Maserin L.E.O. G-10 Fixed Blade Knifesearch

Maserin L.E.O. G-10 Fixed Blade Knife

Maserin L.E.O. G-10 Fixed Blade Knife

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Why would a knife made for and marketed to civilians be labeled "Law Enforcement Only"?

Does it come with justice?
lol $150.
Looks like a cool alternative to an ESEE 3-4
Yeah, the blade shape actually looks really useful.
N690 isn't so bad either, not mind-boggling or anything but many people would definitely prefer that to 1095.
Thank goodness its not 440 - lets not have that discussion all over again. I hadn't heard of N690 stainless steel but here's what I found:

So a high-end stainless similar to VG10 or ATS-55 made in Austria. I don't like the term "super-steel" any more than I like the term "superfood".
Best resource for edge retention imo. I highly recommend watching the related (cedric and ada) youtube channel.
Very nice resource. That spreadsheet and youtube channel are going to keep me busy for a long time. Thanks!
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