Kershaw Al Mar AM-5 Assisted Folding Knifesearch

Kershaw Al Mar AM-5 Assisted Folding Knife

Kershaw Al Mar AM-5 Assisted Folding Knife

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another massdrop boobdoogle....why not just good stuff !
Currently 22.65 on Amazon.
Personally, I would appreciate if Massdrop showed in the details where a product was made. Kershaw knives can come from USA, Japan or China I believe, and the difference in steel and quality is palpable
Worst of all the Kershaw Al Mar’s Not confortable in hand and extreamly hard to open worst speedsafe I ever had from kershaw Kershaw Al Mar 3 and 4 speedsafe easy to use here I almost hurt my fingers on the flip tab to get it to open After about 500 times opening it started to loosen up but still extreamly hard to open Save your money for a better knife
Emmm... never mind.
I picked one of these up on sale for about $15. Ordered it because I really liked the feel and action on the AM-4 and this was a similar size and half the price. I have big hands and usually stay away from knives with less than a 3.5" blade. The AM-4 was on the small end of what I would buy and felt pretty good, if a bit small for me. It looked good and felt good in the hand and has clean lines and a very smooth action.
This is not an AM-4. The handle is terrible, for me anyway, with all those finger grooves falling in the wrong place. That could just be an issue for me though. The real problem is the knife just does not want to open. The action is so stiff it is ridiculous. This is not something that is fixed by loosening the pivot. The fact that this is an assisted opener is a joke. More often that not, you will need two hands to open this knife. This is one of the worst knives I have handled.

Kershaw Al Mar AM-5 >>Assisted Folding Knife<<

I never needed help folding a knife before

$13.99 with free shipping (not Amazon Prime). Would still arrive before this drop.
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So what did you end up getting?
Estimated shipping date 8th February, its now 17th Feb. Has this shipped yet?
I just returned one of these knives to Amazon. If a Skyline is just big enough to fit in your hand comfortably and an Oso Sweet is too short and leaves your pinky hanging, this knife handle may be too small. Another, lesser issue for me, is I should have listened to all the reviews saying how hard the blade is to deploy. Is it ever! And the locking mechanism wasn't very smooth, either. As disappointing as the latter two were, however, I liked the look and feel enough that I would have kept it if it fit my hand.
Where is it made?
$ 16.60 at Walmart. Wow.
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You got me :( I didn't account for the self harming tendencies of mASSdrop customers. We want it painful and we want it dragged out!
Haahahaha! The emotional pain makes you feel like you truly earned your package, for sure! :)
I'm just going to point out that the name of this drop aught to be reconsidered. It reads as the knife having an assist in closing, which I would find horribly inconvenient...
WhichwaydidheGo that you mention it, a safe retraction, on demand, that does not interfere with locks.... Sign me up!
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