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Keycool 84 2S Mechanical Keyboard

Keycool 84 2S Mechanical Keyboard

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Keycool 84 on amazon now.
Can't wait to receive it aaah
It's so long! But it's worth!
This is my first drop. For the vets here, how reliable are Massdrop shipping date estimates?
Pretty reliable so far in my experience.

Of the 5 drops that I have been part of they have shipped on time or early (keycaps, headphones, fountain pen) for 4 out of 5 with one being cancelled.

That last was delayed then finally cancelled. That was a bummer but they are still at 80% thus far.

I‘m signed up for this drop so hope it comes through on time or early :)
Thanks man. Appreciate the response. Let's hope this is on time or early!
can i take it from the pictures that no matter what kind of switches you chooses the print will be side print?
it's a little late to ask because i already order the keyboard lol

i hope the Gateron RGB switches are side printed when the keyboard arrive.
You are correct. The keycaps will be the same regardless of which switches you ordered. The caps in the pictures are the ones you will get. So yes they will be side printed.
thank you!
Does anyone know if this comes with a warranty?
Just found this, shows some of the RGB presets
Sounds like we're all going to gamble with the Gateron RGBs?
What are the chances someone can read Chinese here and can translate.

This link shows FN key functions at the bottom

This one shows the PCB and it has the words RGB and DIY in it. lol
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it's in the end of the first link
FN+F1 My Computer (This PC)
FN+F2 Internet Explorer
FN+F3 Calculator (the text says "Computer" but I assume that's a typo)
FN+F4 Music Player
FN+F5 Play previous song
FN+F6 Play next song
FN+F7 Play/Pause
FN+F8 Stop
FN+F9 Mute
FN+F10 Volume Down
FN+F11 Volume Up
FN+F12 Lock WIN key (not sure if they mean disabling the WIN key or something else)
can we get some answer from massdrop about the RGB? or we leave it like this and baying blind?
Does anyone know if the RGB is controlled by included software or can be toggled with just the hardware? I would prefer not installing software on my computer for it.
We're not sure, but I suggest you to read Collahflowah 's comment, which is really helpful (it should be just under yours)

me too. I found this video, and it lends me to believe that it may not be customizable; there's presets you can choose from. Then again, this is the only thing I've found on the board's RGB capabilities.

I found these videos on RGB capabilities of other Keycool boards, and they show a good amount of preset modes. One shows an actual program you can use to customize. STILL, it's not clear if this drop will have the same stuff.

shows the program -->

most likely not customizable, just presets (see first link)

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alright, so

seems like there's no software for this board. I'm going to assume it's just preset modes.
I'm assuming they will be able to do static red though... hopefully...