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In case anyone else has this issue, I tested this keyboard at home, brought it to work and fiddled with plugging it in. At some point during this I hit some random keys i guess but after the winkey and left alt keys got switched. pressing left alt would bring up the start menu. While messing around trying to figure it out i found that holding FN and pressing left alt would actually swap this back and forth. I think this may be useful for MAC users if they would like to replace the left alt with the command key. Other than that I ordered black friday, got my keyboard on 1/16/19 and so far so good.
Just got my keyboard today, I've been using it for a for a few hours and it feels nice with the cherry mx browns. Having said that update this if I find any issues that may arise.
Received mine yesterday. Usb C as others stated (nice surprise). Unfortunately, after using it for only ~4 hours, it died. Windows stopped recognizing it and the board wouldn't respond. Too bad. For the money, it wasn't a bad backup board.
I received mine yesterday (with a USB-C cord), but there aren't any instructions in the box for use (or to explain the FN key functions). Anyone have a copy they can upload for reference sake?
Received mine today. I am happy to report that mine also uses USB C instead of micro USB. I don't think I like the Gateron switches as much as my cherry browns on a different keyboard, but I don't know how much the keycaps contribute to the difference in feel.
Is there an fn lock function?
Just received mine. It came with USB C, not Mini USB like others said.
How is it? Any problems so far?
I haven't used it much but no issues thus far other than the cable surprise. Still getting used to gaterons and texture of keycaps but so far I'm a fan. I haven't gamed on it yet so can't comment on that aspect.
just got my keyboard but having a weird issue. When i plug the keyboard into the computer(off state), the computer loses power and won't let me power on. If I turn the power on first then plug the keyboard in, it has a power surge (turns off then back on) but has no connection to computer (wont let me type anything). Anyone else having this issue?
That’s really weird. Hopefully mine doesn’t do that. Are there drivers you could install?
Actually I determined it was the cable that the keyboard came with. For some reason it was shorting out my PC no matter which USB port I plugged it into. I got a new USB C to USB A cable from Anker on Amazon and now it works fine. Def weird. Def faulty cable.
Just got notification that mine has just shipped! Hopefully it arrives before the end of this week/next week. Anyone know how long these orders typically take to arrive after shipping? I am in US
Nope, but mine just shipped too.
Can I have the full manual pls? =((
when these will be shipped? waiting for too long...
Description says 13 February 2019 for the most recent drop.
Has yours already arrived, mine still hasnt ;(?
no mine haven't i ordered during the pre-black Friday sale, it says the estimated shipping wont be until February. you should get an email once they are shipped
Just got mine today looks nice outta the box havent plugged it in yet will update
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When did you order yours? Also is there any way you can return it?
Ordered it witht the pre black friday drop and I contacted mass drop. So hopefully they'll get back to me
Just wondering if anyone has gotten their keyboard yet that put their order in on blackfriday.
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Generally custom keyboard/keycap stuff is a pretty long wait, because much of it is made to order, because there's not enough of a market for much outside of groupbuys. Unfortunately you are probably going to have to wait until the expected date for your keyboard. I've read a couple people talking about getting theirs a couple weeks early, but don't get your hopes up.
Same here. I think its a bit of a joke really.
Anyone know how to remap the keys? The Alt and the Windows keys are swapped on mine
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Ah, I figured it out. The stock settings have "Left alt / left win swap" set to Fn+LeftAlt. You can swap the keys back by hitting that combo. I still can't get the configuration tool to have any effect. It says it updates the keyboard, but the settings do not seem to have taken effect, and when you exit and re-enter the application, the keys seem to be the same as they were prior to any changes. I have spent quite awhile clicking around in there and it just doesn't seem to work right now.
Hey man! I still have not, to be honest. Gave up and switched back to my previous keyboard. Thanks a lot for your comment below.
Why doesnt it say when the keyboard will come in until after I buy it?
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Thats good to hear, thanks.
Im not sure because I bought a pair of headphones that said they would arrive 4 months after I purchased them and they only arrived two weeks early.
3 months for delivery?! Kind of a joke if I'm honest.
Three months for delivery, why exactly is the wait so long???
So basically im new to Keyboards. Can someone please tell me what the difference between Gateron Non LED switches, Gateron RGB switches (+ $15), and Cherry MX Non LED switches (+ $20) is ? And also what the differences between Red, Brown , Blue and Black switches are. And is it easy to read the keycaps or is it a problem that the letters, numbers etc. arent on top? Would mean alot to me if someone would reply :).
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Thank you so much ! I bought the black version with red switches and RGB
Thank you so much ! I bought the black version with red switches and RGB
Received mine earlier last week. Yesterday I ran into problems. Whenever I pressed any key, it would "hold" that key down even after I've physically released it. Whenever this happened, I couldn't type anything as it wouldn't receive any input until the key "unfroze" itself. Tried using another cable and the problem still persisted. Today, I tried using a few different USB ports on my PC but now it won't even register any input at all after a few key presses until I replug it. Already contacted support, hopefully I can get a replacement because this was a great keyboard for the short time I used it.

wowowow v cool
Just received my keyboard today, and the left ALT doesn't seem to respond. Is there a chance on receiving a new one due to a defect?
reach out to our support team - can't promise an immediate replacement but we'll see if we have any extra in the warehouse!
When did it say your keyboard would ship and how long did it take cause just ordered mine and it says 3 months to wait
I just received the keyboard today and the left alt and windows keys are programmed backwards. Is there anyway I can switch them?
On mac karabiner does this
are the switches on rgb Gateron linear or tactile?
Hey friends, Just wanted to let you guys know that this special pricing will be for our pre-bf event only! With the next run, the drop will go back to its regular price point! So grab em' while they're hot :D Cheers! Xi
what is the size of the spacebar?
Don't mind if I do...
Edit: added "Fn" in the comment so it's easier to find with ctrl+F
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Non led means no led +20 is just for the cherry brand, I recommend gateron switches they feel smoother imo
Ok, thanks
My keyboard seems to have a bad contact, when laying flat, keys 8 to 14 on the 3rd raw (u,i,o,p,[,],\) will not light up in blue, white is be yellow, purple is red and blue is off, but if I press hard enough on the left side of the keyboard the leds would work as intended. How could I fix that?

I posted this same issue. I fixed it by hitting (not hard, just kinda tapping) the bottom of the keyboard a few times and it has worked every since. If anything if you have a soldering iron you can re solder the contacts to see if that helps. But since yours lights up when pressing hard enough the love taps on the bottom should get it to work correctly like it did mine.
I completely opened it and rerouted the wires connectring the usb to the main board and holding it down with a piece of tape so it doesn't move, I think the board was pressing on it in a wrong way causing issues, now it seems to be fixed! you probably moved the said wires by hitting the keyboard