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Monoprice 22-Inch 1080p Pen Display Tablet

Monoprice 22-Inch 1080p Pen Display Tablet

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I bought this refurbished directly from Monoprice for $300 when they were offering free shipping. I use this with my iMac that runs Sierra and can confirm that it works great! For those asking how this is for painting etc. it pretty much works just like my 13HD Cintiq just without the shortcut keys, so if you have experience with Wacom products this comes really close to those. As long as this keeps working I can't recommend this enough for people looking to do art digitally on Macs, unfortunately I can't vouch for how it works with Windows computers.
Anyone use these for substance painting or texturing work etc? How's it for that?
My first thought when reading the title was, "People buy tablets just to display their pens?!"
Has any of you have been using it on Windows 10? If so, could you configure both pen buttons to work? I cannot use the one that is further from the nib: it is greyed out in the drivers.

Any clue?
Yeah.. this is currently available on monoprice's own website for 449 new. GG massdrop.
15 less than here after shipping to my home, and already recieved.
I would like to update my previous comment about the pen being 100% irreplaceable.
This tablet is a rebranded Parblo Coast22, with less bells and whistles (i.e: no pen stand, hence why in amazon you'll find Monoprice the cheaper option), and you can buy a replacement Parblo Coast22 pen from Amazon, but they only seem to ship from China. Ebay is the only other site I've checked and that also, only has shipping from China.
Both the tablet and pen looks exactly the same, and a customer review on Monoprice stated that the Parblo Coast22 pen works, surprisingly, better.

I have ordered two, and will be updating this as soon as the pens arrive.

Here's the link to the pen:
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By wiggly, have you been trying to draw lines slowly? Most tablets (even Wacom to a certain degree) will exhibit this behavior when the pen is being drawn across it very slowly.
My replacement pen arrived, and to answer your question, they both perform exactly the same.
Have you made sure to install the driver before plugging the tablet in? There's a whole plethora of issues if you don't do that.
Thanks for your answer. I use Wacom products on a regular basis, both at home and at work. I run some tests on the Cintiq I have at work (not one of the latest models) and definitely the diagonal lines are not as wiggly as on the MP Pen Display, even when tracing suuuuuuuperslow, and also using a ruler to make sure the movement is steady. I guess it's just the quality of the product, then. It's not something that bothers me, but some people have been asking me about the display, so I wanted to make sure it was not a problem of my unit.

Also, have you been able to configure the second button on the pen? With the latest drivers under Windows 10 I'm only able to configure one of the pen buttons. The other one is always set to 'Double Click'. Would you mind confirming that is the behaviour you have with your setup?

Thanks a lot!
Updated the drivers, changed the cables, etc, etc, and the driver  does not let me calibrate it to use it in portrait mode like a drawing pad. I'm glad Monoprice sells these, and there aren't many options for digitizing screens, but between the limitations and the power+video+USB connections, it feels like a proof of concept.

Assuming additional iterations appear, I'd prefer they sport a USB-C single-plug setup (good reason to buy  Monoprice's USB-C cables!) with an orientation setting option in the driver. Even if a breakout box is needed, at least it can happen under the desk.

And a mount for the irreplaceable pen. I feel like I need to strap a Pebblebee onto the pen so I don't  lose it and turn the pen display into just another 1080p 22" monitor.
Is this capacitive? Can I touch it with my fingers or would I always need the pen?
you will always need the pen.
Monoprice used to sell the pens separately, but stopped doing so. So be sure to be extra careful to keep your pen in a place you can find.
Not to mention with the HELLO20 coupon code you save $100 if you order from Monoprice
Anyone ever use this for omnigraffle?
Thing that bugs me is there is no details on what processor and memory is included in this tablet and what the storage device is used for it either. Without those two details, I am not interested in buying this. I even checked at Monoprice and they left out those details which make it suspect.
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It's just a display, not a tablet. They are using the word tablet not in the contemporary sense of a mobile computing device, but in the more traditional sense of a drawing or writing tablet.
Yes this is simply a display with pen sensitivity not a standalone computer
Fellow Americans, you can get this at $479.99 with free shipping at Walmart or NewEgg or Jet, delivered much sooner
449 from monoprice currently
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Monoprice 22" 1080p Pen Display Tablet and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will ship the individual orders directly to you. The current estimated ship date is 11/3.

You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 11/3.

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gonna preface this with a restatement that i was able to try the tablet out in windows 10 and it worked well. i don't think it's a bad product but contrary to what was stated it doesn't actually have linux support. that kind of makes my experience all the more frustrating since even a certified refurbished wacom 22" cintiq (which does work in linux) is going to be $1000 more than this and it'll be a while before i (if i ever do) make that purchase.

Heard back from Monoprice tech support and they don't have linux drivers or know what to do... at least the person i talked to didn't. lack of drivers isn't surprising since they weren't available for download on the monoprice website and the hanwang tablets (what this registers as to a linux system) are supposed to use the linuxwacom drivers which are usually already included with the kernel and don't have to be downloaded. if they list linux support you'd think there'd be at least something they'd know to do.

the bosto 22hdx drivers at least get it started tracking on linux... but it tracks weirdly to a small portion of the screen in the top left.... and then directly out to the side and directly below that portion. plus, even though the stylus seems to work in that small portion it doesn't seem to divide the stylus/eraser up from the tablet like every other working tablet i've seen on linux has.

i'm currently in the process of seeing if i can get a refund from monoprice since i bought this for linux with claimed support and it isn't working. a major deciding point in that was that the bosto drivers that at least allow it to track improperly and still unusable rather than not at all haven't been updated in 2 years so any new conflict that arises from other updates outside of the bosto driver is unlikely to be resolved even if i do get it tracking properly for now.

since people are still endorsing this i thought i'd add that i did eventually find that someone made a driver works on linux with this about a month after i sent mine back. found that out while trying to search for a display tablet that works in linux a couple of months ago.
that said, it hasn't been updated in the better part of a year and there were reports that it didn't work with linux kernel 4.10 so who knows if it works with 4.11 or 4.12. if not then that's a problem for anyone with a Ryzen CPU.
Thank you so much for the testimonial! You just saved me a ton of money.