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Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Supercharged Watch

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Supercharged Watch

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So after 41 weeks of owning, I can say it is indeed a wonderful watch and also great looking.
But, needed to contact Maurice Lacroix this weeks since the automatic did stop working...
fck. seen this deal way too late, just bought a new tv. any chance to get this price next month?
DUDE, thats a bummer. I have the "green" Pontos Extreme and its very nice. I was about to shell out $$$ for the red version that is custom design. I have a rather nice size collection and I am always wearing that Pontos.

well just joined the drop. got damn it. but it is a way too good price.
I really like this watch save for the more than generous use of red highlights. Everything on this timepiece however really places emphasis that MLC was reaching for some grandeur with it, but there is no way this was ever going to justify someone shaving off $5k to grab it. To expand on JohnGOhio very thoughtful and informative post, the ETA Val A07 line is solid, without question. It was initially released around 2005, with the intent more or less to offer watch brands a larger sized physical movement to accommodate the growing trend of watches over 42mm. It allowed watch companies to start making bigger time pieces (sweet spot being 44mm and up) that wouldn't have stubby hands on the face, or a date wheel that was too far inward visually. Think of the VAL A07 as an slightly updated, XL version of the 7750 family, as they both share many similar design elements, with the VAL having some nice little additional visual and finishing touches and slightly improved power reserve, which brings us to price. The VAL is significantly more expensive than a 7750 like-to-like, and seeing it in a watch at this price point is amazing. The VAL itself is rare only in the fact it's pricey, not that it's hard to make or limited in availability (outside of ETA's normal restrictions anyway). I suspect at some point, MLC thought the addition of a VAL movement would allow them to move upmarket price wise, and resulted in increased cost for them, but not enough consumers grabbing on.

That friends, is what the watch in this drop is about.... likely a cutting edge effort on MLC's part sometime in the past that didn't work out for them. Aesthetics of this PONTOS aside, this would appear to be a watch designed at it's time to be a razor sharp effort at making a very solid, robust time piece to go upmarket. This is a killer value, no two ways.

.02 cents, and cheers peeps
Stainless, thank-you very much for expanding on the movement. I started to, but as is apparent, I can type too much regarding a post.  ( I know, I know, you are shocked.... but it is true, believers <smiles>)

  I do want to expand on something Stainless stated. The only reason the Valjoux, and Valgranges movement is "rare" is because the Swatch group that owns them want to keep all of these movements for THEIR brands. Each year they are allowing a lesser number of movements to go to companies that they do NOT own. These movements must be paid for at time of order, even if it takes TWO or more years to fulfill that order. In the mean time, if the price goes up, the non Swatch group brands HAVE to pay the additional price  with each rate hike, until such time as the movements are received.  In one 14 month period the price went up  3 ( THREE)  times.  Talk about fair marketing practices.

  The Valgranges series is not as common because, for the most part,  the Swatch Group simply doesn't make as many 44-45 mm plus size dials as other companies.  Since Swatch doesn't need as many, they don't make as many. Though ETA could easily make more, being owned by the Swatch group, they don't.  And, even though there is a shortage for other companies use, the 775x series really isn't that scarce. Swatch just keeps the lion's share for themselves and because they are a juggernaut compilation of major brand names, they can get away with it. Lawsuits have been squashed by the Swatch Group due to their strength  of major watch brands and literally "strong-arm" methods with a bottomless bank account.

   It is not the issue with this offering, but NEVER be afraid of a Sellita movement or an "in-house" modified Sellita  movement in a watch. Before Sellita started marketing their movements under their own name, they MADE movements for Swiss Eta. Some years back,  if I recall correctly, they actually made more of a couple of the  specific 775X movements for Eta than ETA did.  Sellita is a SWISS company. As long as the other parts meet the newer criteria  of being Swiss produced.... It is STILL a Swiss made watch. It is JUST as reliable as an ETA movement. Some even claim that the Sellita  SW500 ( chrono movement) is inherently more accurate that Swiss Eta's 7750. Personally, I have always believed it is the individual movement itself and how well it is calibrated, and how many positions it has been calibrated at.

  ( The 775x series goes from 7750-7759 btw, though some are quite rare, mostly modified "in-house" by a brand for their premier executions of watches. As a result, lower numbers of movements ARE made. I have spent years trying to get at least one offering of each movement in the series and am still missing a couple. But I don't want to go bankrupt over an offering of a movement I am missing either.)

So like, I was ready to pull the trigger on this, then remembered I'm saving up for a S & W for some fun at the range. Lol.
  I thought I would chime in as well. Yes, especially if you are not used to it, 44 mm can seem large. But I have seen it look good on even a 6.5  inch wrist. I wear 44-45 and even as large as 50mm now and then  for casual or sport. I have about a 6  7/8" wrist. I even know of a gent with about a 6 1/2" wrist who likes  watches of 60mm plus. Yes, they are BIG watches, but he is comfortable wearing them. Even when I have teased him of wearing "Clown Watches", he just laughs and shows me something new he discovered on a dial or watch he recently purchased. So you CAN get acclimated to all sizes. AND, because he is comfortable wearing them, not constantly fidgeting with them, they look ok on him.
   The big deal is the movement here. The Eta Valgrange's  A07 movement is much more "rare" than the Valjoux 7750. It usually lends at least 200-300$ premium over the 7750 movement regarding the price. Often more for the higher tier "luxury" watches.
It is more on par, price wise, with a 7751-7752  or even some 7754 movements depending on watch brand. ( yes I skipped over the 7753, it is a different price point )

   The red:  Again, it is a matter of what you like. But, there have been numerous studies done that state wearing the color red WILL get a woman's attention. It is a matter of YOUR comfort level though. It is kind of like wearing diamonds on a watch or bracelet. Personally, I like diamonds on a watch. Mainly if they are on the bezel. or make up the numerals or the "bars" used to designate the numbers on a watch dial. No pave' ( all diamond)  dials for me, though many like a pave' dial. I even  have and wear a watch that has precious gemstones on the lugs. But. that is about as much of the case I like to have diamonds or precious, semi-precious gemstones on. I DID have to work up to this level of gemstones on a watch though. Once used to it, I love them. Even though I have over 37 years marriage under my belt, it is still flattering that women always notice when I am wearing one of my 3 multi-colored gemstone watches.... including RED Rubies or Sapphires.
    I by no means mean to seem like I am bragging or saying "Hey, look what I have.". I am just trying to explain that you CAN get used to a color or diamonds/ other gem stones on a watch.  If you  LIKE the watch except for the red, maybe it is worth a try? I know it opened me up to new perceptions regarding what a watch dial/bezel/case has on it. I have a friend with the initials J.S. to thank for talking me into giving such watches a try. ( <smiles> I figure some of you may recognize those initials, so I included them. )

  As to the price of this offering. It isn't bad. I HAVE seen a bit better during some sales. but, if you like the watch, do you want to gamble on finding that sale price? I would seriously consider this if I didn't have two similar. I have the green offering in this exact style. Had the Red been available when I purchased mine.... I personally would have bought the red.

  Maurice Lacroix  has long been one of my favorite brands. I have 5-6 of them. Some before they went with an "in-house" movement and some after. I can say I have NEVER had an issue with them. I have offerings from the  tank style Pontos for dress all the way to some of their chrono offerings. Again, some before and some after in house movements were implemented. The in-houses  are as reliable at the older eta movements. Besides the tank (rectangular) cased one for formal dress, my favorite is their newer "in-house" diver. BUT, I have a Masterpiece mechanical that is exquisite.

Respects- John

  P.S. - interesting fact. Maurice Lacroix used to use actual silver for their dials. As I understand it, some offerings still have them, but the sport line does not. 
             I will always treasure the time, some years ago, a gent was bragging about his watch at a function.  It WAS nice, but a little to "busy" dial wise ( to many functions) .  We casually new each other, so he wanted to compare with the resident "Watch Geek".  I will never forget the look on his face when I told him MY watch, which was designed for proper dress, had .999% pure silver used for the dial. When I explained his was a type of brass alloy, he shut up.
That watch has way too much red, needs an all black rally strap or even tan would work.
Dear Massdrop,

I really appreciate that you now start proposing more luxury brands when coming to watches. Could you however please consider proposing watches the fit human wrists, and not only horse wrists? Joke aside and no offense to people with large wrists I hope, Massdrop seems to have a tendency to propose mostly 44 mm and + watches these days. This is not very practical, and goes contrary to the recent tendency of going back to more reasonable sizes.

I would therefore REALLY be grateful if you could start proposing more watches of quality in the 38 to 42 mm section. If I can push the request further, please don't hesitate to make it a watch with a retro look, possibly a dive-watch, which has a brand starting with the letter o (I love o) and has 65 in its model name. I'll stop here as I wouldn't want to be too specific in my request :p But sweet Mary, that would be a drop on a more expensive watch that would surely get TONS of joins!!

Thanks for the efforts!
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(and I meant the Blancpain 50 fathoms, not the seiko :p)
Now that one IS expensive!!! I actually own one version of the 65, They are very nice watches and I wouldn't mind owning another dial color.
For USD1850 I'll want a date wheel with the SAME FONT of the rest of the dial.
any option for the colors?
what a beautiful watch and band combo.
Are there any additional warranty options on this? 1 year seems a bit short for this watch class. Can someone from MD get back to me on this? Thanks.
Massdrop if you're reading this. You'll sell more watches from 38mm to 41mm guaranteed. Anything greater than 43mm won't sell a lot. Please listen to this advice. Not everyone is into huge hockey puck on wrists. Thank you
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nah you just have bad taste
really? speedmaster grey side of the Moon and sinn U1 are examples of bad taste?