached you will not get the pen at the higher price? Obviously I would prefer the lower price but will buy at the higher price. Please advise.
Yes that is exactly what that would mean. I see the drop is over now but hopefully this helps you/other people in the future.
scorpanog: I have this pen and have the cursive medium stub nib. Mine is steel. Quite smooth, good flow. Very pleased.
I have a question: I love the two-tone nib, are they all like that, except for that 14k one? in dropdown there are about 20 options, just wondering because I don't want to pay and then get a steel nib. Thanks.
All the nibs are plated in gold but are stainless steel. The 18k is of course solid gold and is the exception.
Same price as on What is the advantage of this deal?
you'll forget you bought it and get a surprise in the mail in a few months?
Shipping from the UK bumps the price to $67.98 US. It's about $10 less in total through Massdrop.
The explanation of oblique is completely murky. It says a left oblique is for right handed people but then the description says "left-handed oblique". Huh? So is this a right oblique meant for left-handed people or a left-oblique. Why can't the description just clearly say choice a is for right handed people and b is for left handed people. Just say who it is meant for, or just say left oblique or right oblique but not left-handed oblique and right-handed oblique. I've read dozens of explanations but I still don't know which of these nibs is meant for right-handed people.
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Yes, but broader and marked 'B'
Many thanks, very happy and can't wait. :-)
My first British vicar-like.
I highly recommend this. Very smooth nib.
i hope that it is a super wet pen. more ink flow means less scratch feeling ....especially for a italic or a stub
I bought a medium and I find it's lays just too much ink on the paper. Next time I'll either get a fine or buy another nib.
For others who are sorting nibs other than obliques, this may help clarify:
How difficult is interchanging the nib with these pens? I'm thinking of getting two other nibs exchanging them as needed.
ccording to sbrebrown the nib and feed are friction fit.
Hoping this helps
Thanks! That was a big help. Gotta' love it when a plan comes together. [Note to Self: get in more haggis - or rather the thin-bodied scrapple imitation of it that we have here. ]
There does not appear to be a value-added option for the 18k Medium (non-italic) nib with this drop. Has it ever been thus?
It appears this pen takes cartridges, does anyone know what kind?
Standard international. Pelikan, Herbin, R&K, Diamine etc
Thank you!
Among the Smoothest nibs I own ... and I have quite a large collection.
I don't see any right-handed nips in the drop down when trying to join. Does this mean they are sold out? Still confused by this drop, but very interested.