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Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

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Hi everyone,
The Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knives are currently in transit to our warehouse in New Jersey. Once they arrive they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. We wanted to give everyone a heads up that the timeline will be tight, and we’ll be cutting it close for all units to ship by July 13.
We’re still aiming to start shipping the knives on July 13, and we’re working with the warehouse to prioritize this. However, we expect the shipment to span into next week. We apologize for this slight delay!
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Thank you for the update!
So shipments are now projected for the week of July 23?
Hey everyone,

I first spoke with Tashi Bharucha about a collaboration at the USN Gathering (G9) in September of 2017. I was excited when he said he was interested - he’s a popular and talented designer who has become well-known for his exquisitely-crafted handmade custom knives.

My excitement only grew when we began talking about what kind of knife would be a good fit. Tashi said that he could not keep up with the demand from collectors for his custom Church model, and offered to let Massdrop produce a version of this popular design. The model’s name and skeletonized handles were inspired by the beautiful and intricate panes of stained glass windows adorning the many cathedrals in and around Paris, where Tashi makes his home. Taking a cue from this idea of light passing through a frame, and noting the angular gaps in the handle, we decided on “Prism” for our EDC-friendly production version.

Tashi also loves to cook, and the shape of this blade is derived from a chef’s knife. Because the blade’s edge sits a bit below the handle, it can be used for food prep when cutting on a board. Whereas Tashi’s $1500 custom knives might not see much daily use for most owners, at under $250 we hope these will see their fair share of picnics and other outdoor adventures!

When I asked Tashi, “It’s already a great knife - what could we do to make it better for our community?” he said that, while knife collectors liked the full-size custom Church, it was a bit large to be pocket-friendly for most people. Then, he said that he’d been working on a new style of joining the two handles together, by shaping the two sides to meet flush on the spine instead of being attached with standoffs and/or backspacers.

With these two improvements for the production version in mind, we focused on what was important to keep the same. Tashi was adamant that we keep the same steel - Damasteel’s ® RWL34 - because of the great finish that it offers, especially when it gets the hand-rubbed satin blade treatment that you see paired with these anodized and tumbled blue and bronze handles. Based on these parameters, we sent Tashi’s drawings to have them prototyped so we could review them ourselves and make necessary adjustments.

Based on feedback from community members who handled the prototypes pictured on the page, we’ve made a slight adjustment to the choil for the final production. The change was made to make sure that none of the blade’s edge was exposed near the open portion of the frame when the knife is closed. We tested this, and the only way that we could make contact was by purposefully jamming a very small finger through the gap in the spine, but we thought it was better to err on the side of caution. Tashi agreed, and was gracious enough to make the change - it’s pretty cool working with world-class designers who are still open to taking feedback from the community, and we’re grateful to both him and the folks who gave their input. As you can see from the photo before showing Old/New profiles, it’s a pretty small change.
Regarding the manufacturer, the knives will be made in China by an established and respected company. Because our selling price is well below normal for their high-quality work, the manufacturer has asked us not be disclosed. We are fully aware that the community would prefer to know exactly who is making every product, and we share this desire. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of transparency in this industry at every opportunity. We also work very hard to promote our partners, when they will allow us to - check out our videos for WE Knife / Ferrum Forge and Millit / TJ Schwarz and many audiophile products - but in this case it’s not possible and we’ve agreed to that because it allows us to deliver this to the community at a lower price. Before the guess-fest begins below, let me state here that I’ve said all I can say, and I will not be responding to confirm/correct any speculation in the comments.

Last, a few administrative notes on this drop:

We’ll be closing at 10pm on Wednesday, February 28th and immediately reopening it to run through most of March. If you join in the first week, your card will be charged on February 28th, everyone who joins after will be charged when the drop ends. We hope this will help us to get a jump on production and make sure we hit our Estimated Ship Date.

The introductory price of $234.99 will only be available on this first pre-production launch. Future drops will be priced at $249.99. Thanks to those who are joining the first drop and making this possible!

Carry On - Jonas
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As with all Massdrop Made products, or anything that you purchase from the site, just submit a help ticket directly from the relevant order in the Transactions tab of your member profile:
I guess no dice for APO? As i don't see that as an option.
Still in the US postal system and cost flat rate. Just saying.
Kicking myself for not getting in on this drop. If anyone who did wants to trade their Prism for a Baby Machine (pristine except for some scuffs on clip), let me know!
I might be interested.
Cool, keep in touch and let me know what you think once you get the Prism...
Hey guys and gals,
Can't tell you how excited I am to introduce this puppy to the world!
I love it and I'm pretty sure you guys will too ;-)
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And they are using Rwl34 on these, which they also used on the Starboy (a Tashi/Reate Collab)
Thanks Tashi. Damn lawn chair. Keep up the great designs.
Hi everyone,
We’re checking in to let you know the Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife is making its way through production! Check out the latest production photos:

We’re on track to meet our estimated ship date of July 13, and we’ll update everyone in early July with the status of the shipment.
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My apologies, it occurred to me that my response might have sounded kind of condescending with all the unnecessary stuff in it. I should probably just have mentioned that there was also a red variety of dykem and nixed the rest. Agreed on Alec Steele - watching him improve and grow with each project has been great fun, and informational as well. He has a great attitude and incredible perseverance. I'm sure you're aware of him also since the two have collaborated, but Liam Hoffman is another extremely skilled young man. Some of the stuff that's come out of his shop is just breathtaking. They both make me wish I'd taken my youthful blacksmithing dreams more seriously.
No worries man, I didn't take it that way at all 👍
Not sure I recognize the other name, but I'll check him out, thanks
So when is the drop going active again?
1 more close and yet....
I wonder who's manufacturing the Prism?
During the Q&A, he held both up and dropped some heavy hints ;)

I'm happy regardless but it was nice to hear