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MSI Aegis Series VR Ready Gaming Desktop

MSI Aegis Series VR Ready Gaming Desktop

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We can't ship it If we're not from US :(
Why would anyone buy this?
I don't see very many people buying this drop. Your normal customers would just build their own. It's not even Kabylake.. LOL along with a shit-ass chipset & MOBO..
Shouldn't be more than 999.99 and even then... still a shit rig either way..
pcpartpicker dot com build your own. this is awful.
Wtf the b150 chipset will bottleneck the gpu. It only has 8 lanes. Should have at least 16.

Happy to say that PCI-E bandwidth is not a bottleneck on GPUs runing gaming workloads. Compute workloads might be affected though if they have high memory ops.
Who are these dipshits voting for this crap?
" Motherboard: MSI Proprietary"

I take that to mean you would never be able to upgrade the motherboard using this case, making it akin to the old Alienware systems that became very expensive boat anchors after a few years..
i feel sorry for the 2 people who bought.
Wow there is a lot of misinformation about PSU's here.
The specs are not bad, my PC is similar and cheaper though.
a 6700 and 1070 with a 350w psu..?
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"If you can find me a pre-built, non boutique (iBuyPower and the like) machine that specifies what brand of PSU it's using, I'll PayPal you $5."

Right, so only large companies like Dell, HP, and MSI who can afford to cut corners because they already have a name for themselves.
Well yea, that's what OEM means... Boutique builds use off the shelf parts so they could use name brand things without legal conflicts with the manufacturers of the PSUs. They instead make their money by charging building fees and sometimes custom cases. i.e. the boutique builders are offering a service not a product.
Seems a bit overpriced for what you're getting out of it, especially considering that awful PSU that doesn't even have enough max wattage to comfortably run the system. You could get something considerably better for the price if you build yourself, but if you don't want to build a PC for whatever reason there are still better pre-builts out there.
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omg this! someone with intelligence in computers. Why make it 100% load 24/7 like techwiz wants?! Its so not good for anything. You're better off having 200W sitting there never being used except for .01% of the time. Thank you
I guess I was a bit misleading in my comment, my system averages about 200w during most games. I think the most I've seen is about 230ish while playing Elite Dangerous in VR. 200w puts this 350w in the sweet spot for PSU efficiency (40-60% usage).
Hahaha nice 0 purchase drop. Massdrop you can't honestly think that the users here wouldn't be the kind of people to build their own machines?