Massdrop x Klymit Ultralight V Sleeping Padsearch
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Massdrop x Klymit Ultralight V Sleeping Pad

Massdrop x Klymit Ultralight V Sleeping Pad

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Hey Everyone - the Regular sized pad is currently sold out and we'll have more in stock by the end of February (and likely earlier). In the mean time, the Short and Long versions are available.

And, if you haven't seen it yet, check out our upcoming double wide version!
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How is the availability on the regular size now?

The page says the regular is not in stock, but the long and short are.

However in the "Join Drop" page, the long and short are not in stock, only the regular is in stock?

Please clarify. Thanks.

Edit: also see RedfishTheCat's comment.
Hello Danny,

Can you please tell me when the 'long version' is available again? I really like to get this nice pad! Hope to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Robin Sterk
Hello, I just bought (Sept 2018) a regular size.
I am trying to find informations about small pumps (pump bags?) that can work with it.
The lighter/smaller, the better.

Any suggestions?
Hey guys, I emailed Klymit support but I also thought I could ask this here. Thanks in advance.

I don't quite understand the benefit/justification for the price difference of the static V Lite vs the current model of Static V (both insulated,) and I was hoping that you could please explain.

Both of these models appear to have an R value of 4.4, so the insulation should be equal on both.

Both models are the same dimensions, aside from the Lite version being 5oz lighter.

The lite version is using 30D fabric, while the standard insulated Static V is using 75D, so the standard ins. Static V has a significantly more durable material.

There is currently a $10 price difference on the Klymit website, with the Static V Lite costing more at $94.95

So is the difference basically that the insulated Static V Lite costs $10 more but has significantly less durable fabric but weighs 5oz less? Is that the only difference between the two?

If so then personally I think that the insulated Static V (not the Lite version) is a far better value for me. Just curious if I am understanding correctly. The insulation is the same, right?
For those interested, Klymit replied.

It went like this -

Klymit: "Hello,Thank you for contacting Klymit. You are correct on all of that. The increase of price on the V lite is due to it being a lighter weight pad.Best Regards, Klymit Rep (I excluded the reps name out of courtesy) "

My reply: "Thanks for your response. 
There are several areas on your site which imply that the Lite is warmer than the Insulated Static V. This I think is treading the line of false advertisement. Might want to look in to that. Take care! "

Klymit: "Thank you for the feedback! We definitely appreciate it!
Best Regards, Klymit Rep (I excluded the reps name out of courtesy)"
Why is this a deal? I got four on sale from Big5 for $29.99 each.
Helloo. When is the 'long version' available again?? I really like to get this very nice pad!
Any idea when the long version will be available?
What is the weight of this pad?
Just around 17 oz. depending on which size you get.
Long and wide is 24 oz.
R-Value is 1.3, Insulated version is 4.4
They also make an insulated version which is a little heavier.
Own five now. Two insulated, three like this one.
Any idea when the long pads will be back in stock?
Any idea when will the Long version be back in stock?
How about a regular wide for those who are a little rounder?
Just got mine and used it on a two-nighter. First night, I suspect that as it got cold that the air and moisture from my breath contracted a bit. When I awoke, it didn't feel like I was sleeping on the ground, but it was close. On night 2, I inflated it once when setting up camp, and then later just before bed, breathed a few more breaths into it.

Had an awesome nights sleep.

I suspect this natural contraction might account for at least a few of the reviews claiming factory default, and might be worth considering before going through the headache of replacement/refurbishment.

Anyway, can't wait to give it a go when it gets a bit colder!
Can anyone tell me what the shipping price would be to Australia, or alternatively how to figure it out? I tried joining drop and saw no option of choosing international shipping, but the description says it shops to Au
Oh, just here waiting for a Long. 😎
So bummed that now that pay day is here, the longs are sold out! Think there will be more in stock soon?#gradstudentwoes
Bought one and recently took it on a 2 night trip and it leaked out of the deflate valve and would not hold air. Contacted klymit and I guess they dont honor their manufacture warranty so now I have to hope mass drop honors that warranty
Hey just did a trip last weekend and the same exact thing happened to my brother...he ended up using the glue that came with the patch kit to glue the valve seam...concerned this is a defective product