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Levenger Aero-D Carbon Fountain Pen

Levenger Aero-D Carbon Fountain Pen

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I ordered this one in the January 2018 drop, and on that drop, the price went down to 59.99, and the shipping (to Israel) was only 8.75, so I was very happy with the total price, and also quite satisfied with the pen once it arrived.
The nib definitely writes like a full Medium nib, certainly not like any Fine I have ever used. I love the look of the pen , and the weight and balance in my hand. I also enjoy the fact that this nib does not dry out, even when I have it sitting for a few weeks without writing. On the other hand, the Tech 3.0 I got last year seems to constantly have drying out problems and the nib does not write nearly as smoothly or freely as this Aero-D does.
Oh, BTW: I assume the nib is a #5. Does anybody know it the whole nib unit is compatible/swappable with some other easily available units? Like goulet pens, Edison etc. Really want to equip this with a black #6 nib...
It's certainly not swappable with a #6 nib. It is #5-ish sized, but it has a proprietary shape all the way at the bottom. I tried to swap it with a standard #5 nib, some fit, some don't.
I missed out an earlier massdrop for this one, and went over to the Levenger site to buy. Even if the price was roughly the same, Levenger wanted a rediculous 60 USD for the shipping. Needless to say I cancelled. Then came the last drop before this, and I jumped the opportunity. After a little wait it arrived. Even if the finish was nice, I was a bit underwhelmed by the nib size. So, It had to rest in the drawer for some weeks for me to get ready.

Then I decided to bring it along as a travel/jounal pen on a recent trip, and WHOW! I really like it! The fine Nib still a bit tiny, but very smooth, nice and springy, and just the right flow (for me at least). Went to feed it with a std. cartridge, and it started right up. Only thing I notice is a litte squeaking in the cap/threads, but I assume a little silicone grease will fix that. Look forward to use it with a converter as soon as I get home again. All in all I am very satisfied, and very glad I made the drop!
The one of these that I bought about a year ago had the cap break, and it was never replaced. Also, the finish on the nib chips off.
Does anyone know how the fine nib on this pen compares to the fine nib on a Pilot Metropolitan? I find the Medium nib on the metro a bit too thick of a line for my sloppy hand-writing, so I went with fine on this one. But aside from eyeing this pen for a bit, I don't know much about their nibs at all.

EDIT: Ah, you almost got me on impulse, Massdrop. Levenger is selling this for a few bucks cheaper, which wouldn't matter to me. However, they're also offering free ground shipping from when you place your order so no waiting. Plus, with their site-wide deal at the moment I might just snag the L Tech 3.0 Stealth for $69 instead. I mean, come on MD, I want to buy from you guys but at least give me an incentive.
All Levenger fountain pens use a European tip which are a lot larger than Japanese (Pilot). Even their fine tips are closer to a med-large Pilot. I have the tech 3.0 in fine and was dissapointed in how big it wrote.
That's good to know, thanks. I still really like the 3.0 so I'm wondering if I'd be willing to get used to it.
What is the difference between commit me or join drop
Commit at $59.99 means that when there is the minimum purchases met (in this case 10 purchases at original price $79.99) the drop will go for $59.99. You will be charged only $59.99 when the drop goes live for $59.99, till that time your reserving a spot for the drop till it hits that price.
This is now available for 66 USD on their site when you add it to the shopping cart...
Nice, but for people overseas this is not a cheap option. Just shipping this pen would cost me extra 30 bucks just to have it in Colombia. The real gain comes from the low shipping rates they offer here.
It's a pretty pen but I have two Monteverde Invicia pens which are very similar in style and that I really like. Having read Juvenall's experience with the pen and the nib, I think I'll pass on this one and wait for another. (I did just go in on the Lilliput so that's definitely a different styling.) I wouldn't mind if they were able to get the Diplomat Aero pen. Been interested in that one.
Some thoughts from a current owner -

1) The fine is a European Fine so it's going to be a lot thicker than you may expect. If you normally go with a medium or a broad, you may want to consider stopping down a notch or two here depending on your taste. Just don't go in thinking it's going to write like your fine/extra fine Pilot Metropolitan and you'll be good to go.

2) This is a #5 nib, not a #6 as I've seen floated around before. In theory, you should be able to replace it with your nib of choice, but I had issues getting the cap to close when I did. Replacement nibs can be had for $15 a pop from the Levenger site and they're the same units used in the Levenger TrueWriters.

3) It writes well and with a good nib it's as smooth as I'd expect for a fine, but is very wet. If you're like me and you're cool with that, you already know how important paper choice is going to be here. If not, or you're not sure, you'll want to be open to trying different inks and paper combos to get it where you want.

4) Speaking of the nib, there are a few concerns. Quality issues has been my personal experience with my first unit having issues with hard starts and skipping. Replacing it solved the problem, but also exposed what others have said about it: the black is a coating and it will chip on you. Within a few weeks of regular use, it was showing on both the bad nib and the replacement (current) nib.

5) This goes into how I know about the cost of the replacement nibs. When I tired to report issues, it basically came down to "Sorry, but you didn't buy this from us directly, so take it up with your seller." Which, if I'm being honest, is understandable. So I returned it, got one from them directly, and it had the same problem. This is where I screwed up and tried to fix the nib myself, bent it, and had to buy my own. :P

6) The grip isn't as slick as I expected (since it's metal), but I find my fingers travel quite a bit over longer writing sessions.

7) After a few months of ownership, I do notice that the trim on the cap where it says "Levenger" is starting to wear down. It looks like the gunmetal color, like the black parts of the nib, is just a coating.

8) I really do like the weight of this thing. It's not so heavy to be a distraction, but I do feel like I'm holding a hefty chunk of metal in my hand (Unlike the Tombow Zoom 101 which feels super cheap for a carbon fiber fountain pen). The body feels like quality in the hand.

9) Here's a poorly lit photo of my poorly done handwriting on Code&Quill's Origin notebook (100gsm).

Thanks for your comment. I was wondering if I should jump in on this one.
Despite the troubles I've had, I don't regret buying mine at all. It really does feel solid and it works well as an everyday carry.
i got the pen but the converter is too long and doesn't fit. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you resolve this?
Just got mine yesterday, feels nice to write with but the fine nib I received seems to write much broader than it should. Certainly larger than any of my other fine nibs, and also larger than all of my medium nibs. Keep that in mind if you prefer fine nibs.

I'm also reading some people mentioning the coating coming off the nib, it hasn't happened to me yet but I've only had it for a day... we'll see.
How has it held up? Is the nib coating coming off?
Nothing noticeable, really. I just now inspected it closer before replying and upon close inspection I'm seeing a tiny bit of silver at the tip of the nib, the part that contacts the paper when writing. But it's a tiny spot, not noticeable unless you turn the pen over and place it inches from your face. The large flat part of the nib that you see when writing is still in as-new condition. I would say that I, personally, have not noticed a defect. That being said, it's only been a couple of months, it's not my main pen, and by the nature of my job I don't use my pens a whole lot. Mine is just a sample, I won't claim that there is or isn't a systematic problem based on my situation, but you may extrapolate what you want out of my description.

Hope this helps.