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Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

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We’re excited about this drop because of the new driver design.
A highly-modified dynamic driver that exhibits a different timbre. Liquid & dynamic, with a weighty sound.
We tested at least 8 prototypes over a year to find the right balance of bass, mids, treble, speed, and impact.

MEE audio’s R&D wing was very excited to continue pushing innovation forward after their successful flagship Pinnacle P1 IEM. As mentioned on the drop page, MEE was inspired by Planar Magnetic designs but wanted: small size, closed back, light weight.
Their design is innovative, using a single, large, ring magnetic field to drive a very wide/flat/circular voice coil.
(Most planar drivers use many bar magnets and magnetic fields.)
Here’s a simplified cross-sectional diagram:
Here’s a photo of a prototype driver diapraghm (with voice coil attached):
We’ll have some graphs from Jude soon and a few samples out for review.
Some Community feedback during development is that the sound emanating from the new design is more reminiscent of Audeze planar magnetic headphones...coherent, warm, impactful, liquid, and rich.

-The drop starts tomorrow, August 15.
-Choose dark blue or black, they both have a glossy finish and the faceplates are curved.
-Shipping is free within the U.S. and reduced for international buyers.
-We will be capturing payments at the end of August to get the production started!
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CEE_TEE, how would you rate the bass rumble from 1-10?

Also, how good is the separation from 1-10?

No worries on your answers, as I've already joined the drop and regardless, I still want to hear for myself!!!

Thanks CEE_TEE!
If your output impedance is 5.6ohms, you have a noise problem already with IEMs at 16ohms.

That said, your calculation there is correct - these headphones are not nearly sensitive enough to be driven by something like Apple's lightning headphone jack which is 1vrms. On a lightning adapter, the max these headphones can do is around 108dB. Compare this to my older SE530s (119 dB/mW, 36ohm impedance) which can easily hit 130dB.

And yes - 108dB IS a lot. Certainly nothing to listen to constantly. But that number being lower means you'll need to keep your amp's volume near the maximum...which isn't really a good idea. You may get clipping/distortion. If you have noise issues, you won't be able to use an inline volume control to try to lower the noise floor like I can do with my SE530s.

You're better served getting a camera kit and a USB amp, or a amp that is MFI certified. Your battery life will suffer, but you'll get better sound...and if you're spending money on a good pair of IEMs, why are you trying to be cheap with your source equipment?
Hi everyone,
We noticed a mistake on the page for the first people who purchased.
The estimated ship date was 10/5 and should be 11/7. (A month later.)
Because of this error and update to the page, we are allowing cancellations.
This was my mistake and I am sorry.
I do have some good news in this update, however…
MEE audio & Comply brand tips are great partners and wanted to add some new perks for first purchasers!
Now adding to Q&A with Mike Jones + $10 off your next purchase:
-Extra set of Comply brand foam tips:
-Cleaning tool (for nozzles/bores).
-Cleaning cloth (the earpieces are quite glossy).
So total perks now include:
1. Q&A Session with Mike Jones
2. $10 off your next purchase
3. Extra set of Comply brand foam tips: Comply’s Comfort Series Foam Tips are designed with a unique spherical shape to maximize comfort
4. Cleaning tool (for nozzles/bores)
5. Cleaning cloth (the earpieces are quite glossy)
I apologize again for the change in estimated ship date and want to thank you for joining the first production of the Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors. You are helping to launch this new driver technology!
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Thank you for the heads up. Have a good Day! :)
Will each of these IEMs have visual serial numbers on them?
Just got the RAW FR Graph from Jude and also the THD.
Very low THD. :)
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Glad I waited to see the charts before committing. While I prefer a bass-biased sound signature, these charts look scary from a fidelity perspective.
they do look scary. But comparing to my RE-1000, which is a signature I do enjoy, I know it can be done properly.
When would this drop be active again? I was about to join last night but forgot....
Use the "set reminder" feature on the drop page. They'll email you a few days before.
Will the price go up the next time this drops?
That's an interesting technology you've got there. Would be a shame if it sounded like boomy ass noises. Those graphs certainly make it look like it sounds like boomy ass noises.
How? Unless we're looking at different graphs, these will be pretty far from "boomy." If you want to know what boomy sounds like, look at the FR for the Nuforce EDC. Now, those are boomy (and sound like it, too).
I think s/he just wanted to say "boomy ass noises."
If only we had a 10Khz peak upto 95dB here, i'd have joined. <sigh>
Hi CEE_TEE, able to advise if this is the similar paint coating as the pinnacle PX ? Thanks.
Will the paint on this peel off like the pinnacle PX?
Interested but as the info says payment would be collected at the end of August to fund the production (yes I know it’s September already). So if I join the drop now would no money be taken until the item ships
MD will charge you when the drop ends. So in around 5 days.