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Hoodie pictured and hoodie delivered were not the same.

Also, "These tops have a slimmer, more tailored fit and Lucky Soul recommends sizing up if you’d like a more relaxed look" is not true. Upsized to XL purely based on that and 2 of me would easily fit in the hoodie.

Not going to lie, very disappointing. Especially after shipping a month late.
They always have a variety of these exact shirts by Lucky Brand at the Costco near me for $9.99 Their fairly thin cotton shirts in cool odd colors, fit baggy, but they shrink so buy huge. Bein thin makes them perfect for the summer .... for $9.99, for $22 bucks I'd say they were flimsy and cheaply made, lol.
Different brand, my friend.
You're referring to Lucky Brand, these are Lucky Soul; finished and made in the USA and definitely not flimsy/cheaply made.
I know they are different as I said, and I guess what I meant to say was they are the same type of material and I didnt mean to infer that Lucky Soul was inferior. But at twice the price it makes the Lucky Brand brand... brand brand?, lol, anyway , the LB brand was almost the same shirt for half the price. Does that make sense? Really? lol, I'm not even sure it does. Thank you for the reply, theo!
Is the price for 5 shirts or is it per shirt? Sorry if it's stated. First class noob over here.🤓
It's per 1 t-shirt.
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