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Maserin 680 Police Folding Tactical Knife

Maserin 680 Police Folding Tactical Knife

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Don't know why the Italians love N690 so much.

Also, that is the most absurd fuller I have ever seen! Well played!
The logo makes it look like a real fascist's knife too.

The weight of it probably helps cave in the skulls of dissidents I guess.
"Police"? I think cops carry enough shit already--no need to add these to the pile!
I have read the N690 is just a grade above 440C. Anybody have good insight into this steel??

I find the knife very attractive. My research indicates that the resale value will be very good, especially
if I keep the knife is like new condition. Therefore, I see no issue with rolling the dice and purchasing one.

Why does it make a difference where a knife is made? Wow, lots of ways to answer that question. Personally, I prefer
to support U.S. economy and its knife making industry. However, I want some variety too.

I'm in.
Late to the party but yes, just a little above good 440C, around the same as the Swedish stainless family, but well below 154CM (in rope cutting at least).
If you like knives of this size, the Cold Steel Recon 1 is really hard to beat. It's lighter, stronger, cheaper(less than $100) and has better steel(CTS-XHP or S35VN). Unless you just like flipper...
Yeah. Recon 1 is an amazing, strong work horse. BUT, it is not for flipping, which many people enjoy.
I'm not quite sure I can see where the price in this is coming form. N690 is good but not as good as any of CPMs alloys. Aside from that it's G10/Steel framelock. There are half a dozen Kizer Ti-Framelocks that come through here on a regular basis that are cheaper.

From a simple design aesthetic the overly large fuller seems like a strange choice. From what I can see from the images, it looks like they're using a proprietary pivot rather than Torx. I'm not the biggest fan of the whole glass breaker thing as well, although it's better than adding a bottle opener.

I've seen a couple of people tout the Thrust Bearing system over standard caged bearings, but at the same time I have to wonder if they're really that much better. Any knife worth it's salt (that runs on bearings) has grooved races on both sides anyway.

It seems to me after looking over the specs, that this blade isn't any better than any number of G10/Steel framelocks. If this is just about a "Made in Italy" label, I can't see that being easy to justify.

EDIT: While I stick by the majority of what has been written, it seems the back side of the scales is actually made of Titanium. It's still over priced even with that.
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And someone in their marketing department probably got a decent bonus for cooking up that plan for pushing it to sound like something new and different and better ūüôĄ

PSA: Be an informed consumer.
Marketing descriptions are there to sell a product, not educate the potential buyers, educate yourself.

"A fool and his money are soon parted"
Don Draper: " Lucky Strike: It's toasted..."
Executive: "But everybody else's tobacco is toasted"
Don Draper: "No, everybody else's tobacco is poisonous"

Something like that?
I agree with previous post. This is a premium price for a non-premium steel. Massdrop- why the price increase on an N-690 blade with G10? There have been other drops with much better specs in the way of scales and blades for less.
Look at the MSRP on this thing. Granted the MSRP on most knives is a bit above the MAP, but outside of this I wouldn't be surprised to find it being sold at over $200. Which is insane for non-premium steel, g10, and whatever steel they use for the scales.

After checking, Amazon has it for $195. Looking at other models, overcharging seems to be their MO. I'm guessing it's a bit like the Benchmade Butterfly Tax‚ĄĘ.
Bohler n690 is a so-so steel, this knife is worth about $50
I wanted to discuss something in an older comment below, but didn't want this to get lost in the crappy post order thing that happens here.

MASSDROP : the knife runs on THRUST BEARING!! Why do you fail to mention this very important point! This is an actual selling point ! I mean, bearing is already nice, but this one is no cheap IKBS or ball bearing. Thrust bearing are designed to withstand a good amount of AXIAL load , while ball bearing are not .

There are many types of thrust bearings.
KnifeCenter shows the following pic of the bearing on the product page :
This type is nothing more than a regular caged ball bearing with grooved races to stop MINOR axial play. Something I've seen in much cheaper Chinese made knives as well.

At any rate, is a thrust bearing THAT much of a selling point? Seems like marketing to me.
Assuming everything else is machined with tight tolerances, won't the pivot pin and the cutout that the bearing and race is recessed into stop any and all potential axial play anyway?

This isn't a dig at their marketing or manufacturing or anything, I'd genuinely love to hear from anyone who has actual knowledge on the topic, if this is really a perk?
OK, Massdrop has no problem being open when a knife is manufactured in Italy and puts it right in the details, but when it's made in China there is no information in the description like it's some sort of dirty little secret. How about some consistency? The provenience of the knives I purchase is important to me. I also realize that there are some damn good Chinese knifes (WE, Kizer, etc...). Just give me all the info up front so I don't have to run it down, or assume it's Chinese manufacture because you didn't tell me it was otherwise.
Damn you Massdrop! I've been lusting after an Italian folder for a long while (was considering the AM1 or a Viper Storm, a Hinderer design); this knife would fit the bill nicely; $160 is good, $150 would be a great price, but...I JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY RIGHT NOW, do you understanding me? I have toot many other knife purchased I've made, am making, and/or will be making shortly. All kinds of great stuff like a rare Pro-Tech, a Hellhound Ultratech, and little custom job, a couple Spyderco sprint runs, a ZT sprint run, and of course, as many of the Massdrop exclusive collaborations as I can scrounge up the $ for. Oh yeah, and I have it on goof authority that Microtech is actually going to ship some UTX-70s in the not too distant future (that's just twixt us folks).

So please MD, could we just have crappy knives for a while whilst I rebuild my financial reserves? Just for a month or two?
Love the look of this knife, but would prefer both handle scales be titanium. Does anyone know if this is an option anywhere?
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I see a lot of knives that have a presentation side that is one material and a frame lock side that is metal, but I'm such a sucker for symmetry.
Me too... A little OCD actually. It distracts me to hold a knife where I can feel the difference in materials in my hand
Which is unfortunate, because I really like the looks of this one otherwise, and don't have anything in this steel type yet
At last, I jumped in. It's been a long time since this knife started eyeing me and me eyeing it back. It looks too cool and I trust Italian manufacturers (I own Fox knives, Vipers and they're all of excellent quality) .

Come on people, for this price, this is a steal !

ps: FFS MASSDROP : the knife runs on THRUST BEARING!! Why do you fail to mention this very important point! This is an actual selling point ! I mean, bearing is already nice, but this one is no cheap IKBS or ball bearing. Thrust bearing are designed to withstand a good amount of AXIAL load , while ball bearing are not .

Bohler-Uddeholm which is a german smelter.. you can expect quality steel.
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Sorry! I just read the price in the next comment! I'm in!
I spoke too soon & just noticed the price on the next comment!