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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon Wing Edition

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon Wing Edition

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Hi everyone,

Good news! We’re excited to announce that the Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon Wing Edition has arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning on sending the knives out a bit early. The team is wrapping up quality control checks, and we now estimate that the knives will ship by the end of next week (June 8).

If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by this Friday, June 1 at 5 p.m. PT.

We’re looking forward to you receiving the Falcon Wing!
Hey everyone,

Thanks to strong community support of the Ferrum Forge Falcon design, we're able to re-introduce this knife with a new precision-milled Wing pattern in two new colors. The Falcon is the first ever "Massdrop Made" knife, and the starting point for more collaborations between Ferrum Forge, WE Knife, and Massdrop including Crux and Gent models. It's hard to describe how awesome these guys are to work with, and how dedicated everyone on both of their teams are to delivering a product everyone is proud to have their name on. We are grateful that the community liked this one so much that we're able to bring back this popular model with a sweet facelift.

In addition to the milling pattern, the specific finishing process that you see on these was developed in close collaboration between Ferrum Forge and WE Knife. This model also features the newly-redesigned pocket clip, which offers greater flexibility and resistance to deformation or breakage. Driven by community feedback, and lab-tested to verify the improvements, this design change was implemented in a remarkably short timeframe. For more information, check out this comprehensive post with data graphs written by our in-house engineer, John Wu, in the Blades Talk area:

Per the Note on Description page, this knife is being offered to members who join this pre-production drop at a special price of $139.99, with serial numbers under #0500 (per color) guaranteed to everyone who joins. Please also note that we will be closing the drop at 10:00 pm on 1/31/18 in order to get a jump on production, and then reopening for the whole month of February (or while supplies last). We have posted an Estimated Ship Date of 6/29/18, but we hope this will enable us to reduce the lead time for production.

Thanks to everyone who joined past drops for the Falcon, as well as all the members who are just hearing about the Falcon for the first time.

Carry On -- Jonas
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Was curious of the same. And hoping the anodized bronze, is smooth, like the blue Falcon.
The bronze is smooth, it's awesome
Are these made in the USA?
No, made in China by WE Knives. Their quality control is bang on, far better then some of the American companie (Benchmade). Designed by Ferrum Forge a fr pair of American brothers.
Kudos to MassDrop for good customer service. My first knife was lost in the mail somewhere. So they sent a second one with no questions asked.

However the CBSA decided to be a little strict on my second knife and have seized it.

What a shame, I wanted to get my hands on one of these.
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They might, I mean there can't be a million Canadians to ship to.

It would definitely be cheaper and more reliable than just writing off the knives that got a bad customs agent. If they won't
or can't then I'll do it if you like, just reimburse me for the US-Canada leg of the trip. I don't think there is any messaging capability here but we could switch to Reddit or something if you need the assist.

There's a reason those taco pouches have a pocket on each side, right?
That would be great!
If they can't disassemble it for me, I'll get in contact with you.
Thank you!
I want one so bad in Left Hand...
Well, my package shows as delivered to my mailbox (a cluster box for my neighborhood, along with two other packages) and of course the USPS didn’t deliver to my box or the currier decided to keep my packages.

I really wanted to get to get my hands on the blackout falcon wing. I’ve contacted the USPS and they are allegedly looking into it. In total about $300 worth of missing goods.

That's mine with my blue saber Crux, it's pretty outrageous
It's been exactly one week since the estimated arrival date. Still no sign of my Falcon. I'm starting to lose hope for it arriving anymore at all. Unfortunate.
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It's starting to look like it. I had a Chris Reeve Sebenza opened as well as a CRKT Pilar. Kind of ridiculous.

I'm going to Contact MassDrop to see what my options are. I'd love to have a sub 500 serialed Falcon still.
The only way to guarantee it is to separate the blade so they can't just test the action.

The Falcon should be able to easily pass the test that CBSA described when they changed their tack on pocketknives.
It seems like there are several owners of the Massdrop Ferrum Falcon knives that don't like how tight the blade is since it affects how easy it is to flip out. I am one of those people. So I fixed mine. I assume that most people that are this into knives have some mechanical ability. This requires mostly disassembling the knife.
1. Remove belt clip.
2. Remove the main pivot screw (male & female assy.)
3. Separate the frames, may require a little prying since the locating pins have close tolerances and fit well.
4. Remove the screw that holds the frame lock/limiting plate on the locking side of the knife frame.
5. Remove the little frame lock/limiting plate which is inset into the frame lock lever. This can be a little bit of work since it is a very exact machine fit. It's not tight just close tolerances and it will stick if moved off kilter. Kudos to We Knife; I am impressed at the machined tolerances, unreal!
6. Once that lock/limiting plate is removed, the frame lock arm can be bent outward. Be careful it bends easily and it's very easy to go to far. Bend it out enough to where it springs back and matches how it looks in the attached

The photo shows the outward maximum that I would trust going with the lock arm. You can see that the lock/limiting plate is only engaged 1/2 it's width with the locking tab of the blade. I would actually recommend more engagement ; 3/4 to full would be safer. After assembly I pressed the back of the blade against the counter with it locked and it didn't budge on my knife, however yours might differ so be careful. This is a YMMV recommendation with a disclosure that I am not liable if you make this modification. Peace

P.S. I noticed the pivot screw was a little tight on the bearings when assembled tightly, so I backed it off some until I felt no bearing feedback, the blade dropped freely and there was no free-play. If it loosens more on it's own I'll have to hit it with a dab of blue locktite later.
Due to the locking plate not engaging the blade tightly (there was a little play) after bending the frame lock arm out, I did take the knife apart again and slightly bent the frame lock arm in a little more. Now the locking plate is snug against the blade. It's just perfect now. Flicks out much easier than stock and still locks the blade firmly. Takes a little work but it's worth it.
Be forewarned the Winged Bronze edition looks nothing like the computer rendered photo. I received the bronze edition and after looking at it I thought they sent the silver version, so I had it exchanged. The replacement is the same. The bronze tint is extremely muted. I ordered a deep clip from Pops Custom Clips and it definitely will stick out against the frame. I've attached a photo so others can see the coloring.
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I sent mine back for a refund
I’m trying to send my back but once again the crappy customer service of Massdrop has not responded to my email from a week ago. Massdrop you need to give a phone number for people to get help. Your email service is very poor.