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Could I confirm that for each pen, 5 USD was refunded due to a lack of converter?
Package arrived without the converter as detailed in the product listing.
What a mistake of LAMY not shipped the converter!
I hope they send them before the cartridge gets emptied.
mine arrived without the converter. The drop stated that the converter was to be included
Same for me... no converter. Not the biggest deal since I have a couple of Lamy ones.... but I am still pretty disappointed. Someone dropped the ball when it comes to attention to detail... pretty disappointing to wait longer without that big a discount and still not get what is advertised.
$89 for the full retail price is a bit misleading, the US MSRP is $71.20 pretty much everywhere (Pen Chalet, Anderson, Goulet, etc.)

It's still a savings, but only $12 not $30 as it is made to look.
You can order (some) German pens easily and cheaply from; your US logon and payment will work. (Not all sellers ship to the US, though.)
Mine was 31.90 EUR once VAT was deducted; shipping was 3.43 EUR. With a 1.28 exhange rate, it came out to $45.22.

I've picked up a few other pens at significant dicount the same way; Pelikan, Diplomat, and Lamy discount are pretty easy to find. (German makers on, so it figures.) I didn't have similar luck with Italian pens on European amazon sites.
If the rattling doesn't bother you then go ahead but I would wait to Lamy fix this issue
The pen does not post well and rattles a bit when capped.
I have this pen. It isn’t a favorite because it is a really bulky pen and I prefer more slender grips. That being said, I love the way it writes. It is a really juicy pen, starts right up after long spell without use, and is really smoooooth. I have a broad nib.
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