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Keycool 84 2S Mechanical Keyboard

Keycool 84 2S Mechanical Keyboard

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So, I need to replace ~5 RGB LED's on this board. I mean, I'm disappointed, but such is life. Does anybody know what type of LED's they used on this board? I'm having a real hard time finding a replacement.
I feel like this color is much better!!
I got mine this week and have had no problems. Everything seems great to me. I'm using this keyboard at work on a Macbook Pro and it is functioning as expected. Worth noting I did not buy the backlit version, so obviously am not having any of the noted problems where some people have not received what they paid for.

Only annoyance is that I couldn't find the manual in English anywhere and had to ask a colleague to translate the Chinese for me!
how do the stabilizers feel and does it have include a cover?
what drop did you order from? if you don't mind my asking.
So people are already getting these?
I think from 2 drops ago, not the one that ended last week
Are there instructions anywhere for how to take this thing apart? I need to try to fix 5 switches whose LEDs are stuck
i got this keyboard today and the letter G on the keyboard need more force to register then the rest of the letters on the keyboard, the keyboard defective and back in the box.
It sounds like QC in Keycool is pretty abysmal.

I contacted Massdrop customer service about my problem (I had one key that outright didn't work) and they issued a full refund.
I also have a problem with some of the keys... The H and G keys don't work for me.
I just got mine and apart from the fact that they omitted the LEDs I paid for, the CTRL and CAPS LOCK keys are reversed. Has anyone got the same problem and maybe a solution to it?
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I'm also curious what massdrop is going to do. I'm in the same boat, bought the RGB version but the one I received did not have LEDs.
I got a second automated reply apologizing for the delay and that they will get back to my issue as soon as possible.
Is there any drivers/software I should be downloading? I can’t get any keys to work rgbs are on that’s about it??
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Hi Visions,
Do you mind sharing the driver please?
Yeah mate Ill try when I’m home, I found it in the unspecified section of devices and troubleshooted from there.
Not even a week and I've got faulty LED's. Not sure why/how this happens, but it's happened twice in two nights where when I wake up I see this:
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ave you tried to factory reset the keyboard ?
You can do it by holding ESC + right corner Del + left CTRL + Right arrow for 3 seconds.
It will automatically restart and restore the original settings!

hope it helps
This does not fix the problem. Keyboard comes back on with same problem. Suspect a wiring issue. Is there any sort of warranty or quality assurance?