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on a positive note these are REALLY good for folks that have narrow ear canals.
Plenty of places selling for ~$60 including shipping. hard pass on this drop.
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Thanks muphasta, saw them for 69dollars. That's a huge drop! Any idea why?
It is probably an old model now being replaced by a newer model
Buydig sell it for $59.99 BRAND NEW
Third party venders have this cheaper.....
As do authorized retailers that actually provide warranty.
this current drop doesn't represent much a savings over 3rd party vendors at on-line stores - as of this writing
Just got them yesterday. Literally 2 days after the drop ended (!!) Gotta love free overnight shipping :)

Let me tell you, these puppies are positively SICK.
First of all, they're easily the most comfortable in-ears I've ever had, and I had (and still have) too many XD
Those patented tips are the real deal, it seems. Also, the buds are tiny and weigh next to nothing.
Considering all that, how the hell they manage to produce such sound is a total mystery to me. Super crisp & clear, but at the same time sooo lush and juicy, with enough rumble to run shivers down my back. And that's just out of the box (I have no idea if they'll get even better after some burn-in).

So yeah, they were good enough for me to come back to this thread just to leave this comment (right after I unpacked them, plugged them in, and then just sat there listening for two hours straight, smiling ear to ear like an idiot :)
I can see why Klipsch used to charge $350 for them. $79 price for those is the definition of steal.
I bought these a few weeks ago. Just know that they are very delicate. You need to take some care of them. Their sound quality alone is worth about 120 dollars I would say. Comfort and size aside this is a good deal. But you can find these for like 100 dollars on amazon pretty much perpetually so if you care about easy returns then this may not be the best option.













$67.99 on Ebay, if you're willing to trust it.
Oh good, no shipping outside the US again...

I'm not going to take chances on used or potential fakes, nor am I going to pay extortionate regional pricing, not that they appear to be officially available anymore. So I guess it's a case of screw you Klipsch, on the shit list you stay.
Isn't "in-head earphones" more accurate?
With the 1more triple drivers on massdrop now for the same price and iems a dime a dozen it is so hard to tell which to go with.
Do I trust in the fact that I know the Klipsch iems (have the s4) are super comfy and the fact that they were originally a crazy $350 retail and now like $140 on amazon that they should have a cleaner more detailed sound than the triples which everyone raves about how good they are for under $100.. decisions decisions (btw I know iem mark up is INSANE) which is why without many reviews of these x11i on youtube it’s hard to tell since I like a lot of different views because audio is so subjective
I've owned the X11(no i) version of these headphones for a few months now (they don't have the remote). I'm a big fan of Klipsch speakers, but not necessarily a fan of their headphones. In fact, the Image S4 was the first IEM I ever tried outside ones packaged with a phone (because I like Klipsch and was foolish enough at the time to listen to Amazon reviewers raving about their sound). I almost gave up on buying headphones, because they didn't sound much better than the freebies. I also tried a pair of their on ears a while back and didn't like them much (don't remember which model, but I do remember they were really ugly). So I don't generally think too highly of Klipsch headphones. I moved on and found other gear I liked much better.

Fast forward a couple years to when I saw these on a fantastic flash deal on Newegg. I took the plunge to see if their higher end stuff was any better. I was surprised how good these turned out to be, and they are one of the three IEMs I use regularly (1More Triples and MD PX are the others). The sound on these is excellent, and I'm amazed at the engineering that can pack it into such a small design - which is really nice looking as well. Where these really shine is on the comfort to performance ratio. They are very small and light. I have to consciously try to feel them. The oval tips fit my ear better than any other tips I've tried, and have great isolation (although tips, like sound, are very much a personal preference). These are my out and about IEMs and serve that role well. No need whatsoever for an amp.

As other have noted, though, Klipsch IEMs are notorious for being easy to break. The S4s I mentioned above died the first time my teenage son used them. I keep mine in their case and baby them, because there is a a lot of evidence of their fragility. I noticed that these have a 2 year warranty from Klipsch listed, which was the older Klipsch standard. That's better than the 1 year warranty currently posted on their site and included on the warranty card with mine. I'm skeptical - I'd screenshot that if I were buying these :)

If you treat your stuff well, I think they are a great deal at this price.
These are currently 150 dollars in Amazon and have 3.8 stars. In the US of course.

Here are some reviews for convenience:

Soundguys 9/10

What HiFi 5 stars

Gear patrol

Ok so if these have such good reviews from reviewers (except for gear patrol) why are they so low in Amazon? From what I've read construction is a problem, specifically the connector. It was switched from L connector to straight connector from X10 to X11 models. Some other complaints come from the steep price from the original release date. I believe it was 350 dollars and for that price other earbuds beat it. For 80 dollars though these are a steal.

TL:DR earbuds sound great and are a value at this price, but be careful with the connector and the Constitution. They are very light.
Klipsch always gets low review on amazon even when it doesn't make sense. I have no idea why. I have tried a few of their in ears and frankly my experience has been great. You just can't rough them up too bad but other wise they are good.
I see these are 50 ohm impendence and 110 dB sensitivity which seems high to me for portable use of an iem.
i have couple nice headphones for my desktop setup and have the klipsch s3m in ears that I’ve had for years but I am a rookie with iems so I am wondering how loud my iPhone or iPad(for Netflix and movies) can really get these.
Anyone have these know how they will sound coming out of an iPhone for portable use?
Plenty loud. Those are roughly the same stats as the Sennheiser HD598s which lots of people listen to through their phone
Not sure where you are in your audiophile journey, so apologies if this is stuff you already know, and I don't mean to be patronizing at all, but here's an over-simplified version of how to interpret those specs that may benefit others. These headphones will produce 110db with one milliwatt of power. While 50 ohms is a touch higher resistance than the typical ~32 for a portable, it's still pretty low resistance - not at all hard to drive 1mw through. 110db is a pretty typical target volume when calculating whether you need an amp - it's quite loud and gives most people plenty of "headroom" to hear details across the audible frequency range. The onset of pain is 120db, if I remember right. So, your Apple devices will drive these painfully loud if you want.

You can run into volume challenges when you have lower sensitivity headphones because you have to double the power for roughly every 3 db in volume. So when you have a sensitivity of, say, 89 db, you can see how it adds up 92db=2mw, 95db=4 mw, 98db=8, and so on. Then, when you look at the resistance (ohms) side, the higher the number, the harder it is to drive milliwatts through. For example (not accurate proportions), a device that can drive 20mw through 32 Ohms, might only be able to drive 3 mw through 320 ohms. So when you see specs like 93db/mw sensitivity and 300 ohms resistance, you're into the territory where you likely need an amp to get good performance.

This is a layman's understanding, and I'm running from memory on this, so my numbers might be a bit off. And, again, this is over-simplified. There is definitely more nuance, and you can totally geek out on this stuff. That said, if you understand the sensitivity (db/mw) and resistance (ohms) specs at this level, you can easily identify the obvious scenarios where an amp is/is not needed. This falls in the clear "not" category.