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My keyboard seems to have a bad contact, when laying flat, keys 8 to 14 on the 3rd raw (u,i,o,p,[,],\) will not light up in blue, white is be yellow, purple is red and blue is off, but if I press hard enough on the left side of the keyboard the leds would work as intended. How could I fix that?

I posted this same issue. I fixed it by hitting (not hard, just kinda tapping) the bottom of the keyboard a few times and it has worked every since. If anything if you have a soldering iron you can re solder the contacts to see if that helps. But since yours lights up when pressing hard enough the love taps on the bottom should get it to work correctly like it did mine.
I completely opened it and rerouted the wires connectring the usb to the main board and holding it down with a piece of tape so it doesn't move, I think the board was pressing on it in a wrong way causing issues, now it seems to be fixed! you probably moved the said wires by hitting the keyboard
Just got mine and it's having connectivity issues. I can push on the cable away from the bottom of the keyboard and it'll connect, but it is having complete connection issues if the regular position. Is anybody else having this issue? And solutions? Or is this an RMA? I still need to find a suitable replacement cable to test it further, but this is my initial thoughts on the keep.
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Yup, that sounds exactly like my issue. I'll reply back here with the verdict on using another mini USB cable, but I think this one is going to be an RMA. I think the problem lies at the USB connector on the actual keyboard
It seems to be a hardware issue on the board. I'm returning mine for a refund
Anyone know what size the right shift key is? The profile is a little high for my replacement keycaps
Mine came today, all the leds work fine and seem to be ok. My first mech keyboard and I’m impressed so far but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I do a full days coding on it. Only down side is I use a Mac so need to get used to the keys been in the wrong place.
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Yes thank you! First keyboard heh. Looks awesome :]
I really like the mode where no lights are on until you hit a key and that key lights up. However each press is a different color. Any links that explain the process on reprogramming to only show one color when typing? Thanks for your help and advice.
mine came today, all LEDs are fine. The keyboard wobbled but I fixed it by twisting the board in the opposite direction. I ordered a second one (black case, rgb, gatreon reds) that I’m not going to use so probably going to sell it at cost if anyone is interested.
Mine is a bit wobbly too. Can you explain a little more what you did to fix it?
The keyboard is quite nice, I got some gateron blacks and it helped release the pain of typing papers with silvers. The rgb is quite nice and function keys are not bad. I love the default keycap set and it suits me for school.
  • Fn + Pause to swap rgb modes
  • Fn + Home to change default colors
  • Fn + Spacebar to freeze rgb color
My largest complaint would have to be the profile of the 2nd to last row being higher than the last row, I don't think I will like it but I haven't given it time for change yet. AND THAT THEY AsSEMBLED THE ARROWKEYS WRONG.

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It is the keycool 84
thanks man
Just got mine. I enjoy it thorougly although the space bar is pinging a bit too much for me. Otherwise the stabilizers are good. All around solid board for a solid price, and well worth the wait. We'll see how it holds up in 6 months.
Just received mine from the drop that was from Aug 21st. Black/grey with rbg and gateron reds. So far all the RGB's work, but I did notice that when in just "solid color" mode that when in yellow keys "i,o,p,[,]" are orange. as well when in the light blue mode the same keys are a darker "water" blue, and that when in white, same keys are a super light purple. All the other colors work just fine with no issues. Maybe I might be able to reprogram the colors? I do like the fact that the colors to save when unplugged. (at least for the minute I left it unplugged). Which I know some keyboards at this price range do not. This is nice, as I am currently in the process of doing a watercooled build and going with a bio-hazard theme. (Which kind of sucks, because I recently bought thekey.companies terminal2 keycaps. Which are black and green.) So I will be looking hopefully for some black and orange rgb caps. Either way, if someone knows if I can reprogram(i guess) those few colors let me know. Thanks! Edit: Looks like the other solid profiles are not fine. Besides those keys being a different color in the mentioned profiles... The other profiles have the led as off. Im not very keen on how the pin out for RGB LED works, but could this be due the RGB LED maybe is reversed? I know it is an issue for 2 pin leds to make sure you get the correct orientation. Edit 2: After a few little love taps on the bottom of the case... All leds work and now display the correct color. :-/ I did open it up after my first edit to see if anything looked out of place and I saw no issues. Maybe I need to de/resolder them just to make sure.
Mine arrived today. I got the backlit version and all the LEDs appear to be functioning on arrival. But I do not have an F keycap. I have a second D in its place, which is slightly disappointing. Not sure if I should go through the trouble of tracking down a similar keycap set to get a proper F.
Mine also shipped today. I ordered one black and one white of the non-backlit versions, at least partially to have a place to put some of my lesser used keycap sets (I may have a problem). I just hope the stabilizers aren’t too rattly on these, because otherwise they look quite nice for the price.
Mine shipped! Anyone know if the YMD75 84 Full Kit CNC Aluminum Case will fit this?
Is this the same from aliexpress? Keycool 84 mini
Can someone confirm if this is a Micro usb cable or mini usb for charging?
charging on what? This keyboard use mini USB.
So, I need to replace ~5 RGB LED's on this board. I mean, I'm disappointed, but such is life. Does anybody know what type of LED's they used on this board? I'm having a real hard time finding a replacement.
I got mine this week and have had no problems. Everything seems great to me. I'm using this keyboard at work on a Macbook Pro and it is functioning as expected. Worth noting I did not buy the backlit version, so obviously am not having any of the noted problems where some people have not received what they paid for.
Only annoyance is that I couldn't find the manual in English anywhere and had to ask a colleague to translate the Chinese for me!
how do the stabilizers feel and does it have include a cover?
what drop did you order from? if you don't mind my asking.
So people are already getting these?
I think from 2 drops ago, not the one that ended last week
Are there instructions anywhere for how to take this thing apart? I need to try to fix 5 switches whose LEDs are stuck
i got this keyboard today and the letter G on the keyboard need more force to register then the rest of the letters on the keyboard, the keyboard defective and back in the box.
It sounds like QC in Keycool is pretty abysmal.
I contacted Massdrop customer service about my problem (I had one key that outright didn't work) and they issued a full refund.
I also have a problem with some of the keys... The H and G keys don't work for me.
I just got mine and apart from the fact that they omitted the LEDs I paid for, the CTRL and CAPS LOCK keys are reversed. Has anyone got the same problem and maybe a solution to it?
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I'm also curious what massdrop is going to do. I'm in the same boat, bought the RGB version but the one I received did not have LEDs.
I got a second automated reply apologizing for the delay and that they will get back to my issue as soon as possible.
Is there any drivers/software I should be downloading? I can’t get any keys to work rgbs are on that’s about it??
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Yeah mate Ill try when I’m home, I found it in the unspecified section of devices and troubleshooted from there.
Any way you could share the driver? I bought one off amazon, and it was working, then disconnected and I couldn't get it recognized on any computer - but then it started working after a windows update, and stopped working shortly after... so idk whats going on
Not even a week and I've got faulty LED's. Not sure why/how this happens, but it's happened twice in two nights where when I wake up I see this:
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ave you tried to factory reset the keyboard ? You can do it by holding ESC + right corner Del + left CTRL + Right arrow for 3 seconds. It will automatically restart and restore the original settings!
hope it helps
This does not fix the problem. Keyboard comes back on with same problem. Suspect a wiring issue. Is there any sort of warranty or quality assurance?
I received my keyboard but it did not have any LEDs. I ordered the gateron RGB brown switches but when I took the kepcaps off no LEDs were found except for the capslock which glowed blue when activated. Bummed that I paid +15 for lighting but did not get it. Odd thing is the switches have clear housing but no LEDs soldered. Anyone else have this happen or am I just unlucky?
I have received mine in Canada from the drop mid-June, around the estimated ship date. The shipping cost was 8.25 USD but I was hit with a 10 USD duty fee at the post office. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it!
Do these come pre-lubed?
good. i like to lube my own stems.
For those who are still wondering about the different color modes, here is the notice. You can easily translate it with Google Translate camera :)

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Chinese! Keycool is a chinese brand!
Okay just got mine today ! It's awesome, gonna leave a review. If you guys got the RGB, feel free to watch the video Tayumpee made, or I can translate the "documentation" that comes with the keyboard !
The keyboard I've received doesn't seem to register the equal sign ("=") key. Is this a hardware defect? If so, how can I get it addressed?
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That stinks. Which switches/color did you get?
White keycaps and cherry brown switches. The switch seems to work just fine, must be a problem downstream somewhere :\
To all who are wondering about the RGB presets, I made the following video to show it off. Leave me a comment if you have a question, sooner rather than later since there's only one day left for this drop!