Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitorssearch
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Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitors

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Solid, All-Rounders…

Ryu, Street Fighter

Soldier:76, Overwatch

EDC3, NuForce
What makes trusty all-rounders great to play is their combination of balance, weight, speed, and overall strength in every area. That’s exactly what we aimed for with the new EDC3.
The EDC3 aims for:
Audiophile quality in speed, sonic weight, tonal balance, and clarity.
Everyday Carry quality in comfort, accessories, everyday usability, and high value.

Sound Matters
All-rounders don’t optimize for one or two areas, but look for overall strength across the range of attributes.

When it comes to sound values, the typical mass market IEM pumps up the bass value and creates a big peak somewhere in the treble.

If it is a smoother transition, we call this tuning “V-shaped” because EQ with sliders looks like this (bass is on the left and treble to the right):

Some music recordings already contain overly boosted bass and sharp glare in the treble. A boosted bass + treble peak tuning usually adds too much and can be fatiguing to listen to over long periods of time.

The alternative is to tune something musical (enjoyable to listen to) but more neutral than the typical mass market IEM. (Bass, mids, and treble in balanced amounts.)
Mids seem to get neglected in a lot of mainstream products. So that’s where we started. Then we added treble to give a sense of air, but without being too bright-sounding. Finally, the prototypes went around for bass feedback with a couple different dampers until we got the okay from our community test group.

Balanced armature drivers: One bigger bass driver + two on top for mids/treble

Dampers look like this:

The new EDC3 is a combination of 3 drivers per ear that each handle different sections of the sound, some crossovers to mix sound in the right amounts, and balanced armature technology for drivers that fit into the earpieces. There’s also a mechanical damper (or filter) that we used to tune the final balance.
We hope that the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 is the the well-rounded character that you will be enjoying late into the game…
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It WOULD be cool if that could be done but it looks like the dampener is integrated into the shell before it's clamped together. A re-work would be necessary to have a replaceable dampener system. Any chance of something like this in the future Nuforce? There is something similar from a Japanese company made for some of the Audio Technica IEMs.
‘ The new EDC3 is a combination of 3 drivers per ear that each handle different sections of the sound‘

Is it a 3-way cross-over? In the Brent Butterworth review he said It’s a 2-way design, basically the two balanced armatures for mid-highs are wired in Parallel. Can someone confirm? It’s not very clear. Thanks.
I am pleased to announce that Massdrop X NuForce EDC3 has won the Reviewer´s Choice award from SoundStage Experience! The reviewer, Brent Butterworth, is an industry legend and known for his detailed writing, knowledge and professionalism. Even if you are not interested to purchase the EDC3, this review is worth reading!
Brent also took measurements, which are linked on the review.

"The Massdrop x NuForce EDC3s delivered the best sound I’ve heard for under $100 -- not just from earphones, but from any audio product I can think of."

- Jyri/NuForce
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Yes, those are the correct ones. A little tip: when they start to lose shape, flip the flanges inside out and they should return to normal shape after a while. When they stop doing that that means it's time for a fresh pair.
Thanks for the tips (haha!) :)
This update is for members who joined in April:
We’re excited to announce that your Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 In-Ear Monitors have arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning on sending them out early. We estimate that the IEMs will ship by the end of next week (May 18).
If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by this Sunday, May 13 at 5pm PT.
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Yes, I really want a shorter cable as I plan on using this with a portable Bluetooth receiver (FiiO BTR3) and the bundled cables are really long.
Well that depends on how you use it. For example I have the cable under my t-shirt, so I actually quite appreciate that it's longer, since I don't have a problem taking my phone from my pocket to a comfortable viewing height
I've been using these heavily for a few months now, they're a great daily driver. I'm starting to have an issue with the right earbud though; it has been failing intermittently. It is definitely not an issue with the cable or source, the problem persists regardless of change of source or cable. It will randomly either go completely silent or extremely quiet, and some sound will still come through. This issue is not accompanied by any distortion or crackling, and has never started whilst I'm listening. It usually presents when I take the buds out of my ear and put it back in.

Any insight into what the issue could be would be appreciated.

Is this better than the nuforce dynamics?
How do these compare to the HEM dynamics?
So, is the included cable silver plated copper?
I think my headphones are defective. There’s essentially no bass and sound very tinny. I’ve tried both cables and different ear pieces but my headphones sound terrible.
i wan't to buy those IEM if they have good sound ( waaaaay better then apple airpods ) and if the noise isolation is good enough to use outside just for noisy environment.

can someone help please ?
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Apple Airpods have no isolation. The choice here should be clear if that's what matters to you. Soundwise these are definitely better as well. Apple Airpods are just simple and easy, but they sound like crap.
thank you for the replay but i bought the MD+ and it's on the way to me and yeah the main reason why i wan't to change my IEM is the isolation.
I wonder about the choice of the two pin interface used for phone to cable interconnect, if it's good for users and what was the reasoning for the interconnect choice.. MMCX connector's are also commonly used in this sort of application, like in the recent comparable products by Etymotic and Westone which are of an electrically self-shielding design. That is; the negative return line of the interconnect also acts to shield the signal pin conductor in a coaxial design. Does the two pin connector housing electronically shield the positive pin? And if not, i guess interference isn't considered an issue at these power levels, or any sort of electronic interference attack on the positive pins of an EDC3 user is unlikely? Or that the lines to the headphone wouldn't possibly interfere with any other nearby and more sensitive equipment? Does anyone know why the choice was made for a 2 pin instead of the MMCX interconnect, is it because most MMCX interconnects are set for 50ohms applications, or whats the deal? I see lots of comparisons to the Etymotic product with the Massdrop x Nuforce EDC-3 product page, do you feel then that the two pin interface is superior? Thanks for taking the time to see to my concern regarding the interesting product here =) I would really enjoy reading any explanation for the Massdrop xNuForce choice fr the two pin interconnect for use in the EDC3 over the more standard BA-IEM MMCX interconnect. Cheers and congratulations on developing and putting to market a new product.
I've been trying to get replacement cables for my Primo 8 IEMs Optima has been either frustrating, or non-responsive. I can't fault the sound, but the service is, for all intents, nonexistent.
i damaged one channel of the mic cable. where do I get a replacement cable? doesn't seem to work and i can't find the mftr web site thru google search - just reviews and retailers.
Sorry I didn't notice this earlier. I´ll check what's up with the but below our contact details:

- Jyri/NuForce