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Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitors

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For many Audiophiles, the ultimate listening experience is a top of the line set of custom fit in-ear monitors.

The level of fit, comfort, seal, sonic performance, and aesthetic beauty is at the peak with custom IEMs.

Fit: the shells of a custom IEM are static, they are built to be slightly larger than your ear canals to create a good seal for your unique ear shape…your ear is soft and will wrap around them. They do not exert outward (spring-like) pressure such as universal silicone or foam tips need in order to create a seal. This means a good pair are incredibly comfortable. If you compare some custom IEMs from a couple of people, you can easily see just how different all of our ears are. (No fiddling with tips is kinda nice too.)

Sonic performance: Custom fit IEM nozzles are made to bring the sound closer to the eardrum and bypass as much of the ear as possible for a sound signature consistent to the design target. Superior seal and isolation (these were originally created to save stage musicians from losing their hearing) means that you have a very quiet environment to hear your music (less outside interference) and should have no loss of bass (which happens with a lack of good seal).

Custom Looks: Because each pair is made by hand for your ears only…you can choose from some different aesthetic options. When they show up, there should not be any bubbles or unpolished areas- they should be perfect little sculptures.

With Noble’s more than a decade of experience in custom fit, the Wizard’s reputation for the best-looking custom designs, one of the highest-rated TOTL sound signatures of all time in the Kaiser 10, Massdrop naturally wanted to offer the Noble Kaiser 10 as our flagship custom-fit in-ear monitor.

I have always said that if the house was on fire and I could only grab ONE audiophile thing, I’d choose my “customs”. (Okay, I might try to grab my crazy tube amp because it cost so much, but you get the point.)

Portable Hi-Fi? Asia has been into portable hi-fi audio for a long time.
The portable size fits the mass transit commuter and multi-generational smaller home lifestyles.
But the evolution of quality and the retail infrastructure are huge contributors to the phenomenon...

Tokyo Headphone Stores & Headphone Festivals – Fujiya Avic
Easier to shop in Asia:
I’ve been looking at my friend Mike Kubota’s coverage threads since 2011:
This is 5 floors of headphone stuff to check out back in 2014:
I'll be in Tokyo for the Headphone Festival next month after I attend the SoCal CanJam.
We've done the legwork for you in offering one of the best custom IEMs of all time: the Noble Kaiser 10.

Portable Rigs back in 2012 (one is my good friend Chris Brown’s):
The truth today is that these Noble K10 Customs will sound fantastic out of your cell phone.

Having custom-fit top of the line in-ear monitors with your current cell phone is hi-fi quality that we couldn’t imagine getting a few years ago without a lot of effort. Use them travelling, at home, in the office, or at school. I don’t think anything is better on a plane for blocking out noise and getting some nice time with your content.

You can customize your sound playback further with a small DAC or amp to use with your phone and there are lots of great new dedicated music players…but the critical main ingredient (after good music choices) is the in-ear monitor.

Don’t run out of your house without them.
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That stack must weigh in at at least 2 kilo's!
Let me ask him, he just moved back to the Bay Area!
Hi all -

We have a quick update for you on the Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10 Custom In-Ear Monitors drop. We’ve sent out an email to everyone in this drop with the below information.

In an effort to streamline their operations, Noble has moved its US headquarters to Texas. If you have previously sent your ear impression in to Noble's old address and haven't heard anything back, then you're all set and don't need to do anything else. They are still checking mail at this address, so previously sent items will be received for the time being.

If you haven't sent your ear impression in yet, please send your ear impressions to Noble’s new address:
Noble Audio c/o Jim Moulton, 109 Hwy. 110 S, Whitehouse, Texas 75791.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, Noble is available at, and you can always go to your transactions page to connect with Massdrop support.
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Surprisingly, Rico didn't make the top 100 in his namesake of Puerto Rico.
Never would. "Rico" means delicious and when used for a person it has a heavy sexual connotation in Puerto Rico. No Puerto Rican parent is looking forward to naming a child with a sexual word like that.
Hey Everyone,
Reminder to please ship the impressions with a copy of your order receipt:
-Some are mailing in impressions without including a copy of the order receipt.
-Some impressions are arriving with just a hand-written last name that can be difficult to read.
Noble is doing their best to match things up against the information that we provided them, this will make it faster and smoother.

How do you get a copy of your order Receipt?
-Your profile dropdown menu (at your picture in the top right hand corner) has Transactions section
-Find the Kaiser 10 transaction and click on the word, "RECEIPT"
-RECEIPT is actually a button that will pull up a printable Order Receipt.

Thanks for working with us as we get this new Custom IEM drop rolling!
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Adding my voice to the pile, still waiting for instructions on what to do with my impressions.

Also, I asked Massdrop support to update the images for the drop. According to Noble, the Blue Carbon Glass looks nothing like the image that is being used, which is Gray Carbon Glass (and not an option). Since I ordered the Blue Carbon Glass, it would be nice to have confirmation that the image Noble has on their Instagram page is more representative.
Looking forward to that June update for those of us in the first drop :D
My impressions were received by Noble on April 7th. I would love to get them before September......
Hey CEE_TEE have you heard any updates on the progression of fulfillment? Are all orders being sent out together on the estimated ship date? or do they get shipped out as they get produced? Just wondering because I've been salivating here waiting on my kick ass CIEMs since April, that's all.
In the same boat, hoping for an update. In the original drop email, it was stated that Noble would ship the IEMs ~10 weeks after receiving the impressions. Just curious if there's a new plan and if so, what it is. Really looking forward to these!
Will they return for another drop?
Hello, as the drop has been completed, I want to make sure with you guys that my understanding is correct.
I have my ear inpressions from audiology, now I need to send it to:
Noble Audio c/o Jim Moulton, 109 Hwy. 110 S, Whitehouse, Texas 75791.
And, need to send email to nobel audio with the tracking information.
If everything goes as expected and good, then I should receive my CIEM on November.
Am I understanding every piece correct?

Thanks a lot 🙂
November? yikes....would have done it but that is wayyy too long.
Of course this drops literally hours after the UE 18+ drop closes. Sorry, but Ultimate Ears already beat you to my $1200. Hopefully the rebate is offered again.
As much as the *idea* of CIEMs appeals to me, I'm struggling to get my head around the idea of dropping so much coin on something I can't listen to until after buying it. What am I missing?
Hello Everyone!
We just found out that need to limit this second drop to 30 units.
We have sold 20 so far and we tried to comment in discussion letting a few of you know that we were able to sell some more. ~10 more available.
Hope we can get as many of you in as possible who want a pair of Custom Kaiser 10!
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Hi 062bel313,
The drop ended May 23rd and we sent the email with instructions on June 12th.
You posted 1 week ago so that may have been right before we sent the email out.
Did you receive the email and is all well?
CEE_TEE , Yes I received the email. I sent my impressions and are already delivered. Hopefully, NA received it :-)
Now the waiting begins :-) !!