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Klipsch X11i In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch X11i In-Ear Headphones

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My R6i's are having some connections problems and I'm thinking about getting a replacement for them. Does anyone have any comparisons between the X11i vs the R6 BT Neckband units -- not the obvious differences (looks, neckband, wires/BT), but how they fit into the ear; sound quality; passive noise isolation? The R6 BT is cheaper...
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I have both the X11 and the R6 neckband (and the R6i for that matter). They all use essentially the same tips, so fit and isolation are the same (just different colors of the usual Klipsch ovals - great tips for me, personally). The X11 is a better overall sound quality in my opinion - more clarity, more neutral, but solid across the whole spectrum. The R6 Neckband shares a very similar, bass-oriented tuning to your R6is - still very good, just more bass-heavy.
Thanks very much for a very useful reply!

I do love the fit and isolation on the R6i, and the sound quality is fine enough (didn’t honestry notice bass push). Down to BT or wired, I guess.
Who is the vendor, please?
Reading on amazon a few counterfeits out there. Is the dealer reputable/trustworthy? I trust Massdrop to do their diligence, but ya know. I like doing my own research.
The big problem is it dont have klipsch warranty
let's see what massdrop will reply me
Newegg has them for 70 dollars and you won’t have to wait for several weeks to get your product, unless you wanna save the 5 bucks then just get them from newegg
Sigh, still no shipping to Canada
Any chance for international shipping next time?
Is shipping to Canada really difficult?
Anyone has an idea how it fares vs sennheiser momentum in ear?
These in-ear headphones are my favorite by far for airplane travel... comfortable for long flights (don't laugh at the "oval earpieces", they really are better than most), great sound (more detailed and spatial than my Bose QC 35s). The Klipsch top of the line in-ears have had variations of this design for a few years now; I discovered them by accident, but now every time I see a deal, I snap up another pair... the first few pairs haven't gone bad, but just in case... ;)
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We can be a finicky bunch, thats for sure! I know people who think JBL is the only speaker to own, I own them, and Klipsch, and a half dozen other brands because I enjoy something specific about each individual set. Full Disclosure, I own set of Klipsch Belle that stay in my den, this does taint me and make me partial to Klipsch...... Still, Specs are specs and these things are more deserving than "Tech". Same concept would apply it they were generic and had these specs and I had heard and verified them. I wrote a note a while back about the wireless version with the APX Bluetooth feature that almost nothing else in Audiophile offers but all the Audiophile bluetooth players use it..... One last note and thanks for reading this far down before I finish, the older I get and the less I her the highs I once heard the more I appreciate headphone manufactures with a good CLEAN low frequency which these give in spades. Not a boomy or extra bass for the sake of people like bass but the ability to reproduce bass clean in an IEM. These do a real nice job. Doggone it I am going to work for Klipsch.
The oval ear tips are the most comfortable bud tips I've ever had.
I've moved on to complete wireless, so I don't use these as much anymore, but they are so comfy.
if you want a better headset for $30 check this out https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-earbud-headphones-black/4909005.p?skuId=4909005

i got one from an airport kiosk of all places and they're really good for the price, especially the base
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I'm not much of an audiophile using cheap headsets for the longest time, being an adult and desperate for a pair of headphones, i saw these on sale and brought em and they are really great, i would've thought this is something out of a $100+ headset, though the bass is the selling point it is still very much a very good pair of headsets, especially for the price
Agreed on all fronts
For once there was a true bargain !!! Hi from France, not for us
on a positive note these are REALLY good for folks that have narrow ear canals.
Plenty of places selling for ~$60 including shipping. hard pass on this drop.
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Thanks muphasta, saw them for 69dollars. That's a huge drop! Any idea why?
It is probably an old model now being replaced by a newer model