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MAEN Manhattan Moonphase Quartz Watch

MAEN Manhattan Moonphase Quartz Watch

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I picked one up on KS, it’s extremely classy for my taste so I don’t wear it often, but it seems to be a solid watch, I’m not a huge fan of the butterfly clasp but some people are
There are quite some reviews out there. See here e.g.

Certainly a valuable contribution for the description and other looks of the watch but that's a commercial rather than a genuine review in any remote sense. I'm still eager to hear from anyone that got in on the previous drop on MD or who owns the watch, having bought one on Kick perhaps. Would also like to read/watch an actual review done on a watch in-hand after living with it for a time, the kind of thing you'd expect from an actual review.
Here is a more hands-on review I found:
And here is a review of their Brooklyn 39 model:

I’m not seeing $229 worth of watch here. Maybe I’m missing something but I believe, as stated below, you can probably find an auto moon phase from a more established brand for not much more. I think there was an Atlantic recently here on MD that gave better bang for buck. IMHO.
I think the Glycine was $400 or $500, and that was the cheapest mechanical moon phase I have ever seen, including vintage. I would say that I would rather get an old 1980's Seiko quartz moonphase (the good ones are around $150-$250 on ebay), but you would also usually need to upgrade the strap. It really depends on what someone wants. Some people do prefer quartz (especially women).
Not a lot of reviews out there for this Kickstarter-funded brand. There's been at least one Maen drop before. Can anyone that got in the last time speak to their experience with their watch? Coming immediately to my mind is whether it wouldn't just be worth it to spend 50-100 more for the SG M308 and get an auto with a decorated movement and guilloche dial. Granted, stylistically they're two very different watches, but still. Anyone have any personal impressions? Thanks, and good luck to those getting in to the drop!
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Yep. Seagull is Chinese. But there are other midrange watches with guilloché dials. They're no longer exclusive to high end watches. Even if the guilloché dial on a high end watch may be more elaborate and made from enamel
I have seen the Orient ones, but they are stamped, so they are not real guilloché. Most of the guilloché dials I like are silver. I am actually curious how one would make an enamel guilloché. I would think it would shatter. I thought one could only carve into brass or silver dials? I could see laquering over a guillochéd brass dial, but carving into enamel must be one hell of a skill.