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Michael Miller Cotton Couture Neutral Bolts

Michael Miller Cotton Couture Neutral Bolts

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I'm thinking of getting the cream, but I want to avoid yellow tones. has anyone seen this in person?
(It's for a wedding gift)
Can someone compare this bright white with a true bright white? I saw on a review on another site that it has a very slight yellow tint. Not a stark summer bright white. I need a very bright white for a project and would love to have the extra yardage.
I just wanted to confirm, this deal is for just one bolt? Usually Massdrop has great deals, but I can get better pricing daily at MSQC for this fabric line, so I feel like I must be missing something.
Almost. A 12 yard cut from MSQC would be $83 plus shipping. This drop is a slight savings, if you don't mind investing the full amount all at once.
I swear I did the math three times before posting, and apparently I need to go back to elementary school. Thanks for replying!
I purchased this in the white the last time. It’s a very pretty white. I use quite a bit of solid white in Quilting. White cotton is going to be somewhat see through because it’s not denim weight. This is for Quilting or making clothes & crafts. For the price today and quality this was a good a buy for solid white.
Has anyone used this product for quilting? If so, please share. ive never seen this brand at any of my local quilt stores, and am looking for some community endorsement. Thanks in advance.
Different areas of the country do seem to focus on different manufacturers. And Michael Miller Couture is more expensive, so probably not as appealing to many quilt stores. Yes, you can use this for quilting! It's a really lovely fabric. If you're familiar with Art Gallery, you'll find that Michael Miller Couture and Art Gallery are similar in hand and high quality. Couture is luxurious. Kona is more all-purpose.
Kona cotton is under $6.00 per yard. I know everyone loves Kona cotton!! So, this is no deal in my eyes. Just sayin............. 😉
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on sale at joannes
Also Missouri Star
Any update on this? Estimated ship date is tomorrow but it doesn't look like you've received it yet?
Check your spam filter, I got notice that my order was cancelled because it was on backorder.
Thanks for the heads up! Nothing in my spam filter tho and my transaction still shows "Order placed with Vendor". Is that what yours shows? Also, I got soft white. you?
what is shipping to Canada for this drop??
Buying 12 yards of this on fabric.com is $6.25/yd and only $75.
As of today, March 21, 2018 this fabric on fabric.com is $7.70/yd, so this seems like a pretty good price.
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What is the thread count of these bolts?
I don't know the thread count but recently got some in a kit and it is trul the softest, most luxurious fabric I've ever felt!!!!