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Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Hi everyone,
We’re back with another update on the March 23rd Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitor drop. Noble has just informed us that production is complete and the IEMs are entering the quality control process as we speak. With that said, they are running a few days behind schedule and you can expect to see movement in your shipment the following week (week of August 27).
We apologize for the slight delay, but are excited for you to receive your Massdrop x Noble Kaiser Custom In-Ear Monitors soon.
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In the last picture is that the standard cable or the balanced? That one at least has the Noble y splitter. Mine looks like Zekken‘s that has a little plastic sleeving instead of a y splitter. I have other Noble IEMs and the cables were all better than this one.
That is the standard, non-balanced, 3.5 mm cable.
Today I received a mail which said my ear impression is not received and my order is going to be cancelled if I did not reply soon. I was in the April drop and I sent my ear impression at late May. I also sent a mail to noble to make sure they are aware of the tracking number. The tracking number also said it is delivered. No one contacted me after that and I could only assume my ear impression is received. I am really disappointed about the Massdrop and noble customer service.
I received the same email. I was in the March 23 drop, and sent my impressions in at the end of April. I'm disappointed too, especially after MD's guidance after Noble's move to Texas was that "no email = no further action needs to be taken" I'm hoping that this is just a communication issue between Noble and Massdrop, and not that my impressions were lost... waiting for further word from MD.
I am in the exact situation as you my friend.
Noble should have been more responsible.
jimatNoble what is Noble's stance on IEM burn-in? during the QC phase how many hours of burn-in are applied, if any, before shipping out? thx!
They are tested briefly to make sure they are balanced and all drivers are firing, but no burn-in of any significance. Just don't have the time.
Is the batch from the 2nd half of March drop still on track to ship before the end of September?
Hi! Just want to ask anyone who got their Kaiser 10 CIEM, do your CIEM color too dark compared to the photo of the original shown in the Massdrop project picture?

Today I have to check again my order which color I choose which is "Red Carbon" (on the order receipt) but the Red Carbon is just too little and overall seems like Black with some red accent in it.

Is this some kind of the "Wizard" magic work?

I have a quick question. Should the shipping date be November? I look up transaction it shows I ordered on March 23. Am I able receive it in September?
Hideo, please send me an email at Without your name, I really can't say.
is the cable standard copper?
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My left side doesn’t have good seal as supposed to my right side. I know each ear is different but tip Is too small on my left side as supposed to my right side which has tight fit and seal. It would make sense if my left side is in fact smaller but it is moving around in the ear canal. what recourse is there to refit?
Email me at, and I will forward your concerns to the Lab. They will let you know the process for a refit.
FWIW - 2 days in to these CIEM's and loving them. I've never heard music like this. It's like the music is inside my head.
Hi everyone, It is me or the cable included with the IEM (not balanced, 3.5mm) does not feel premium? Even my Noble X cable is more premium than this cable :(

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noble basic cable is trash..
Yes, as much as I'm enjoying the fit and the sound I'm not impressed with the cable (non-balanced, 3.5 mm)