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LG 55/65" E7P OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

LG 55/65" E7P OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

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I just received my 55" E7P. I need to return it because something came up and I can't afford it right now. It's still in the box in which it shipped.
Massdrop doesn't return items that are not defective or damaged. Any ideas of how I could return it?
Ordered 30-May-2018, promised ship date of 18-June-2018.
Shipped 18-June. Arrived in Texas 20-June.
My last TV was from 2008, but I am amazed by increase in Picture Quality. Colors are luminous, contrast truly appears infinite. The move from 1080p to 2160p scanlines (2x) does give a picture that looks about twice as clear.
Some cool features of the OLED
- UltraLuminance re-routes power from dark areas to bright areas
- Wii style remote (cursor on TV) in stylish silver color
- Magic Sound Tuning - microphone in TV listens to room ambiance and adjusts
New to MD, just curious if the price of last drop was less than $1800 for 55E7P? Thx
Yeah, it was $1,699.
So the estimated ship date is the 19th, but I noticed that several people from the last drop reported receiving theirs ahead of schedule. Based on that, is it unreasonable to hope that they start shipping this week? This is my first drop, so I'm not really sure what to expect yet. I joined on the 30th, and the anticipation is killing me. haha.
Everyone was talking about a warranty email. I just went to LG and entered the serial number and everything popped up even with seller as massdrop. It says coming soon as UPS still says it wasnt delivered...
So I just opened my 65" TV, after some issues with UPS shipping, and had to go pick it up at their center. Like other comments below there was a some damage to the outside box.

Once home the TV box corner had some damage (see pic), and once we opened it up glass starting falling. The back of the TV is totally shattered and obviously this was dropped on it's corner at some point during transit.

I have already sent an email to Massdrop, contacted UPS (who are closed till Monday), and I am not looking forward to what could be a headache of a replacement!!

So disappointed after the wait...and now who knows how long to get this settled!
What is going with UPS, MD needs to have serious talk to head of UPS or something. Way too many tv arrived damaged.
This is why I'll probably spend the additional $100-200 and get the TV from Best Buy and put it in my car with a warranty for the next 3 years. If it breaks at anytime Best Buy will get me a new one. For something this expensive and this large I don't trust a shipper to bring this to my house in any condition.

I received my 65" TV yesterday. The outside shipping box had some damage, something was obviously laid up against it in shipping and there was a small hole in it. The actual TV box was in good shape and there was no damage to the TV at all.

I am glad I was able to work from home the day of delivery as the UPS driver basically just dropped the box off and started to walk away, I asked him if I needed to sign anything and he said no. Would have been sitting on my porch for a few hours if I hadnt been at home.

The TV was in perfect condition and no issues with the screen, pixels, etc. Hopefully wont develop any of the issues other have mentioned below.

I was nervous about making such a large purchase initially, but can say I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Will leave a review rating after using the TV for about a week.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I received an email the week prior to it shipping about the warranty info.

Edit 2: The comment above reminded me, whoever is packing the outside box should definitely include more Styrofoam padding. I know the boxes have arrows pointing up, but the UPS drive unloaded it on its side to the street (not roughly) and then it was partially upside down on his dolly to the house. My outside box only had a single piece of foam on the top so wouldnt have done well if others had it upside down in shipment. The sides could also have used more packing as well, as I mentioned above that the sides were dented in pretty good. Not sure if Massdrop is packing the outside shipping box, but if so, they should definitely insulate them a bit more. Perhaps fill the sides with the Styrofoam curls or something and def add more to the top. Very glad the UPS people who handled mine weren't overly rough with it.

Anyways, to sum up..was a GREAT deal from Massdrop and have been extremely pleased with the TV so far. Just sounds like some people are having issues with the handling of the boxes in shipment that might need to be looked into.
Well mine arrived today from the drop that said it would ship on June 5th. The outside box had some small dings but over ok. The outside box had a stamp on it for buydig.com which I found interesting. But the TV box inside the other box was in great shape and no issues. The TV is now connected and working fine. Everything was new and as Massdrop has advertised.

the only issue I have is that I have not received the email for the warranty as of yet. I am still waiting on that and I will contact Massdrop about it.

I was concerned about making a large purchase like this but as of right now it worked out. If anything changes I will come back and post about it.
The LG OLED65B7A is on sale on Amazon right now for $1,894.95
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The primary difference is that the LG OLED65B7A model doesn’t include any of the advanced audio features that the other LG OLED models have. But if you are running your audio through a Dolby Digital capable AV receiver with separate surround speakers, as I am, then you don’t need the advanced audio features on the TV itself and the savings is significant.
IIRC E7 has a built-in dolby atmos support while it doesn't support external receivers with atmos yet.
Iv never purchased anything from here. How legit is it?
I've never purchased a big ticket item but it's been great for clothes and smaller items. I like their selection of stuff.
Sigh, looks like I missed out on the 65" version again.
Hoping I get it this time around - was shipped to me last time but the idiots at Fed Ex couldn’t find my address even though it took 15 seconds on maps, 15 seconds on google earth- they didn’t even call when to give me a timeline or question the address - only response I received was to tell me they sent it back to massdrop. I called and they couldn’t resend it even though it was still at my regional Fed Ex center - pathetic
The same has happened to me before with massdrop and Fedex, and yet no other online business has ever had an issue with my address. It makes me think this is something they should look into more closely.
New drop now- gonna try it one more time