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Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

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I want to know what has been done to address the criticisms of the first round release? I assume nothing has been done? Still have a big sharp peak at 4kHz? I like the ideas behind everything written in the descriptions, but the reviews seem mixed at best. :/
Still early in my listening with this IEM, but I'm EQing the climb to that 4k peak out a tiny bit, and it's opening up the sound. Suddenly, guitars sound more natural and vocals less shouty. This feels like something closer to Harman target for IEMs, except the treble's more relaxed and there's a heaping dose of deep bass. I'm digging the hell out of the sound, actually. The great technicalities are worth dealing with an EQ to get that extra level of refinement from this particular driver.
Welp, I had some MD credit teasing me, and the MMCX connector on my right LZ A4 is rapidly dying, so I took the plunge and picked up a planamic IEM. I'm very curious to hear them for myself because as we all know, reviews are no substitute for first-hand listening experience. After trying out a bunch of "best-in-class" neutral/warm IEMs, I found all of them (despite sounding technically glorious in other categories), were too bright for my taste, especially after upgrading to a silver-coated copper cable. Whereas the opposite is true with the A4. So, now I'm hoping the planamic's tuning will be a better fit for my tastes, and its technicalities will scale well enough to be my go-to IEM for both desktop and portable. Because I'm only running them balanced with upgrades to the cable and tips, I have a feeling I'm going to have a more positive response than those who ran them stock. At least, I'm hoping that's the case!
I would like to sell mine. Got too many iems. PM me here or on head-fi @ sharkhunter.
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sent email.
sent email.
When I first received this IEM it sounded very harsh which was a disappointment as i really wanted to like them as I waited a very long time for them to be delivered. However I decided to burn them in for 150 he's or so by applying white noise operating at different frequencies let them rest for a further hour then I hooked them up to my DAP Pioneer xdp 300r 2.5mm Trrs balanced and wow...... They sound amazing. I am so glad that I stuck by them because these IEM sounds absolutely brilliant. They are power hungry which makes them sound better.. Nice one msssdrop and MEE audio
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No it is a picture of the ZiShan DSD DAP.. Attached is the Pioneer XDP 300R. The Planamic sounds good on both devices...

Thanks for the pictures bro! I thought that didn't look like any Pioneer DAP that I've ever seen LoL 😁 The Pioneer DAP's do look very nice though. I just got my new Shanling M5s DAP in the first batch of shipments since I pre-ordered it, and I couldn't be ANY happier with it. The sound, build quality, features and OS are amazing IMO. I love the preset and manual EQ options too. You can really dial in the specific and particular sound that you enjoy, and don't need to switch cables and IEM's as much! And I notice a Pelican 1010/1020 below your Pioneer DAP, correct? I have every micro case that they make (1010/1015/i1015/1020/1030x2/1040/1050/1060) and they're awesome, especially for their prices! I wouldn't trust my expensive CA Andromeda and Dorado and Westone IEM's and my DAP's in ANYTHING else for storage and transporting them around, and I keep a Westone Desiccant Pod in every airtight, waterproof case of mine to keep my IEM's and DAP's in tip top shape 😎👍
I was almost ordering until I saw the impressions. I think Massdrop have to improve this earphone.
If anybody wants a pair of these for a cheaper price, let me know under PM me here or on head fi @ younglee200. They were used for 2 hours or something, so mint condition of course. The earphones are far from my cup of tea unfortunately.
Hey can I get your email im interested in taking them off your hands.
I had hoped for a price point right around $100. I’ve really been itching to get my hands on these (if the reports of rumble-y bass are true) but I’ll have to think about it. I do have other people to find gifts for after all.
My guess is if this IEM is too bassy or warm with the copper cables, upgrading to the silver-plated cables will be the next best thing to try. I did that with the LZ A4 and it definitely tamed the bass while boosting (and smoothing out) the overall treble response. The advantage of really bassy headphones is they allow you to run brighter but otherwise more refined cables. I don’t really understand all the science behind it so I won’t get into that whole thing, but I can hear the difference and avoided silver cables for that reason in the past. It wasn't until I tried them with a really bassy IEM that I saw the value in having them around as an option. Anyways, the same thing could be happening here... Is this a really bassy IEM? It looks bassy but I'm okay with having a peak around 4k as it fills out the mids. Would like to get a better sense of how present it is IRL.
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There's ample amounts of bass, and it's not as tight as the planars I've heard, but I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I'd argue the technicalities of this driver are actually pretty great, which, sure, is considered mainstream pricing. I'm not a huge BA fan to begin with though, so I prefer this IEM to others I've sampled in this price range. That said, I think there's still room for improvement with the planamic, as I'm running them exclusively with EQ. My beef with this IEM isn't even the bass, it's the mid-peak. A more refined tuning and more experimentation with driver materials might yield far better results. But for pairing with the M5s' balanced out, I think it sounds great.
I agree, I think this is a good start and (hopefully) planamic 2.0 will resolve some of the issues I have personally. I run them balanced out of the THX 789, ES100, and my iFi gear and none of that can really save their "unique" FR. I'm also not a huge fan of BA's and favor DD's all the way nowadays with the CA Solaris and Shure 846 being my personal exceptions. I daily the Atlas and Lyra II and when I had them, the Vega's never left my ears. Hoping they go on sale again so I can pick up a discounted set just to finish my "perfect" collection of CA DD gear.
If that frequency response graph is accurate I'm pretty horrified at the spike at 4k. Hopefully that is mitigated by an impedance bump in that vicinity, as is often the case with headphones/earbuds.
Hi everyone, We’re glad to announce that shipping is beginning for the Planamic IEMs and, if you haven’t already, you should be receiving tracking information within the next few days. We’re looking forward to you receiving your IEMs soon!
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Hi, If you haven't received your shipping information yet, please reach out to our Community Support team via your Transactions page: They'll be able to get things sorted out for you. Sorry about that!
Thank you!
These are pretty good, if they are pretty dark. These just reek of untapped potential: the drivers are clearly very good, but the tuning is just a bit too dark and bassy. Midrange is great though. If you like lots of bass and not a lot of treble, these will work great for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere unless you’re into hardcore EQing.
So, I finally got mine. Bass is the star of the show for sure but I expected a bit more wow - however, I am certainly spoiled with Bass (JVC HA-FX850, HA-FW01, ASG 2.5, JH Roxanne II, UE11Pro customs, XB90EX and the brilliant IMR-R1) - my standards are quite high. Overall I find them quite pleasurable and nice sounding, I like them - after 5 songs - I a am happy with my purchase. The negative reviews are surprising me - will listen a bit more but so far - I am happy with it. Very comfortable - great cables - well fitting ear tips and a really nice sound pouring into my ears.... Nothing to complain, lots to praise. Cheers.
There's a review section, would you be willing to share your thoughts as a review now that you've had them for about a week?
i am listing mine for sale. drop me an email if interested. madanagopal AT gmail DOT com
I've got mine for sale on Head-Fi if anyone's interested. I can see why someone would like them, but the Planamic is not for me.
I find these sibilant. Any suggestions on EQ tricks?
buy these in LARGE, T200. thank me later. I think the major issue with these iem's is in fact the horrible tips that are included. The Large T200 Comply tips seal very well and you'll get the bass you were hoping for.

Even better bass with JVC spiral dot tips. They're silicone though, not foam.
After unboxing, I listened to it for 15 minutes and left them plugged in to allow them to burn in. After 50 hours of burn-in, some harshness that was there was gone and the sound signature seems settled. It's a good sound for the $150 price. But nothing special. The details are there and the bass is good. But I don't hear much extension in the lows. And not much extension at the top. Not much air either at the top. The soundstage width is average and not much depth. Separation is average or slightly below average. The resolution is also average. This is par for the $150 price range.
Agreed fully.
anyone else having problems with the fit of these? i cannot get a good seal no matter what I do. they won't go deep enough. and when i press them very lightly they go silent. I assime bc the nozzle gets blocked. Absent a good seal, I cannot get much bass
ok, problem solved! I finally got a good fit with some double flange silicone tips I had from the P2's. Ok for now, but I really do not like silicone tips if it's warm outside...make my ears sweat. But at least I'm getting bass now
Got them today. The finish is so beautiful and glossy. Looks premium. Kudos. No marking as to what is Left and Right. Or did I miss it? The default silicon ear tip wasn't a good fit. So changed to the smallest comply foam tip. The seal is not full. So the bass is totally absent. I've to try other tips. I normally listen at 50 on Sony WM1A. I had to raise it to 75 for this planar dude. Planar seems to be demanding more power.
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As others stated, on the cable. Though my left housing has a small indent on the inner-side top where the concha would contact. Not sure if this is deliberate or a manufacturing defect.
Yes. I was aware of it. My issue was with the absence of color markings on the shell itself. all iems have the model or serial number in blue on left shell and red on right shell. And I am using a different cable and not the MEE cable that it came with. MEE should have made it easy to identify the shells.
Received these today. Initial impressions (0 hour, 0 burn in) find very deep visceral bass that offers a strong and defined impact that is surprisingly quick and punchy. The texturing offered is very strong, albeit on the slower side sometimes offering a slight tinge of muddiness. The midrange is surprisingly clear and quite detailed. The midrange is upper-vocal-focused giving off strong clarity, this holds for instrumentals as well. Detailing overall is strong; it's not overbearing but has good attack. The treble is going to be the area where there is least focus. The treble is very soft and kind of opposite of what the midrange offers. There is plenty of detail and it does extend quite far up top. But the quantity just seems to take a back seat compared to the mids and lows. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound signature. I will have to compare them to the HiFiMan RE-1000 which I have as they should have a very similar signature, but given in a slightly different manner. Edit 1 ___ Regarding the design, I chose the blue color, and the color is a very deep midnight blue. It's almost black. The pictures made them out to be a little brighter, but they are indeed a dark midnight blue. ___ Edit 2 ___ The Advanced Audio Worx Capri cable (Lightning) works well with these. The Capri cable is known for having a bit of a high noise floor. The noise floor is still audible with the Planamic IEMs, but it's much lower than any other headphone I've tested with the cable (Massdrop X, HiFiMan RE-1000, etc.). The Capri cable doesn't change the sound of the Planamic that much compared to the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.
Edit: After more ear time, that 4 kHz peak and sharp roll-off is killing my enjoyment of these. Also, the bass isn't as visceral (to my ears) as some others are experiencing but it is quite competent. Well, just got mine in and first impressions are positive straight from my phone. In short, they sound musical and "fun." Bass is right up-front and pleasant. A bit boomy and lacking in physical impact but adds enough thickness to the mix to not make things sound lean. Vocals sound forward. I've noticed every now and then I have to knock the volume down a notch or two as the vocals just jump out ahead of everything. They don't sound bad but man can they get too intense fast. Treble sounds average with a sparkle and some tizz every now and then to remind you it's there. Otherwise, it's somewhat lackluster. Best way to put it is the treble sounds "good enough." So far, resolution isn't the best. Mediocre at best. These also do not sound huge or tall or exhibit a lot of depth. Or rather, it isn't anything amazing that will blow your mind or call attention to it. Again, perfectly acceptable and natural sounding. Comfort is excellent. I haven't used the stock cable but it looks nice and I'm sure it sounds fine. I immediately swapped right to the balanced 2-pin kit MD sells. The shells do not look blue unless in direct sunlight. Otherwise they look black with maybe a tint of blue. Not a big deal but I was a bit bummed by that. The fit is simply amazing. Stems are like the PX/P1/P2 and seems to be a bit longer (I'll have to measure this later) and they're lightweight like the P2 (which is a plastic shell). I prefer the double flange tips and only use those. What I do find odd are the tips that are missing: triple flange and small double flange. I own these from other MEE sets but thought it was worth mentioning. I'll have to give them a listen balanced out of the THX 789 and compare them to the PX and P2 when I give my actual review.
Mine didn’t ship yet....very jealous (in a good way) of all people listening them already....Don’t know which order they ship out but I was one of the first backers...
Question about foam tips: am I going to wear out the canal/tubing if I'm swapping the foam tips w/ the silicone ones daily? (i.e. Use foam for isolation on commute; use silicone in office for easier on/off throughout the day). I ask because these particular Comply tips were more difficult than usual to roll onto the earphones. (Ended up squishing the hell out of the foam in the process -- which is fine, because of course it returns to form -- I'm more worried that I might bend/warp the little tube in the middle of the foam tips with frequent on/off).
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You might prefer the Dekoni Bulletz foam tips, then. I just tried them for a few months and they're not bad, but they are definitely fast-rebound foam whereas Comply are slow-rebound. I prefer the slow rebound as I feel it gives me a better seal, but to each their own. So far these silicone tips are just fine, comfort wise, after a couple hours of use... We'll see how the day goes. Sometimes they get itchy after a while.
i think even the largest ones included are still quite small. They seem more like medium than large
just got mine today: initial thoughts...... I ordered the blue and if this is blue it's barely blue. they look black to me, but I also had the he4xx's that were also barely blue, so it makes sense. fitting the 2 pin cables into the iem's was not as easy as I expected. kinda tricky lining them up and I was afraid if I didn't have them perfect the pins might break. once attached they seem plenty secure though. I HATE the eartip choices. I must have giant ear canals bc I always have to use the biggest ones. the largest foam tips included are the ONLY ones that are useable for me...and it's only one pair, so I guess I gotta order more tips. Early listening is just great though! Very articulate and fast! And, maybe it's just me, but I don't find these to be dark sounding at all. They sound extremely well balanced to me with nothing overemphasized. I have the Mee Pinnacle 2's also and these are miles better sounding across the whole frequency range. Unfortunately these are not very comfortable though.....they protrude from my ears, which makes it impossible to lay my head on a pillow.....when I do, the sound cuts out for some readon
These have such an uneven sound to them. It's like someone is shouting directly into my ears.
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Definitely inferior sounding iems, I just gave those away... LOL! Eq, cable switch and all after burn in, nothing could help them!
Just got mine... My first impression reflect yours, this is so uneven and hardly coherent. Man, I don't get their tuning for this. The mid bass to lower mid sounds good, but they had to mess up with the rest of the frequency. Like I can see the potential of the driver... but this is just borderline unbearable. I hope burn in can do something to it, but I wouldn't count on it.
Just got mine yesterday! I must live really close to Massdrop or something because I got an email yesterday morning that it had shipped, and by noon I had it at my door. Then got the email today that it had been delivered, lol... (Same thing happened with a few other MD items). Anyway, I've only listened a couple hours yet but so far these are BEAUTIFUL!!!
can you give us more of a description of how they sound? Maybe compared to whatever else you have?
In due time, yes. Only listened very briefly but so far they are just so well-rounded, wide soundstage, warm & balanced but so clear... AND THAT BAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS... It's so well done. Cannot wait to listen to a ton more music. (I like a lot of genres...)
Just got the RAW FR Graph from Jude and also the THD. Very low THD. :)
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Glad I waited to see the charts before committing. While I prefer a bass-biased sound signature, these charts look scary from a fidelity perspective.
they do look scary. But comparing to my RE-1000, which is a signature I do enjoy, I know it can be done properly.
Hi everyone, We noticed a mistake on the page for the first people who purchased. The estimated ship date was 10/5 and should be 11/7. (A month later.) Because of this error and update to the page, we are allowing cancellations. This was my mistake and I am sorry. I do have some good news in this update, however… MEE audio & Comply brand tips are great partners and wanted to add some new perks for first purchasers! Now adding to Q&A with Mike Jones + $10 off your next purchase: -Extra set of Comply brand foam tips: -Cleaning tool (for nozzles/bores). -Cleaning cloth (the earpieces are quite glossy). So total perks now include: 1. Q&A Session with Mike Jones 2. $10 off your next purchase 3. Extra set of Comply brand foam tips: Comply’s Comfort Series Foam Tips are designed with a unique spherical shape to maximize comfort 4. Cleaning tool (for nozzles/bores) 5. Cleaning cloth (the earpieces are quite glossy) I apologize again for the change in estimated ship date and want to thank you for joining the first production of the Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors. You are helping to launch this new driver technology!
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Hi koolpep- we see that 99% of the units have been shipped. Would you please go to your Profile > Transactions > Planamic Order > Contact Customer Service (at the bottom of the order)? They should look into this and ensure that it has gone out or goes out...thank you!
Many thanks for your response. Done that. Cheers!
We’re excited about this drop because of the new driver design. A highly-modified dynamic driver that exhibits a different timbre. Liquid & dynamic, with a weighty sound. We tested at least 8 prototypes over a year to find the right balance of bass, mids, treble, speed, and impact.
MEE audio’s R&D wing was very excited to continue pushing innovation forward after their successful flagship Pinnacle P1 IEM. As mentioned on the drop page, MEE was inspired by Planar Magnetic designs but wanted: small size, closed back, light weight. Their design is innovative, using a single, large, ring magnetic field to drive a very wide/flat/circular voice coil. (Most planar drivers use many bar magnets and magnetic fields.) Here’s a simplified cross-sectional diagram:
Here’s a photo of a prototype driver diapraghm (with voice coil attached):
We’ll have some graphs from Jude soon and a few samples out for review. Some Community feedback during development is that the sound emanating from the new design is more reminiscent of Audeze planar magnetic headphones...coherent, warm, impactful, liquid, and rich.
DROP DETAILS -The drop starts tomorrow, August 15. -Choose dark blue or black, they both have a glossy finish and the faceplates are curved. -Shipping is free within the U.S. and reduced for international buyers. -We will be capturing payments at the end of August to get the production started!
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It's Nov 7th. Where is the shipping email with tracking info? It's terrible not to get any updates.
Hi RM44, The update is almost ready, also sending out the Q&A...thank you for your patience!

Does this appear on track to ship by the ETA? That is today.