JDS Labs O2 Amp w/ US Power Adaptersearch

JDS Labs O2 Amp w/ US Power Adapter

JDS Labs O2 Amp w/ US Power Adapter

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800 requests... How many does it usually take? I need this drop!
Same here! A combo of the new OL DAC with would be awesome.
I'm having trouble with one channel dropping out complete when using the amp (only getting sound in left headphone). Connect headphones directly to computer source and get both channels fine. Anybody have any suggestions?
Wow! Why hasn't this dropped yet?
should i expect any drop for this amp this year?
yes on friday
Just got mine. It doesn't seem to drive my DT880 600ohms very hard or particularly loud with the volume maxx'ed out. Am I doing it wrong?
Got mine today.

Very happy with it. Right now I'm using it with my well worn-in AKG K702s. The O2 drives them comfortably on the low gain setting.

I'm impressed with the build quality. With the batteries inside, it feels nice and heavy. The volume pot is kind of stiff compared to my other amps, but it's not a big deal. I don't notice any channel imbalance even at very low listening levels (Something that I have noticed on some fancier Alps potentiometers.)

Thanks to JDS Labs and to Massdrop!
Got mine. Thanks guys.

jseaber I'm enjoying the new faceplate style. The finish is much nicer, with the beveled edges. I like that the ports are black now, (which I think is because the old part that was blue no longer exists).
I'm a bit mystified at the switch to six point torx fasteners though.
mohb: The genuine B2-080 cases include two sets of screws, phillips and torx. Some of our assembly guys prefer the torx screws.

We're in the process of switching to phillips, flush mounted screws.
Oooh, flush mounts, that would be slick. Thanks for responding.
Hey everyone, We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out by jseaber more than a week ahead of schedule! Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the JDS Labs O2 Amp on Massdrop. If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at support@massdrop.com.
How do I track my package?
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I can't wait!!!
i need ships to spain :(
Too me this doesn't seem worth it. It cost $129.99 MSRP. So why do you guys have it listed at $144.99 MSRP. The price should be lower in this drop. Can some explain to me plz ?
Check the "Included" section of your link. This Massdrop deal is a bundled package. Correct value is $129 for O2 + 10.99 for AC adapter = 139.99 retail (29% discount).

So yes, Massdrop's math is strangely miscalculated by $5?!
I currently own an Audioengine D3. Would it work to use that for a DAC and the O2 for an amp? I'm worried about the D3 amplifying the signal before it gets to the O2. Not knowing how any of this works, I'm afraid of damaging equipment.
Anyone know how the build quality is on this guy? The feel of the knob (no jokes) and buttons/switches? I want something that feels solid.
The knob is very decent. It's made of metal with two rubber rings for grip. There's a nice resistance or drag to it so you won't accidentally drive your eardrum though your brain stem. The two buttons are good enough. A nice positive click for both positions. And the case itself is all metal. For its size it has some heft.