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Hey Everyone - the Regular sized pad is currently sold out and we'll have more in stock by the end of February (and likely earlier). In the mean time, the Short and Long versions are available.

And, if you haven't seen it yet, check out our upcoming double wide version!
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Do you still plan to have the regular back in stock by the end of the end of February?
Thank you for letting me know!
Just saw this pad at Costco with pillow for only $10 more??
Weighs 700g as opposed to 502 here. Not ultralight
Please let me know when you get regular size pad in stock !!!!
Hey Massroppers. Question(s) for ya.

How durable is the DIY trimming? Does it hold up? Ive ordered a large with the idea to cut a few inches of the length. I'll be taking it on the JMT this Summer and I'd hate to think my hack will fall apart after a few nights.

Along those same lines, does anyone have experience shortening the insulated versions? Any tricks?
DIY cut and sealing with a hot iron works well. I've had mine for a year and use it frequently, no issues. Keep in mind that heat and pressure are how these seams are made in the first place, it's just done by a machine. So, it's not like they use an industrial glue and you're using Elmer's.

I posted a few pics on shortening an insulated version. It's not hard, just take a fine knife or exacto blade to scrape out the insulation in the area that you want to seal.
You sir. Are amazing.

I'm sure I made the right choice then. Can't wait to sleep better with a wider pad!

Thank you!
Just saw the email saying the reg size is out of stock and my purchase was refunded. Super disappointed. Really hoping it comes available again soon. Can't even set up notifications for when it's back in stock and available because the drop is still active for another 7 days on the short and long.
I'll post here for you when it's back in stock. Will be in the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks! Sorry about the mixup on inventory - we thought we had a few more Regular pads that we did.
Ordered a "reg" Feb 3rd, just got an email 6 days later stating they're actually out of stock...Drop is inactive, any way I can still get a "short?"

DannyMilks, any idea if you'll have more or either size in the next 3 weeks? Have a PCT start date to keep, thanks! :)

A friend make is order as me on the 01 feb... he received it today.
It seem my order don't even be shipped (marked shiiping on 6-7feb).
It is logic ?
When will it be shipped ?

(Sorry for bad english level... french).
It's been a week since I placed my order (the 1st of feb) and still hasn't shipped (it was supossed to be shipping arround the 6th-7th according to the information when I bought) I need them asap since I'll be using them from thursday next week...heeelp!!
Please consider making the regular length in wide version coz I'll be in for two of them.
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A regular wide won't happen for a long time. Best move is to simply shorten the long wide to your desired height.
Also, for drops like this one, where we have stock, we essentially just keep running the drop on a daily basis, so don't pay attention to the hourly countdown.
I appreciate the great info and prompt response. Thanks Danny!
Do you have the width of the foot end of the pad please?
The regular is 20" wide for most of the pad, and then below the hips start to taper down to 16" by the feet.