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Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

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Hey everyone,
I first spoke with Tashi Bharucha about a collaboration at the USN Gathering (G9) in September of 2017. I was excited when he said he was interested - he’s a popular and talented designer who has become well-known for his exquisitely-crafted handmade custom knives.
My excitement only grew when we began talking about what kind of knife would be a good fit. Tashi said that he could not keep up with the demand from collectors for his custom Church model, and offered to let Massdrop produce a version of this popular design. The model’s name and skeletonized handles were inspired by the beautiful and intricate panes of stained glass windows adorning the many cathedrals in and around Paris, where Tashi makes his home. Taking a cue from this idea of light passing through a frame, and noting the angular gaps in the handle, we decided on “Prism” for our EDC-friendly production version.
Tashi also loves to cook, and the shape of this blade is derived from a chef’s knife. Because the blade’s edge sits a bit below the handle, it can be used for food prep when cutting on a board. Whereas Tashi’s $1500 custom knives might not see much daily use for most owners, at under $250 we hope these will see their fair share of picnics and other outdoor adventures!
When I asked Tashi, “It’s already a great knife - what could we do to make it better for our community?” he said that, while knife collectors liked the full-size custom Church, it was a bit large to be pocket-friendly for most people. Then, he said that he’d been working on a new style of joining the two handles together, by shaping the two sides to meet flush on the spine instead of being attached with standoffs and/or backspacers.
With these two improvements for the production version in mind, we focused on what was important to keep the same. Tashi was adamant that we keep the same steel - Damasteel’s ® RWL34 - because of the great finish that it offers, especially when it gets the hand-rubbed satin blade treatment that you see paired with these anodized and tumbled blue and bronze handles. Based on these parameters, we sent Tashi’s drawings to have them prototyped so we could review them ourselves and make necessary adjustments.
Based on feedback from community members who handled the prototypes pictured on the page, we’ve made a slight adjustment to the choil for the final production. The change was made to make sure that none of the blade’s edge was exposed near the open portion of the frame when the knife is closed. We tested this, and the only way that we could make contact was by purposefully jamming a very small finger through the gap in the spine, but we thought it was better to err on the side of caution. Tashi agreed, and was gracious enough to make the change - it’s pretty cool working with world-class designers who are still open to taking feedback from the community, and we’re grateful to both him and the folks who gave their input. As you can see from the photo before showing Old/New profiles, it’s a pretty small change.
Regarding the manufacturer, the knives will be made in China by an established and respected company. Because our selling price is well below normal for their high-quality work, the manufacturer has asked us not be disclosed. We are fully aware that the community would prefer to know exactly who is making every product, and we share this desire. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of transparency in this industry at every opportunity. We also work very hard to promote our partners, when they will allow us to - check out our videos for WE Knife / Ferrum Forge and Millit / TJ Schwarz and many audiophile products - but in this case it’s not possible and we’ve agreed to that because it allows us to deliver this to the community at a lower price. Before the guess-fest begins below, let me state here that I’ve said all I can say, and I will not be responding to confirm/correct any speculation in the comments.
Last, a few administrative notes on this drop:
We’ll be closing at 10pm on Wednesday, February 28th and immediately reopening it to run through most of March. If you join in the first week, your card will be charged on February 28th, everyone who joins after will be charged when the drop ends. We hope this will help us to get a jump on production and make sure we hit our Estimated Ship Date.
The introductory price of $234.99 will only be available on this first pre-production launch. Future drops will be priced at $249.99. Thanks to those who are joining the first drop and making this possible!
Carry On - Jonas
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Maybe due to the paperwork? When I was selling on Amazon I hated having to go to the Post Office to fill out the extra forms for APO.
Jonas, any word on doing a front flipper collaboration? I also would like to see a folder with super blue steel (spyderco exclusive)
Hey guys and gals, Can't tell you how excited I am to introduce this puppy to the world! I love it and I'm pretty sure you guys will too ;-)
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Thank you so much for the kind words! ...And smile ;-)
This is one awesome knife. Great design, the attention to the details is outstanding and the execution is phenomenal. Every time I pick this knife up I smile. Best knife purchase of the year for me. The finger flick deployment is surprisingly easy, fun, and addictive to do. Thank you.
Is the black coating diamond like carbon (DLC)?
Hi all,
Does the current run of Prisms come with a paper certificate/card?
I recently received mine. The box was crushed due to Massdrop shipping it in a padded envelope rather than a box. Thankfully the knife was fine, but there was no certificate inside.
My serial number is L0316.
Thank you in advance for your reply.
It's funny to me people in this discussion complaining about the price of this knife calling me crazy for spending $250 on this awesome knife. Look at the Perpetua knife drop. A US designed and manufactured knife for about half the price. Read the discussion thread for that knife and compare. There is a plethora of very disturbing complaints regarding the perpetua knife. This knife on the other hand has nothing but positive reviews and comments from the people who actually have this knife. So I say I will spend twice as much for seven times the knife every time. And I'm not bagging on Millet knives ,the manufacturer of the perpetua, they make great knives most of the time I'm just explaining why this is a great knife
Can the clip be moved to the other side?
Is RWL34 similar to 154CM? If so it seems the majority of the price of this knife is for the design.
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Ya what he said.
You should be writing graphic novels or something. Your posts are awesome.
This knife is a home run. If your on the fence about this knife (I was, it took me over a week of looking at it multiple times daily to finally join) you will not be disappointed. The lack of a flip tab made me hesitate getting this but my hesitation was for not. This knife is addictive and fun to deploy. I can't put it down. Makes me smile
I got mine. My first middle finger flicker! Very happy. I am curious about one thing- is there supposed to be a very slight recurve in what would look like the flat portion of the edge? If I place the knife edge on a flat surface there's definitely a recurve rather than flat contact. Just wondering if that's normal? From pictures I can't quite tell.
For people having problems opening one handed it's all about finger placement. Try putting your finger (the one next to your pinky) tip in the space where the milled relief for the lockbar and the pocket clip meet. Then use your index finger to flip it open.
Just got mine. WOW!!! Awesome knife. Great weight (surprisingly light) The action is smooth as silk out of the box. Blade is dead center, everything tight.
$250? Are you outta ya god damn mind? 486 of ya? Wow!!
And worth every penny
I bet it is worth every penny. I've bought several Massdrop Colaberasion knives and they have all been well made and an excellent value to boot.
P.S. others must agree with you because there's been 34 more sold in that past 2 weeks. 👊😎
Among the most aesthetically pleasing designs in a knife I’ve seen in 20 years of collecting. very pleasing ergonomics, size, weight and blade configuration. what I experienced opening and closing the Knife may be the result of comments made by clients purchasing in the first run, but I find the detent among the most firm I’ve had, and the framelock arm was a bit stiff (no stick, thankfully). Overall I am pleased to own a functional piece of art with very good tolerances for a factory product, but don’t feel the price was quite justified. Then again there is a lot that going around in the past few years in this field, and this is by no means the worst example of less value being delivered than hoped for. Hope no one is too agitated by these comments, just trying to be honest.
Well, it appears that the knife is not admissible into Canada. I just received a letter from CBSA saying the knife has been seized as a prohibited weapon. "Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife MDX-21915-1, Serial K0039, Opens by centrifugal force with thumb hole".
Crappy deal for sure..... any Canadians tempted to purchase, you may want to reconsider....... buyer beware.
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I ordered and received this knife. it is much more redolent of a food prep knife than a murder weapon. Sound like your PM or his minions haven't had enough nap time. Lived in Ontario for a little over a year - back when the first Trudeau was in the process of being elected for the first time. I found the Canadian people to be consistently awesome. They seem to periodically be attracted to leaders who become popular either by promising a degree of security and protection that generally requires the surrender of a significant degree of personal liberty, or a leader who is really talented at publically "poking the bear" - usually in the guise of an "American" president.
Another Canadian reporting in, just for the record for anyone considering purchasing... My knife did made it over the border, but same situation as Capone; post office charged me $71 to collect it.
Curious to know everyone else's experience, but this is by far the smoothest action I've ever had in a knife. Once unlocked, the blade will always fall shut on its own, no shaking at all. Not a very strong detent but it's absolutely perfect on this knife. Now I'd like to know if I got lucky or this is the norm
Mine's the same! Not the smoothest I have, but just perfect imo. Too smooth and you can run into safety issues, with the blade practically swinging around like the Ken Onion Swindle. IKBS and a weaker lockbar? Danger zone for fingers.
For those who are interested here is a small size comparison
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If you do have chance to hold one on your hands you will appreciate the quality. The Reate and WE knives are also very well. I guess it all boils down to personal preference. Knives are a commodity that has their fan base built around brand loyalty, like anything else eg. cars, guns, sports teams. I personally like to see what else is out there. Right now my daily carry is my Spyderco Shaman.
I would like to hold one in my hands some day.
I have no idea what to think about this knife anymore. Nick says the holes make it covered in hotspots, but everyone is saying the ergos are great. I have a baby machine right now but I like the prism more design wise. Someone please help. Is the prism good in terms of ergos? Are there really hotspots everywhere due to the holes? Please help!!!
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Not a single hotspot. Not even close. Whoever said that doesn't own the knife. It looks like there could be, but it doesnt. Awesome knife!! I don't like redundancies in my knife collection but I'm thinking of getting another, it's that awesome. Imo
I agree. Furthermore, had a great experience when I received my first Prism (black handle and blade) and asked for a replacement because of a somewhat irregular and unsightly finish on the blade. Massdrop even sent me a different handle and blade combination without any hesitation. They have created a loyal customer. Gimleteye
Got it today bigger than I thought but an awesome knife.
Just got mine yesterday serial #Z0146. Love this knife. Extremely smooth opening and closing. Actually cut myself with the first time closing it. Got myself right above the cuticle with the edge near the choil, lol. It's very sharp out of the box. To be honest when I first saw it I wasn't sure if I would like it. After handling it I was impressed with the ergonomic feel. The fit and finish really impressed me. I really like the like combination of the stonewashed bronze and satin finish, it really accentuates the lines of the blade. Overall this is an impressive product and design. Great job Massdrop and Tashi!
No doubt you’ll cut yourself again. I always keep a bottle of liquid bandage nearby when I am fidgeting my knives. I just healed up from 3 cuts from a couple weeks ago. We bleed for our fascination with cutlery. Mine should be arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait to fondle it, LOL. I ordered the same one you did. I ordered it on impulse after seeing it for the first time. Damn it’s a great looking knife! I was having second thoughts about it until I watched some videos. The design, construction and execution look to be exemplary.
It got me a little higher near the thumb knuckle. Lol
Tell me I'm not slipping that badly: this hasn't always been an available to order, "ships in 2-3" product, right? It only just became available?
Jesus, I need to get out of here and relax for a few days...
Correct, the first run was a few months back (got me drooling), I requested it come back when I got a promotion as an idea for a celebration gift for myself, and just today it’s come back for sale... right after my wife was let go, and now we’re a single income family again. *sigh* Have fun, this looks like an AMAZING knife!
Hi everyone, The Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knives are currently in transit to our warehouse in New Jersey. Once they arrive they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. We wanted to give everyone a heads up that the timeline will be tight, and we’ll be cutting it close for all units to ship by July 13. We’re still aiming to start shipping the knives on July 13, and we’re working with the warehouse to prioritize this. However, we expect the shipment to span into next week. We apologize for this slight delay!
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Hey @zbuddah - Sorry to hear this, we do always order a few extra of every item so that we can have warranty units available, but any number of things can happen between placing an order and receiving the goods. Sometimes the boxes are damaged in transit and our warehouse team pulls them out of stock even though the knives inside are perfectly fine - I will follow up and ask if we have any additional units of the first edition with certificate that we could send to you. Please continue to be in touch with our support team directly as you have been.
I apologize for the error and I will see what I can do for you. I've let our team know they should monitor the number of support requests that we get so we know if just a few got swapped or if it's a larger issue - based on the comments so far, I would say it's probably isolated. I will also pass this information back to the vendor, thanks for letting us know. This would be a very challenging issue to resolve; we don't actually know which member got #0067, and even if we did we could not know if they have the COA for your #0065, nor could we compel them to return it. I can ask about having the vendor make a new COA, but getting this replaced would be a fairly time-consuming endeavor that our support team would have a hard time working on - they are simply not setup to chase down issues like this.Your best course of action is always to file a help ticket via the Transactions tab of your member profile so that our team is aware and can offer you a partial credit if you would prefer that.
Just got these in a couple days ago and I gotta say, This knife is spot on! I'm Impressed with the quality of the materials, detent, no blade play and the ergonomis feels really good in the hand. This one is a winner. Can someone help me out, I cannot for the life of me find my records of what I paid for each knife, anyone that can help me out I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks guys!!!!


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Sold that one long ago, but it was super smooth! You can see it on my Youtube channel. TommyBBQ
I am partial to blue on most knives. The blue stands out but for show, the black on black really pops!
Hey, as everyone's receiving their Prisms, just curious to know what serial numbers you guys got. I have the Bronze/Satin blade with Z0035 :)
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I got one of each, glad I did.
I'm feeling silly too. I Love this knife.
got mine today. very nice, feels good in the hand and the ergonomics makes it feel like a santoku knife. i got the satin blade with the bead blasted handle number# 67. when i signed up for the color i currently didnt have any satin finished blades, by the time the drop was finalized i had several satin blades in my collection, i should have changed over to the blue anodized with the stone wash as i think my tastes have changed and i only have one stonewashed blade in my collection. i still love it though. edit: i discovered a discrepancy in my order. the certificate of authenticity shows my serial number as G0067 but the number on my blade shows G0065. seems i got someone elses cert of authenticity...
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Thanks for the quick reply, I just posted three photo's of the four Prism's, check them out of their also on my IG at TommyBBQ61 Only gripe is I wished they kept the name Church instead of Prism but I guess I can understand the name change. Enjoy your knife buddy!
so, i got the 40 dollar partial refund for the mismatched serials on the cert of authenticity... i guess im stuck with the wrong Cert of Authenticity... oh well, probably wont be selling this knife anyway.
If anyone wants to sell me one, I’m interested. Wasnt able to join the drop way back when. They look really good. Thanks
I have the blue handle/stonewashed blade if you're interested. Let me know (
You still looking for a prism? Let me know...
Gee... Who knew there are special gloves for blade grinders in China?

Reate... Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

We Knives... Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Buc Titanium Frame Lock
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Ahhh, I just googled "Cut Gloves" I didn't know this was a thing. The colorful ones just look like normal gloves to keep your hands warm. Thanks for the info. :)
The modern mail gauntlet! Thankfully, they’re woven and smooth so they don’t feel like steel wool scrubbers you might use to scrape pots and pans, but they’re made of a material like that (maybe mixed with regular thread?) so it’s harder to wedge apart and cut into your hand.
Most people would never need them, and they exist just as some tool, but I instantly thought they were cool. Mine was just gray though, the pattern on theirs at the knife factories is way cooler ^__^
edit: It is entirely possible that they are just wearing cotton gloves, or cut gloves with a cotton (or something soft) outer layer, so that they don’t put fingerprints on the blade. Might also afford some level of safety.
I ordered two of these, a bronze and a blue. The bronze was wrapped in plastic but the blue was not. Did anyone else have that? Also the blue anodizing looks to have been worn/rubbed off. You can easily notice the color transition. I fear that the blue one may have been carried or something.
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Email sent. Thanks
That's odd, but these were all shipped directly from the factory and have not been carried. Blue may show more of the stonewashing than bronze, but the finish looks just fine from what I see in your photo. If you think it's an issue, let our support team know by filing a help ticket in the Transactions tab of your member profile and send a few more photos to them so they can see what you're referring to.
Just got mine (L0021), and I'm very happy with it. The ergonomics are great, love the blade shape, the cutouts don't bother me (I'm not a big fan of cut-outs on handles). I was wondering about the "two finger choil" but it works and my fingers fit fine with one or two in the choil. The blue finish is wonderful.
My only gripes are 1) The detent is a little stiff for a finger flick. I have to get it at the right angle. 2) The logo position. They could've aligned it to the flat top of the blade but it's just at some random angle. Just looks plain wrong.
got mine yesterday and I have to was WELL worth the wait. Really great design and perfect function. Massdrop and Taschi killed it on this one
Got the Prisim today safe and sound. I doubt there was any confusion, but this is totally a Reate made knife. Compared to a Baby Machine, they are nearly identical in fit and finish..The biggest difference between the two are in the blade grind, pocket clip, and milling. I’ll share some initial impressions on the three differences below.
Blade-Something about the Prisim that I really appreciate is the slightly larger finger choil. The Baby Machine has a nice harpoon(ish) swedge which makes it feel slightly better in my hand. The Prisim has a more subtle swedge, has a more of a wharncliffe style shape (which gives you a less acute tip and less belly on the knife), and a slightly enlarged opening hole. This knife was designed for a middle finger flick, and that’s what feels the most comfortable for me. A index finger flick is possible, and so is using your thumb to open the blade provided you push up and sideways with the side of your thumb.
Pocket clip- Okay, this is easily the worst part about this knife. I understand that with all the milling, it was difficult to find something that matches the overall look of this knife, and as a result, form triumphed over function here. My gripes with the clip are that it carries shallower, has less of a ramp, and has way less flex than the clip the Baby Machine has. The Prisim hangs higher in the pocket and can be a pain to get in and out, and that is just in normal shorts. In thicker pants or jeans, I would probably carry another knife. I think some tweaks could drastically improve the experience, as the clip is usually the most used part of a pocket knife.
Milling- Perhaps the most compelling thing about the Prisim, the milling is well done here as it gives visual interest and lightens up the knife, and gives a better balance to the knife. It would be easy to think that all the milling may make the knife uncomfortable in the hand, but he manufacturer did a good job in avoiding burrs within the pockets. I’m sure the stonewashing or blasting process didn’t hurt. Lint shouldn’t be a big issue here, as everything is decently exposed and can easily be dislodged with a quick blast of compressed air. Both Holding both knives in hand, the Prisim is noticeably lighter, and balances closer to the pivot.
Overall, the Prisim compares well to the Baby Machine especially since the biggest compromise is the removal of a logo. The Prisim is cheaper, but on the same level quality wise. Unfortunately, concessions are made in the clip. And one small complaint I have is that the tip of the blade can be touched when wrestling the knife from your pocket, but I don’t think this is a big issue due to the rounded tip. The Prisim seems like a “trim” version of the BM.
Thanks to Massdrop and Rea— excuse me, I mean the manufacturer— for bringing this to market. I’m interested to see what other things y’all can cook up.
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It’s possible. It’s not really a big deal as it isn’t a pointy tip, but (at least on mine) you can feel it if you run your finger sideways between the scales.
Same here, just barely catches the edge of my finger, but not enough to cut. Might be a bigger issue though for anything smaller in your pocket that might snag on it
I'm scratching my head at why there needed to be that cutout there. Why didn't the backspacer just go the the end of the handle to definitely cover that tip? I don't see where it adds anything to either form or function?