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Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife

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Hey everyone,
I first spoke with Tashi Bharucha about a collaboration at the USN Gathering (G9) in September of 2017. I was excited when he said he was interested - he’s a popular and talented designer who has become well-known for his exquisitely-crafted handmade custom knives.
My excitement only grew when we began talking about what kind of knife would be a good fit. Tashi said that he could not keep up with the demand from collectors for his custom Church model, and offered to let Massdrop produce a version of this popular design. The model’s name and skeletonized handles were inspired by the beautiful and intricate panes of stained glass windows adorning the many cathedrals in and around Paris, where Tashi makes his home. Taking a cue from this idea of light passing through a frame, and noting the angular gaps in the handle, we decided on “Prism” for our EDC-friendly production version.
Tashi also loves to cook, and the shape of this blade is derived from a chef’s knife. Because the blade’s edge sits a bit below the handle, it can be used for food prep when cutting on a board. Whereas Tashi’s $1500 custom knives might not see much daily use for most owners, at under $250 we hope these will see their fair share of picnics and other outdoor adventures!
When I asked Tashi, “It’s already a great knife - what could we do to make it better for our community?” he said that, while knife collectors liked the full-size custom Church, it was a bit large to be pocket-friendly for most people. Then, he said that he’d been working on a new style of joining the two handles together, by shaping the two sides to meet flush on the spine instead of being attached with standoffs and/or backspacers.
With these two improvements for the production version in mind, we focused on what was important to keep the same. Tashi was adamant that we keep the same steel - Damasteel’s ® RWL34 - because of the great finish that it offers, especially when it gets the hand-rubbed satin blade treatment that you see paired with these anodized and tumbled blue and bronze handles. Based on these parameters, we sent Tashi’s drawings to have them prototyped so we could review them ourselves and make necessary adjustments.
Based on feedback from community members who handled the prototypes pictured on the page, we’ve made a slight adjustment to the choil for the final production. The change was made to make sure that none of the blade’s edge was exposed near the open portion of the frame when the knife is closed. We tested this, and the only way that we could make contact was by purposefully jamming a very small finger through the gap in the spine, but we thought it was better to err on the side of caution. Tashi agreed, and was gracious enough to make the change - it’s pretty cool working with world-class designers who are still open to taking feedback from the community, and we’re grateful to both him and the folks who gave their input. As you can see from the photo before showing Old/New profiles, it’s a pretty small change.

Last, a few administrative notes on this drop:
We’ll be closing at 10pm on Wednesday, February 28th and immediately reopening it to run through most of March. If you join in the first week, your card will be charged on February 28th, everyone who joins after will be charged when the drop ends. We hope this will help us to get a jump on production and make sure we hit our Estimated Ship Date.
The introductory price of $234.99 will only be available on this first pre-production launch. Future drops will be priced at $249.99. Thanks to those who are joining the first drop and making this possible!
Carry On - Jonas
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Hey Jonas it's great to see you guys finally used one of your own Massdrop Made knives to billboard the Blades section. If you look back a few months ago you'll see I had asked about this very idea a few times. It just seemed like the obvious thing to do whenever you updated the that page. I guess I was right. lol 😆Hopefully in time there'll be a whole line of knives in the photo just like the old one but done with all Massdrop Made Models. 👍😎
I ordered a second prism during the black Friday sale and was initially disappointed when it arrived. The detent was so weak I was unable to flick it open and the blade would just fall open. I immediately submitted a support ticket and while waiting for a responce I looked closer and noticed the detent ball in the lockbar was not engaging the the hole that's drilled in the blade. So I disassembled and found debris in the detent hole and after I cleared it, it works well. This knife has a noticeably weaker detent then my first prism but it is acceptable. I gave my first prism a 5 star rating and I'm giving this one a 4 star rating.
Good catch with the debris in the detent hole. A weak detent can be so frustrating!
Anyone else have trouble flipping this puppy open? And, yes, I'm using the middle finger. But it occasionally feels like the action is welded shut, especially in my dominant left hand. Is this a break-in issue? Could the bearing be optimized for right hand use (seems unlikely)? Or is there a technique I've yet to master? Hints and videos appreciated. Otherwise, really pleased, especially at the Black Friday price.
I tried the middle finger flick and didn’t work well at all. But I tried the index finger to flick the blade open and it worked MUCH better! Purchased the blue on Black Friday and am very glad I made the purchase.
Hey guys and gals, Can't tell you how excited I am to introduce this puppy to the world! I love it and I'm pretty sure you guys will too ;-)
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That's what I fear. I'm going to assume you're in the GTA area. I've had pretty good luck with S&R knives in Etobicoke (also has the eBay store Caledon2). They're cheaper than Warriors and Wonders anyway but man, we don't have a lot of options here. Thanks!
We sure don't have a lot of options but it is what it is. I'm actually over in Alberta
so why did these go from $170 to 250?? Gouge much? poor form massdrop, poor form
They dropped in price temporarily for a black Friday/cyber Monday sale.
Can Massdrop please take down the sign that says, "IN STOCK: This product is ready to ship within 1 business day." It has now been 7 days and my product still hasn't left the warehouse. My friends birthday is later this week and most definitely will not receive it in time. Don't advertise something you aren't fulfilling.
Wow, that's shit.
Hey Donkimo. We took a look into this. The robot handling your order messed up so now we have to take it out back and do what needs to be done. Sincerely sorry that had happened. Our team should have by now reached out to you to help make it right. Sincerely hope you, as well and your friend, can forgive us for that.

I have not been able to remove the pocket clip. Tried heating up the clip screw with a soldering iron, but it didn't help. The screw won't budge. Anyone else have this problem?
Wow, that sale really moved some of these knives. I wish I could have got one of each but I'm happy I got the blue to go with my grey. Hey Massdrop do another sale on these for new years and I'll buy another, maybe two if the black and bronze are both available. @JonasHeineman
Wondering if this will go on sale again? I just got paid and it went up in price :(
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Nice! Details?
Hey, I just edited my above comment to include the color that I purchased, which is the black PVD. What other details are you interested in?
Well damn I snoozed and losed, needed to save the $ anyway
I had to buy two (blue and bronze) because the color options are wack. The bronze stonewash handle needs the stonewash blade, and the blue stonewash handle needs the satin blade. So I am going to swap them out with each other and have two sick looking knifes.
I've been on the fence for over a month about getting another one of these in a different color, I have the grey handle, and I'm glad I waited. This is a nice price drop, Thanks massdrop. I love this knife and can't wait to get another. This is an awesome knife and I highly recommend it if anyone cares. Happy holidays everyone
Wow hell of a deal at $170. For anyone wondering, the build on these are exactly the same as the starboy (and I'd assume the baby machine) at now almost half the price ($335 for hand satin models on bladehq). Same blade steel, same handle material, ceramic bearings/detent....without a markup for hand satin finish too.
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Wow, 700 buys is holy crap worthy!
I should know, half of my company's business is eCommerce. Including cannabis eCommerce. We're a Canadian company, but I live the States and work remotely except when I travel to our hubs around the EU and NA. So if you can buy your weed online now, I'm not camping out in a fucking tent for an extra $20 off of a TV. Haha
I feel gypped. Paid $239 for the pre-order and now they're $169 for Black Friday. Damn you MD, may have to buy another (2?) and sell my old one...
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I think the ones crying about a production item dropping in price on a national day for sales might be the bitter ones, eheheheheh
Learn some some nuances about language and maybe we'll take you seriously.
How are the ergos? Nick Shabazz said the knife was full of hot spots, but I'm not sure that others share his view on this one.
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I think you're talking about the choil, the area where the handle is thinner. The choil is actually meant to improve the ergos. It isn't meant to have a finger right on the edge of the choil, but rather as a comfortable nook for your index or both your index and middle to sit in, depending on the task at hand
I got it a few days ago and it is an amazing knife for the price, but I do have a bit of a problem with the ergonomics. Particularly the end of the handle is very pointy, the tip of the clip is for sure a hotspot. Also the finger choil at the root of the blade is ripe with index cuts. All that being said even at 250 it’s an amazing knife but if you got it at 175... it’s beyond worth it. And production quality is better than any of my other knives
I like the shape very much. Ever so much better than the price. Gotta pass on this one despite my really liking the opened appearance.
After owning this knife for a couple months I'm even more impressed and happy with the Prism. I still feel this is one of my best knife purchases of the year.
Is the black coating diamond like carbon (DLC)?
PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and is an ion coating done in a vacume. From what I understand it is different than a DLC coating. 

Thank you! DLC can be laid down by PVD processes. In college I ran a lab where we used pulsed laser deposition and PVD which is a constellation of techniques to lay down thin films. For mass production sputtering is most likely used and sometimes Chemical vapor deposition when temps aren’t a problem. I just didn’t see anything that specifically said the black was DLC (diamond-like carbon) which is the most robust coating...and what I am most interested in for the knife.
Hi all,
Does the current run of Prisms come with a paper certificate/card?
I recently received mine. The box was crushed due to Massdrop shipping it in a padded envelope rather than a box. Thankfully the knife was fine, but there was no certificate inside.
My serial number is L0316.
Thank you in advance for your reply.
It's funny to me people in this discussion complaining about the price of this knife calling me crazy for spending $250 on this awesome knife. Look at the Perpetua knife drop. A US designed and manufactured knife for about half the price. Read the discussion thread for that knife and compare. There is a plethora of very disturbing complaints regarding the perpetua knife. This knife on the other hand has nothing but positive reviews and comments from the people who actually have this knife. So I say I will spend twice as much for seven times the knife every time. And I'm not bagging on Millet knives ,the manufacturer of the perpetua, they make great knives most of the time I'm just explaining why this is a great knife
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Sure thing. Are you thinking of getting the prism?
I am but it will have to be down the road I don't have the cash this month. The next new modern style knife for me will be the Gavko Thresher in December. 👊😎
Can the clip be moved to the other side?
Is RWL34 similar to 154CM? If so it seems the majority of the price of this knife is for the design.
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Ya what he said.
You should be writing graphic novels or something. Your posts are awesome.
This knife is a home run. If your on the fence about this knife (I was, it took me over a week of looking at it multiple times daily to finally join) you will not be disappointed. The lack of a flip tab made me hesitate getting this but my hesitation was for not. This knife is addictive and fun to deploy. I can't put it down. Makes me smile
I got mine. My first middle finger flicker! Very happy. I am curious about one thing- is there supposed to be a very slight recurve in what would look like the flat portion of the edge? If I place the knife edge on a flat surface there's definitely a recurve rather than flat contact. Just wondering if that's normal? From pictures I can't quite tell.
For people having problems opening one handed it's all about finger placement. Try putting your finger (the one next to your pinky) tip in the space where the milled relief for the lockbar and the pocket clip meet. Then use your index finger to flip it open.
Just got mine. WOW!!! Awesome knife. Great weight (surprisingly light) The action is smooth as silk out of the box. Blade is dead center, everything tight.
$250? Are you outta ya god damn mind? 486 of ya? Wow!!
And worth every penny
I bet it is worth every penny. I've bought several Massdrop Colaberasion knives and they have all been well made and an excellent value to boot.
P.S. others must agree with you because there's been 34 more sold in that past 2 weeks. 👊😎
Among the most aesthetically pleasing designs in a knife I’ve seen in 20 years of collecting. very pleasing ergonomics, size, weight and blade configuration. what I experienced opening and closing the Knife may be the result of comments made by clients purchasing in the first run, but I find the detent among the most firm I’ve had, and the framelock arm was a bit stiff (no stick, thankfully). Overall I am pleased to own a functional piece of art with very good tolerances for a factory product, but don’t feel the price was quite justified. Then again there is a lot that going around in the past few years in this field, and this is by no means the worst example of less value being delivered than hoped for. Hope no one is too agitated by these comments, just trying to be honest.
Well, it appears that the knife is not admissible into Canada. I just received a letter from CBSA saying the knife has been seized as a prohibited weapon. "Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism Folding Knife MDX-21915-1, Serial K0039, Opens by centrifugal force with thumb hole".
Crappy deal for sure..... any Canadians tempted to purchase, you may want to reconsider....... buyer beware.
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Canadian here too I did the pre-order and got mine a few months back. It arrived at the borders few weeks after the modification in import regulations, but did make it through. As with others, duty/brokerage fees were through the roof... (total cost in CAD was close to 400$ after exchange rate :( ) but it it did make it through at least. I’m wondering if we were just plain lucky, or if they are yet in the process of enforcing the new regulations... 🤔
They've already implemented it but they can't catch everything. I'd imagine it could be up to the border agent processing it too. However they might interpret the regulations
Curious to know everyone else's experience, but this is by far the smoothest action I've ever had in a knife. Once unlocked, the blade will always fall shut on its own, no shaking at all. Not a very strong detent but it's absolutely perfect on this knife. Now I'd like to know if I got lucky or this is the norm
Mine's the same! Not the smoothest I have, but just perfect imo. Too smooth and you can run into safety issues, with the blade practically swinging around like the Ken Onion Swindle. IKBS and a weaker lockbar? Danger zone for fingers.